Saturday, September 7, 2013

I can't deal with three figure heat

Uhg. What a day. It was 92 degrees in Scott's Valley, according to the internet, but in the studio it was probably more. I kept hydrated but still that heat is a killer. I burned screens, the job got set up and...well it took some tweaking and....it took some color changes AND... we still are not quite there and stress was running high. But we are a well oiled team! And my suggestion to put stars on the seps to separate them was well received and ended up being a very approved idea by the end of the day.

And at home I took a nap and Joey came to join me. That was nice. Nice to nap the hot part of the day away. I've got an early morning tomorrow so nighty night!

Friday, September 6, 2013

eye of the beholder

My eye is almost all better! Just a tinge left. Such a weird thing.

As for the car, well...err things haven't moved forward. I keep sleeping in and not taking the time to call Toyota about the part.

We didn't print much at work because the film needs some tweaking....so I went ballistic on reclaiming screens. 44 in total! We have a full rack and 20 to coat tomorrow. Booyah. We'll have so many screens to burn stuff onto!

I also cleaned stuff. Knocked out a good chunk of audiobook listening.

Then I wasted yet another night at home. Just not feelin' it these days.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Janet is the best, no lie

My eye is looking lots better. Still a bit of redness but generally it seems to be healing.

Work was fun. Brought in cheese puffs and got Kara addicted to them. Trader Joe's white cheddar puffs are sooooo good. Mmm. Jeff warned her, but did she listen?

I burned a bunch of screens all through the day. Caught a couple jobs. Broke down the press. Generally I was awesome. Boss said we are going to be printing some really awesome posters coming up soon. Won't go into detail due to probable disclosure contracts. But it's neat!

I really like my job. I can be goofy yet respected for my drive. I can listen to audiobooks. I can give input into matters. It's awesome.

Once home, I got a text from Janet informing me that I can have the rest of the ice cream pie she made. I thump thump thump thump thumped down the stairs SO FAST! So tasty. Just like chocolate and ice cream in a graham cracker pie tin. I'll have to get her recipe.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

eye see yoooou

Woke up to this red spot in my eye. I don't know how it got there, but it seems like the type of injury that would result from carelessly rubbing your eye in the middle of the night. It doesn't hurt and it wasn't oozing, so I just left it alone and it is looking a bit better. I'll see how it is in the morning. Hopefully it will be minimized and not like, HUGE RED EYE AHHHH.

Swung by the post office and put a package in the mail. Hopefully it'll arrive by September 8th.

Work? What can I say about work that I haven't said bunches of times before. I did stuff. Oh. We mixed natural discharge and white discharge to make a custom slightly off white color for the client. That was new. Jeff and I were super efficient at printing this one job. Boss bought a wheely shop stool. That is fun. I started Cuckoo's Calling, which I've been excited for.

Home meant laundry, and my sheets got tangled up in themselves, so those have to try more before I can put the other laundry in.

Had Trader Joe's potstickers for dinner. They were okay, but I know I can make my own potstickers that are just as good, I just need to take the initiative and make the filling.

car parts

Boss and I managed to get the seat belt retractor out of the side of the car. I was mighty in strength as I pulled off the side panel to expose it. Haha. But there were a buncha warning signs about contents being under pressure and stuff, so neither of us wanted to undo the thing further....so it was agreed that the best course of action would be to order the part and replace it. The adventure continues!

Today was a clean up day. I listened Locke Lamora, a book I'm becoming less interested in as it goes on (just isn't as dynamic as I would have hoped). I cleaned allll the used squeegees and floodbars. I cleaned alllll the screens. I reclaimed 9 screens and coated them at the end of the day. It's good to get on top of things like that, because they can pile up. Oh! I also used a staple gun to put up some banner scraps to block off the cleaning tank from splashing on the clean stuff to the left of the tank. Yay staple guns!

Was an early day. Spent some time cuddling with Joey on my bed. Talked to Ma and Pa.

We've got some big printing to do in the next couple days. Let's do this!

Monday, September 2, 2013

too hot to enjoy the heat


Woke up to an oppressive heat. Just that warmth that is all "yeah, I'm going to be really hot today". So I bought some ice cream and sat on the porch and read. Didn't get up to much. Janet is slowly packing up the house. Glasses. The couch was put on the curb and some people grabbed it an hour and a half later (it's always smart to put a "free couch" posting on Craigslist to get rid of things quickly like that).

My seat belt retractor broke, so I spent time Googling and talking to Dad and trying to figure out how to fix it. But I lack the tools to remove the bolts. But I'm sure we'll have the tools at work, so hopefully I can get it sorted soon. Stupid thing. Don't want to take out the whole side panel, but I might have to. Don't want to take it to a repair shop either but hey, might have to. Bleh.

Been watching Stephen Fry in America on Netflix. It's pretty good. He drives around to all the states and interviews people.


Another warm wakeup with some more porch reading. Got groceries later on. Don't want to drive more than necessary. Certainly don't want to go on a road that goes more than 35mph. How do people just drive without their seat belts?

Working on my continent drawing. So easy to do digitally! Lotsa fun.

Right now I'm working on my Goodreads profile, hopefully as a way to get suggestions for new books! Not that I don't already have enough on my shelf AND in my audiobook queue.