Saturday, October 15, 2016

break from blogging

I'm going to take a break from this blog through the rest of October. Maybe I'll pop in a bit earlier than that, I just don't have the energy to do this right now.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


It's been a week since I've updated. I worked during the week, and listened to podcasts. Now that we are doing solo work again, I've been on the podcast train. Choo choo. Read books in the tub, chilled. Nothing much. Then I had a four day weekend and I went to Seattle for a date weekend. I am testing out the different ways to park for free. This time I tested the "park at Karen's and walk to the ferry" way. Not a bad walk, but till a ~25 minute walk. Still, good to have my car in a place it'll be looked after. Bremerton ferry is a bit inconvenient. Less crossings than the Bainbridge, but I am able to walk to and from my car which I can't do in Bainbridge.

I arrived Friday night. I walked to Westlake, bought some sweets at Daiso. They didn't have calligraphy pens. Then got the link to Capitol Hill and got to John's place before he did. When he got back, we got some burrito and tacos and ate that and drank cider while watching Psycho. Great movie! I've never seen it before. Then it was bed time. In the morning we walked and got doughnuts and ate them with coffee. Mighty O doughnuts specifically. Poppyseed, raspberry, and french toast. All cut in half and shared. Yum. Then a second course of toast on top of fried egg with a perfect runny yolk. Then it was footyball time. I enjoy the camaraderie and the chanting and the "you're picking up my tab" of it all. And we listened to a table of jerks hit on ladies waaaaaaay out of their league.

And I got some bad news, but I won't and can't go into that now. For my own emotional health.

Once the Wolverines won, we swung by FedEx to pick up a package (a nice shirt for John). Then back to his place. I curled up on the couch to watch Futurama with my boyfriend. We had dumpling for dinner and watched The Neon Demon. Nice throughline with Psycho. John went to a circus workout and I stuck around at his place and drew comic and ate his yogurt and bread. When he came back, we went to the farmer's market and got fruits and veggies and quality bacon. Omelette and toast and bacon and Futurama. Then I got on the 5:35 ferry back to Bremerton. Rob picked me up at the ferry, which was nice of him.

Monday I just stayed in bed for a good long while. Chatted with Celia in the evening. Today I went to work and it was a finishing up after deepcleaning day. Turned a room, did the floors, made cookies, helped with deep clean.

Right now I'm at Karen's, She made dinner and I got to cuddle with Lily. I'm off work for the rest of the week, and maybe some more.

Monday, September 26, 2016

eggs, bacon, toast, and cartoons

 Looks like every five days is the norm now. I don't think I will keep this as a daily blog, I just am not invested in it like I used to be. But I will try to keep it at multiple times a week because I like having the record available. Soo... Thursday! I worked. Did a good job at it. Things are slowing down, so there are fewer rooms to turn every day, though there has been plenty of people coming in and out.

Friday was date day!
 And the weather made it so I wore layers instead of a cute dress. I parked in Bainbridge Island and Christa gave me a lift to the ferry. Hurray, no paying for parking!

I walked across and looked at the Kanken backpacks. Totes are nice but I kinda want a good backpack for overnight trips now that I'm going overnight in Seattle with more regularity. But the cheapest Kanken is just a bit too expensive and seems just a bit small. It's cute though. I know investing is good sense, because a cheap bag is a bag that'll fall apart and have to be bought again and at that point you've spent more than one good bag. But I still want to look around. I put the call out on Facebook and got some suggestions. The Poler looks nice! Actually, I think I'll....whooo I went onto Zappos and they had the bag that I wanted for twelve bucks less than the store's site AND since it's Zapoos, it's free shipping. Score! Cute blue simple backpack, here I come. Or rather, come to me.

And I just paid my PUD, even though it's not due till the 10th. I have the money now so might as well. Now I don't have to think about it for a whole month! I've been slowly getting ahead. I have KCU ping me when my balance is under a certain amount and I haven't had a ping in a while, so that feels good.

