Saturday, August 27, 2016

otter apologist

September 10th: when everything stops being busy. I can't wait. After the wedding there is nothing in my calendar in terms of things being done.

Today was Karen's bridal shower! I gave her a jade plant from my master jade. Not as nice as some of the cookwear and storage solutions she got, but appreciated. I have yet to give her a cutting from my master. There was pink champagne cake and coffee and tea and lots of good company. I broke in my heels a little more. Afterwards I helped paint a thing for the wedding that is super cool but I won't go into too much detail, You'll just have to wait and seeeeeee.

Heather and Daniel's visit was perfect! They brought me good food to eat and share in eating, I bought some dessert which I forgot about one night and then we ate on the raft the next day for a sweet lunch. We sunbathed and swam and Daniel cleaned the otter poop (called spraint) off the raft, and the seal afterbirth. Always with the afterbirth. He still loves those otters, and in the last hour of their visit three of them climbed on the raft and he watched excitedly through binoculars. We talked art and people, and drank the french wine I had been given by Brynne, and Jeanne and Brynne were at Celia's one night and they made tacos and we had that.

H&D did the dishes too. Such wonderful company. It's nice to have people you can talk easily with, but also spend some time reading in a quiet group. Heather got a kick out of the Far Side collection.

And we threw seaweed at one another.

Work has been good. Lots of turns, lots of warm weather, lots of hard work and getting it done. We did the whole run of weekly chores in one shift just to get everything REALLY nice.

Now I'm tired and I got work tomorrow. Not till 10, but I need to focus on getting better nights sleep.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

catch up

I am so behind on this blog! I am so behind in many things! On Friday, Ma and Pa came over and we dug out the ground and put in two beams between which is now a new gate! It looks so great, but it was a lot of work to get the auger to go, and to haul the rocks and dirt out, and get the cement in. We swam after and that was nice, and had coconut curry chicken which was excellent. Celia brought roast squash and we watched telly. I Spy was on and it was dumb.

And I feel like I have yet to really recoup from that, and I won't have a real chance till September. I have FOUR DAYS OFF in a row, but I am so behind on planning. I haven't found (or made) the time to sit and really sketch the plans out. I come back from work tired, and the past few days I've been working at cleaning house. Got through a bunch of towels and sheets today, and some spider extraction. And books were put away. I feel like I'll be doing tidying forever, but little steps make a big difference.

The date on Saturday ended up being fun, but the ding dong TOOK THE WRONG FERRY! He wasn't paying enough attention to the specifics of which ferry I said to take and when I arrived to pick him up and had to call to find him, yeah....but he got on a bus and we crossed paths in Poulsbo and the theater allowed late admittance so that was great. Once we were seated my agitation subsided. John took my irking well and didn't try to diffuse me when I said it would last until we were at the play (which it did). Anyhoo, Little Mermaid was fun! I feel the best male singer was the seagull.

It was hot but we got shade. We snacked on chips and celery and drank plenty of water. Afterwards we went to Bremerton and had a few beers at Der Blokken brewery. I ordered the Oh Cana-Dog, which is a hot dog with gravy, fries, and cheese. Yum! His was a hot dog with caramelized onions (an order that was sans cream cheese). They tried to give me the no cream cheese order, cuz girls don't order gravy on things.
I returned him to the ferry, then went to Seabeck and gave back the cooler I loaned mom and dad. Chatted. Went back to Pulali.

Sunday was another full day! Did rooms and breakfast and at the end of my shift I put on the heels for the wedding in order to break them in. And I wore those heels from 2pm till 9pmish when I got home! I wore them down the steps to downtown, wore them to the pizza place, wore them to the driftwood seating to eat my slice of pizza, wore them to Better Living Through Coffee where I sat and had a coffee and slice of apple pie and drew comics and sketched. There was a guy who came in with a parrot on his shoulder. This band of youngins with string instruments played and they were awesome.

Then I wore my heels to The Rose Theater where I saw Hunt for the Wilderpeople, which was a fantastic movie. Hilarious, heartfelt, well made, well acted, just all around great. More movies like that one please!

And trotted up the stairs in my heels. They only hurt after I had sat in the coffee shop for a while and got back on my feet, but not for long. I was kinda sad to take them off.

So that brings us to Monday! Boss was gone so Teddi was doing ALL the breakfast, with me there to help. T works so hard like damn. And breakfast went off without a problem. We got to turning rooms and boss came back and was happy we hadn't burned the place down. That was a very long day and I was exhausted and so ready to sleep.

Tuesday! Toooday! A relatively easy day, up till the end. Turned, fluffed, laundry. Then a couple came up for an impromptu check in and boss was gone so I did it! Got their credit card and all that. And when boss checked over my work, the only thing was I sent a thank you email instead of the invoice. Oops well that is easily correctable. Go me! Customer service is the weakpoint of my training. I don't handle that end enough.

And at home I napped, then got to cleaning, then the internet was back so I wasted time there.

I can't wait for September 10th, because then all my immediate obligations and stuff will be over.

Monday, August 22, 2016

My internet is vaguely down and I don't have the time to troubleshoot.