Oh so yeah, I looked at backpacks in downtown Seattle and didn't get any. At Nordstrom Rack there were some super cute Betsey Johnson sunglasses marked way down. Just my style: round, a bit too big, shiny, make me look like a cartoon character. And NR has a makeup section and man if only I could justify getting more lipstick because it was marked waaay down. Tho I got a better tinted moisturizer (also discounted, holla) because the one I've been using just...it applies weird and clogs my skin. Anyhoo, happy to have a better one! That cost the same because of mark down! Whooo!

Then, because I'm the type of lazy that hates figuring out how the bus works, I walked to Capitol Hill. And hung out in Cal Anderson park. I read, I relaxed, I looked cool in my new sunglasses, I watched people play Pokemon Go. Lots of players. Lots of people wandering in circles and going to the same spot over and over. I even chatted with one person for a bit. How nice!

Then John came home and I went over to his place (he lives two blocks from the park). We had dinner in and in the morning he made omelettes, bacon, and toast. And tea. And we watched Futurama, then he put on his Michigan State garb, because he is a sports goober for his school's team, and I put on that blue and yellow striped dress I just got at Goodwill because it matches the team colors of the Wolverines, and we went to a Michigan sports bar (apparently that's a thing???) to see them play. I was curious to see the fight song in action, and I like John's company, and he bought me fries, so I can sit and watch Football. He explained the rules and now it makes so much more sense. Still not into it, but it was pretty great to be in a crowded bar and to have everyone sing in unison when they scored, and to have two people with cowbells, and there was a dog named Louie that was very sweet. Not a bad time at all. Afterwards we got a photobooth photo strip. Yay for momentos! I like photobooths. And we played some skeeball. I was very bad at it.

Then it was ferry back home time. Goodbyes were said, and off I went. Christa picked me up, and Bodi was once again squealing because he was so happy to see me. I swung by Central Market on the way home, and got home at a not unreasonable hour.
 Then it was back to work on Sunday! Breakfast, a few room turns, a fluff. We are back off tag teaming, now that it's a bit slower. I did a bit more food shopping. Still forgot to get raisin bran.

Work again today, because that's how work works. A turn, a fluff, the powder room, and the cobwebs complete with many spiders I had to evict. Eeek.
Then back home, a nap, watched part of the debate and felt my brain liquify.

I got miso soup packets and I made udon noodles with that and an egg and some tapatio and damn I'm really getting a hang of these noodles!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

lunch date

Yikes, five days no posting??

Saturday and Sunday were pretty chill. I just hung out at home and relaxed and caught up on sleep and laundry. Ma and Pa came over and we picked apples and had tea and chats. Monday was a shorter day at work. Got things done, did fruit prep, rotated the mattress on a deep clean. Later in the day, I went to Seabeck for the night. Ma, Pa and I watched Eddie the Eagle and ate pizza. Eddie the Eagle was cute and fun. Very heartwarming.

Tuesday was great fun! Dad made hashbrowns and eggs for breakfast and tasty coffee, and we all piled in to the Prius to head to SeaTac. I had the thought that maybe since SeaTac is near where John works, that we could grab lunch if timing worked out and it did! So after the parentals were sent off, I went to the Panera in Renton and had lunch with my boyfriend. How nice!

Then I drove to Bremerton and hung out with Karen and Lily. We had good long conversations, and I read King Baby by Kate Beaton to Lily. Nice to hang with my pal, even though now she's an old married lady.

From there I went to see Tickled at the Dragonfly Theater. It's a documentary about someone looking into this Extreme Tickling Competition, and it escalates into this really bizarre story of evil people with money and the lives they destroy. It's just...really something else.
Swapped cars in Seabeck, went back to Pulali, worked today.

Little short shift with a few fluffs and a turn. Then Christa and Bodi were in town, so we met up downtown to hang out! I gave Bodi lots of pets and we sat out in the sun and caught up. Then I got a hot dog.

Half napped at home, then drew a comic. Just got my schedule, weekend after this one I have four days off in a row, I should do something fun. Then it's a bunch of rando days on and off.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Here ya go

It’s Friday! And my blog continues to update irregularly. I spoiled y’all by having so many years of daily posts.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Hmm.

So Tuesday I was a sick little me. I got sick!! But it did not incapacitate me. Instead I spent the whole day, despite taking a Claritin in the morning (which was my last one and I know I had more, so who ate all my Claritin, those things are expensive, yo!) oozing snot. Just so much snot. So much tissues. So much desperately trying to keep things clean at work. I made double sure to sanitize after myself. I was pulled from cookie making duty. Boss let me go home early. I bought more decongestant, some menthol rub, and night time cough syrup. At home I had some udon with tapatio and fish sauce and then snuggled into bed for medically assisted rest. I was out 7-9, 9-midnight, then midnight to 6 which is when my alarm went off.

I woke up feeling MUCH better. My throat was sore but my body felt fine. Hurray! Nice to not miss work.

I got there are pleasant as could be and I was on laundry. First time in a while. I got those sheets and towels out of the rooms and into the machines. I got the beds made. Got it all done. Whooo! And I went home to more noodles and rest.

The final day was pretty chill. We got all the rooms turned and fluffed in rapid speed. It’s been a bit slower so not every room has needed treatment. The cookies didn’t have the right ingredients proportioned so they didn’t turn out. I did the office. I did the floors. It was all around pretty good. Erin drank out of my mug though.

I’m going to test if I can upload my blog via a text file transferred to my phone, because my internet isn’t working again. It seems like if I can connect to Celia’s wifi and then bounce to the boosted one it’s fine, but it’s having challenges getting onto Celia’s.

Today I slept in and made a garbage run. I need to do some dishes and tidying up now. Spent maybe too long playing computer games, but I beat the Rebel Flagship in a tricky ship that I’ve barely been able to get past the second sector in! That’ s huge!


It worked like a charm! Good to know I can update via usb like this.

I will say it's very hard to insert images on my phone. Y'all better appreciate this!

Monday, September 12, 2016

oh for the love of it all

I'm tired. I had such a long weekend and so much happened!

KAREN GOT MARRIED! It was a lovely ceremony and reception, it went by quick. Well the reception did. The ceremony was Catholic and some of the cues from the priest were long pauses. But it went well. Lily was cute. Karen was a babe. John was there too, and he's now my actual legit boyfriend! What!???

Photos happened after the ceremony because a bajillion delays. I got my hair done in a big poof, and my makeup was all shabam, though upclose I have some critiques of the foundation application. I looked hot though.


My computer overheated and I went to bed. Okay, where was I?

Makeup! It was so much fun to hang out with all the ladies and to have one another oo and ahh as we all got dressed and glammed up. Karen's hair and makeup was first, then last for the finishing touches. The wedding planner did this weird thing where she CANCELLED the makeup artist, so it ended up being an hour behind. What the hell???

So we all got to the church with only time for the first look photo, the one where the groom sees their bride for the first look. Instead of it being at the alter. Then we all lined up and Richard and I mumbled back and forth about what we had to do, and then it was time to walk!

Argghgh I'm so tired. It's sometimes a bit of a chore to sum up an event, especially one so nuanced! I had fun. John met my friends and family. I got to hang out with Lacey and Phil and BT and Evan and Heather and Daniel and Tabitha and Mel and Diana and Alex! And it went by so fast. The food was plentiful and I put way too much on my plate. I didn't drink that much because at the end of the night I moved my car to Manette, then hopped in John's car and we went back to Seattle for the night. In the morning he made coffee, an omlette, bacon, and toast. We sat about reading comics and chatting and listening to music and now he's my boyfriend. He dropped me off at the ferry and I walked back to my car. Karen had my keys, just in case she had cause to move it.

Ahhh beautiful lovely Karen. I shook during my speech but it was well received I think. The props I made for the photobooth (on Thursday I spend time with Karen & co) were used by many.

The rehearsal was a bit rushed and mumbled, and dinner was at the Boat Shed. I devoured some fish n chips. Camille helped finish painting the backdrop after dinner, whereas I finished making the props. They were posterboard on sticks, a bigfoot face, a banana slug, a coffee cup with a logo that was of Karen, Rob, and Lily, a geoduck (which Karen let me keep), a salmon, and a cloud.

Before the rehearsal, Karen, Thea, and I got our nails done. My first ever mani pedi! It was a lot of fun and I liked having my feet scraped down. One of those silly "Million Dollar Properties" shows was on, and we all in the shop poked fun at it.

Weddings must have the most amount of planning per minute of event. So many little things to get done! But it was very nice.

Mom loaned me this rad cactus shirt of hers that I wore to the salon (because you need something that unbuttons so as to not mess up your hair/makeup. It was so rad with sequins and stuff.

And now I've been back at work for two days. First day was breakfast and room turning. Lots of turning, lots of moving plates about. A couple fluffs. Raechel is back, which is nice. And today was more turns and the start of a deep clean. I got the floors done as well, despite it being tasked to Ginger who was frankly overtasked due to a miscommunication about who does what (I was supposed to take on more of the deep clean). I ran a Sequim errand and then just chilled out at home. Nice to not take my usual deep nap that ultimately screws up my sleeping schedule.


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

yogurt time

And I'm back to work! And it feels weird to be back at it after such a break! Monday was a short shift, with a breakfast focus. Carolyn was there so I just focused on dishes and then clean up. After work, I changed out of my corporate uniform and went downtown. Did some minor shopping and then I went to see Hell or High Water at The Rose. Got popcorn and doused it with Parmesan and yeast. Mmmm! That movie was fantastic! A bank robbery, American landscape, guy movie with some amazing dialogue and brilliant performances. Really engrossing. Did not expect it to be so funny. So good. And it was the matinee so I had plenty of time to go grocery shopping and get home with daylight.

And yes I ate some yogurt. BUT ONLY TILLAMOOK AND ONLY SELECT FLAVORS!!! I'm not a total normo.

Another short shift! 7 fluffs, 1 turn. A lot of waiting for people to vacate their room. Nothing too bad. I did the floors. I brought in my Teavana tea maker, which has the strainer on the top, and had genmaicha tea. It was very good! I like a roasted, earth green tea. Maybe more than black teas.

At home I chilled on the internet, finished Bojack Horseman, drew a comic, and now it's 11 and I'm ahead of what I need to do, so that's good. Hmmm.

Things get busy tomorrow. We got 7 turns and 1 fluff tomorrow! And I need to get all my wedding stuff packed. Thankfully my hair and makeup is taken care of, so I just gotta get my dress and shoes and...well I guess that's it? And a change of clothes too, I suppose.

Monday, September 5, 2016

four day weekend

Four day weekend! My internet is functional again and I don't know what happened.

For Karen's bachelorette party I planned a low key scavenger hunt just me, her, Lily, Thea, and Thea's son Roldan. Didn't want a big huge todo. Also that takes more planning than I can manage.

So I made a scavenger hunt book. It had four different locations, each with a limerick where the last line was shuffled so she'd have to figure out what we were doing! And when she figured it out, she could open the envelope which contained the zine with the hunt lists. The book was a long strip of paper that was accordion folded, with the clues put into library book slip holders, and an envelope on the opposite page. All stuck together with double stick tape. Very happy with it, and it took a lot of work. Watched half a season of Scrubs while working on the drawings. Was up late, and got up early to get on over for the hunt.

I got all the way to Silverdale, where I was going to pick up the van from Ma and Pa, when I realized I had left my purse at home!!!! AHHHH!! But Thea pulled through: she borrowed her sister's van and I went back home, got my purse, and went to Karen's. Though with that extra driving I had to stop for gas on the way there. Uhhhgg. So a 12:30 start was moved to 2, but thankfully plans were flexible.

I presented Karen with the book and she loved it! She said "oh wow" several times. Success! I figured she'd dig the hunt, and a low key day of hanging out.

First was people watching in the park! We saw many babies and Seahawks fans and one not a Seahawks fan. Couldn't find all the people, but we found many! Because of the delay of time, we missed rain. It was sunny and awesome. Lily was cute, Roldan played on the toys, we looked out for the different people to complete the list. Then we went to the corner store and got some treats. They had Faygo there! Like dang! And even a sign saying not to steal Faygo otherwise they'll stop carrying it. Karen worked on the type finding part of her hunt.

Next was the second hand searching. There was not time for the 4th one: vintage shopping, but there was time for Goodwill! Karen found almost all the cookbook clues, but not as many of the corporate ones. Thea spotted a great skirt that was super cute and I bought it and now it's my favorite skirt. Great pattern! And it stays down! I tried on all the silly heels at Goodwill. Makes me really appreciate how well made my bridesmaid heels are.

After Goodwill, we went back to Thea's parent's place and hung out there with Alonso and Mavis and Masa. We had roast beast for dinner and carrots and potatoes and rice and it was awesome. Lily was dropped off at Skate Land with Rob so he got some daddy daughter skate time in. Karen filled us in more on what the wedding scheduling will be like. It's so soon!! ahhhh!!

I drew the comic at Karen's and then went home.
I dozed pretty heavily today. Catching up on much needed rest. Played vidya games. Napped. Ate pasta with shrimp in the alfredo sauce. Yum!

Now I got a short work day tomorrow. Breakfast so nighty night!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

food comics


My internet continues to be spotty. This is so frustrating, but at least every time I manage to eek through, nothing important is going down on Facebook. I'm only really down a couple social networks I only use through the internet. My phone gets most of it. Right now I'm writing this in a word doc. Hopefully I can get enough of a window to post!

I wonder if my own internet would be all that expensive and what sort of plan I'd be locked into. I don't have an active phone line out here.

The deep clean days are done, though alas we only got through three rooms out of the five that need it. Or was it six? Yesterday the Stanley Steamer people came out and did the grout on all the floors. I finished Baker and did laundry and the baseboards. Ginger did the upper vacuuming getting the cobwebs. Lots of up and down stuff. I also got the scuff marks off the walls. Really got into all the corners, making it extra nice. It's weird but the rooms really do seem slightly cleaner once we've really gone at them top to toe.

There was a photographer around getting new shots of some of the rooms.

Today (Tuesday) I did floors and turned a few rooms and helped with laundry. Got the tables ready for breakfast. Doing breakfast tomorrow, then I have four days off!

After work I treated myself to a banh mi. I told them how good there's was and how much better it was than one I had recently at another place.

Sunday! Hmm what did I do Sunday? Well the deep cleans began. There was a lot of stripping of bedding to be done, and laundry too. I got the upmost small room, Baker. So I worked on that. Did floors too. Afterwards I worked on walking in my heels. Walked down to BLTC and got a coffee and pot pie and read comics and worked on planning stuff. Then I saw Don't Think Twice. It was good, but emotionally harrowing from a creative producer standpoint.

Now I gotta sleep, then work, then I have a few days to catch up on what I've been neglecting.


Quick breakfast shift! Had four people and I got it done. Got all the kitchen stuff clean, tended to the rooms and the employee bathroom, and all was generally good. Could have gone a bit speedier, but oh well, no major complaints. Right now we are at a "on top of everything" stage.

Afterwards I went to Goodwill and found pants that fit me!! Wow! And they don't look half bad either. And some shoes that were the 50% off tag color. And a shirt that completes my Waldo costume again, huzzah! Ran into Teddi too, because PT is so small.

At home I took a nap, drew my comic (which the creators of HIGIYM liked!), and now I'm going to finish laundry.

Celia came over with delicious soup. Very delicious.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

otter apologist

September 10th: when everything stops being busy. I can't wait. After the wedding there is nothing in my calendar in terms of things being done.

Today was Karen's bridal shower! I gave her a jade plant from my master jade. Not as nice as some of the cookwear and storage solutions she got, but appreciated. I have yet to give her a cutting from my master. There was pink champagne cake and coffee and tea and lots of good company. I broke in my heels a little more. Afterwards I helped paint a thing for the wedding that is super cool but I won't go into too much detail, You'll just have to wait and seeeeeee.

Heather and Daniel's visit was perfect! They brought me good food to eat and share in eating, I bought some dessert which I forgot about one night and then we ate on the raft the next day for a sweet lunch. We sunbathed and swam and Daniel cleaned the otter poop (called spraint) off the raft, and the seal afterbirth. Always with the afterbirth. He still loves those otters, and in the last hour of their visit three of them climbed on the raft and he watched excitedly through binoculars. We talked art and people, and drank the french wine I had been given by Brynne, and Jeanne and Brynne were at Celia's one night and they made tacos and we had that.

H&D did the dishes too. Such wonderful company. It's nice to have people you can talk easily with, but also spend some time reading in a quiet group. Heather got a kick out of the Far Side collection.

And we threw seaweed at one another.

Work has been good. Lots of turns, lots of warm weather, lots of hard work and getting it done. We did the whole run of weekly chores in one shift just to get everything REALLY nice.

Now I'm tired and I got work tomorrow. Not till 10, but I need to focus on getting better nights sleep.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

catch up

I am so behind on this blog! I am so behind in many things! On Friday, Ma and Pa came over and we dug out the ground and put in two beams between which is now a new gate! It looks so great, but it was a lot of work to get the auger to go, and to haul the rocks and dirt out, and get the cement in. We swam after and that was nice, and had coconut curry chicken which was excellent. Celia brought roast squash and we watched telly. I Spy was on and it was dumb.

And I feel like I have yet to really recoup from that, and I won't have a real chance till September. I have FOUR DAYS OFF in a row, but I am so behind on planning. I haven't found (or made) the time to sit and really sketch the plans out. I come back from work tired, and the past few days I've been working at cleaning house. Got through a bunch of towels and sheets today, and some spider extraction. And books were put away. I feel like I'll be doing tidying forever, but little steps make a big difference.

The date on Saturday ended up being fun, but the ding dong TOOK THE WRONG FERRY! He wasn't paying enough attention to the specifics of which ferry I said to take and when I arrived to pick him up and had to call to find him, yeah....but he got on a bus and we crossed paths in Poulsbo and the theater allowed late admittance so that was great. Once we were seated my agitation subsided. John took my irking well and didn't try to diffuse me when I said it would last until we were at the play (which it did). Anyhoo, Little Mermaid was fun! I feel the best male singer was the seagull.

It was hot but we got shade. We snacked on chips and celery and drank plenty of water. Afterwards we went to Bremerton and had a few beers at Der Blokken brewery. I ordered the Oh Cana-Dog, which is a hot dog with gravy, fries, and cheese. Yum! His was a hot dog with caramelized onions (an order that was sans cream cheese). They tried to give me the no cream cheese order, cuz girls don't order gravy on things.
I returned him to the ferry, then went to Seabeck and gave back the cooler I loaned mom and dad. Chatted. Went back to Pulali.

Sunday was another full day! Did rooms and breakfast and at the end of my shift I put on the heels for the wedding in order to break them in. And I wore those heels from 2pm till 9pmish when I got home! I wore them down the steps to downtown, wore them to the pizza place, wore them to the driftwood seating to eat my slice of pizza, wore them to Better Living Through Coffee where I sat and had a coffee and slice of apple pie and drew comics and sketched. There was a guy who came in with a parrot on his shoulder. This band of youngins with string instruments played and they were awesome.

Then I wore my heels to The Rose Theater where I saw Hunt for the Wilderpeople, which was a fantastic movie. Hilarious, heartfelt, well made, well acted, just all around great. More movies like that one please!

And trotted up the stairs in my heels. They only hurt after I had sat in the coffee shop for a while and got back on my feet, but not for long. I was kinda sad to take them off.

So that brings us to Monday! Boss was gone so Teddi was doing ALL the breakfast, with me there to help. T works so hard like damn. And breakfast went off without a problem. We got to turning rooms and boss came back and was happy we hadn't burned the place down. That was a very long day and I was exhausted and so ready to sleep.

Tuesday! Toooday! A relatively easy day, up till the end. Turned, fluffed, laundry. Then a couple came up for an impromptu check in and boss was gone so I did it! Got their credit card and all that. And when boss checked over my work, the only thing was I sent a thank you email instead of the invoice. Oops well that is easily correctable. Go me! Customer service is the weakpoint of my training. I don't handle that end enough.

And at home I napped, then got to cleaning, then the internet was back so I wasted time there.

I can't wait for September 10th, because then all my immediate obligations and stuff will be over.

Monday, August 22, 2016

My internet is vaguely down and I don't have the time to troubleshoot.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

three for your money

Okay let's see if we can get this blogged before my computer overheats.

There must be some program running the background that's causing it.

Past three days have been work work work. I picked up an extra shift today, so that was good.

It's now super hot, when just a few days ago it was misty and foggy.

We had a couple guests that were birders and I was able to talk some of the talk with them, thanks to mom.

I got my oil changed. Could probably do it myself at this point but ehhh I'd rather not accidentally crush myself under the car. Maybe next change when I have more of a window of miles to work up the courage. It was long overdue at this point. Got food fixings to make curry, though it's not curry weather.

Uhg I hope the play works out and it's not unbearably hot. I wonder if they'd cancel for fear of causing player heat stroke? I'll bring lots of water.

Here's some comics!

Oh and I watered the plants yesterday and did a couple spots today but will probably do it again tomorrow just to make REALLY sure because lord it's dry.

WELP it overheated right as I was loading the comics, but it saved as a draft so I just switched computers and now I'll load them here through Google Drive because the CLOUD is ALL POWERFUL AND CONNECTED!!

Monday, August 15, 2016

stabbing comics

Breakfast shift on Sunday and then a whole bunch of turns and one fluff. I did mostly run around tasks after dishes. We busted it out in good time. Go team us! I got groceries after work and hm something held me up time wise I feel. I didn't take a nap. Today we had seven fluffs and one turn. Did that turn real well. Refreshed the flowers. And G&I did a whole bunch of extra tasks at the end because we were so far ahead. Go us!

I swung by Henerey's Henrery's...how is it spelled? It's not Henry's right? Anyway I swung by to ask about the best cable gate solution/ideas. Galvanized cable with two loops, two eye screws into trees, connected on one end and the lock on the other. Some reflective decoration. Simple, straightforward, inobtrusive. But Dad bought a gate so I guess that's going in. I didn't buy any hardware today as I didn't know what the measurements would be. Anyhoooo. There's another spot that'll need a cable.

At home I took a nap. Then scribbled out a comic. Now I'm going to go retire into bed.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

out on the raft

I do summer weekends right, booyah! On Friday I drove to the post office and picked up my mail: Birchbox (which had great hair stuff and face goop and a nice eyeshadow) and Ipsy (eyeliner, face masks, face goop, weird brown/mauve lipquid lipstick) and my new Big Bud Press shirt which was on sale whooo! And I topped off my tank. Back at home I cleaned off the raft and sat out there for many hours soaking up the sun and I finished reading Girl on the Train! Ma and Pa came and went while I was on the raft. Neither of them went for a swim. It was perfect swimming weather too. I came to land a little bit pink but not full on burned, so that was good. Major tan lines though.

The otters were mad I was on their raft. They swam SUPER close. Close enough for me to get a photo of one where you could see all the ottery bits. And one was under the raft for about an hour, huffing and sniffing. I could see the whiskers.

Today I snoozed and then went out to the raft to work on my tan some more. I rubbed some SPF on the bits that already got sun and pointed my back to the sun. The middle bit had a light stripe because my flanks got tan. I wasn't angled right.

A boat came roaring at me from the other side and then apologized for not seeing me on the raft (they put up so much wake). If you can't spy someone on a raft, you have no business going fast on the water. So many loud boats. Argh.

My back is a little more even. But now my front is light. Next time it's hot and I can get out there in the 2-5 window. I've got my kayak + bucket + bag of books system down.

I got a breakfast shift tomorrow so nighty night.

Friday, August 12, 2016

getting it done on the cheaper


Good two days at work. Had a full turn of all rooms and we busted through the bathrooms and floors and ended right on time. Ginger decked out all the rooms with our towels and stuff so when we got to the rooms they were ready to finish. Lots of work. Helped with some breakfast bits of the shifts.

On Thursday, after work I went to Port Angeles to take advantage of my Roos coupon at Payless. I grabbed my phone and wallet instead of my purse, and closed the door and went to hit the lock button on my keys and WHOOPS they were still in the car. I normally hand lock the driver's side on the way out. Anyway yeah. Called AAA and reupped my membership, and then asked for them to send me a locksmith. While I waited I got the mint green KangaROOS of my dreams! And they don't have the tricky to clean suede like my other Roos have had. And I got some socks and yoga pants, which were 50% off and that stacked with the 20% off. Hurray! So that was good. And my car was unlocked and I was off to do my thing again.
 Got a lot done today! Mowed the grass, washed my car, got some of the pitch that has unfortunately gotten on my car off the car, patched the boat, washed sheets and made bed, did other laundry, put things away. Still got a bit more to do but I knocked out a huge chunk of the clutter that has built up. And I took a nap midday and now it's 3am! I haven't been up that late in a while.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Darren, Casey, CJ...AJ?

Monday! Everyone had a case of the Mondays today. Breakfast was hectic with a lot going on, though S&T handled it. Ginger and I got through the turns pretty quick, and the fluffs too. And she was left with an hour and a half on her shift with not much to fill it. I started earlier. I also cleaned the office. It started cold but then it warmed up.

Took a nap when I got home, drew my comic, played some vidya games.

I have a three day weekend coming up and no plans during it, so I'm stoked to work on the list of things that have piled up.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

has it been ten years? really?

Oof I'm tired. Going to tuck into bed, well I'd say early but it's exactly the time I need to be tucking into bed.

Yesterday was a fine work day. Did the breakfast shift and then got onto rooms. Only two turns, with one needing some special care because there were 100% cotton sheets that needed pulling to go back to who borrowed them. And the fluffs took a while to move out of their rooms for us to make them pretty again.

After work I went over to the farmers market and hung out with Jeanette and Randelle and some others. Not a long hang, as I was tired and needed to get home to rest. But it's always lovely to see the crew! Ran was very surprised to learn how much I had aged.

At home I napped and napped hard. Morning shifts are no bueno for me.

Today was my reunion! I was a bit late getting out the door, but it didn't seem so bad that I got there a bit after the start date. Not many people were there (it was a pretty casual hang). Mostly those who had stuck around Kitsap. Talked a lot with Hillary and James and Ross and JC. Not much with the people that were all still friends with each other. I had a hot dog and a couple beers and had a few good conversations. There's some comic gold in there.

 Went home and visited Ma & Pa briefly.

Then went to Target and bought new lightbulbs, that were recommended on a blog as being good bulbs for makeup vanity type lighting. Much more blue and bright. And I swung by Trader Joe's. The comic shows me prepping a whiskey ginger, but I ended up not doing that. I'm just going to go to bed and have that whiskey ginger tomorrow. I bought some kefir and boy that stuff is sour. I'll try to finish the bottle but wow.

The lightbulbs are great! I put the 4th in my desk light and the light quality is much better.

Night night.