Wednesday, February 25, 2015

bacon bacon oh so good


On site! I was by myself for the first chunk, so I took pictures and organized boxes, and edited this and that. When the Boss returned, I got to doing computer stuff, including setting up some cloud based email and ordering things and other stuff. It felt like a productive day. After work, I swung by home and got the mail for Ma & Pa, and changed some of the lights that were on, and generally made sure nothing had burned down. Got back home late, but it's all good as I was working from home the next day.

I watched the Parks and Rec finale and cried pretty hard about it.

Oh! Also swung through Silverdale on the way back and made a beloved Trader Joe's run, as my food supplies were getting low.


Slept in, had a bacon and egg scramble and a cuppa coffee. Did lotsa computer work. Got the group email routing in the right direction. Did some research into different sites. Listened to plenty o' podcasts. It's earlier than usual for my blogging, but I figure might as well get it done now and not worry about it and forget it later.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday from home

Got up, had an egg salad sandwich for brunch, had some coffee, got to work researching better website template builders and stuff. And worked on item research. Pretty nice day outside.

A group of kayakers went by. I waved and took pictures through my binoculars.

Watched television, ate pasta with extra garlic in the sauce. Working on site tomorrow, so I'll be tucking in to bed soon, and also I'll swing by Seabeck after.

Ma & Pa, how are you liking your vacation?

everyone says I should read Bryson, well fine I will!!


Ohhh had a really lovely day in Port Townsend with Aaron. He drove and parked at my place, and I drove us in to Port Townsend (I have that Discover Pass for parks adventures). First up, we got brunch at the Blue Moose Cafe down near the docks. No waiting to be seated, which was awesome. I ordered the eggs benedict, as per usual, and he biscuits and gravy and hash. I ate with my fingers and made a very sloppy mess of it, but that's how I roll and he didn't seem embarrassed to be in public with me afterwards, so that's a good sign!

It was a perfect day for being outside. That perfect, crisp clear weather with blue skies and a few clouds far in the distance. Absolutely wonderful weather. We walked around the docks a bit and looked at boats, then I drove up to Fort Worden and we walked out on the dock there and along the beach and up to the lower bunkers, which were awesome as always. I like how there's just a couple "warning hazardous area" signs, and that's that. No need to go overboard, just warn people and if they hurt themselves on the old cement structures then it is their fault!

We hiked up to the upper bunkers too, and basked in the sun for a while. Aaron had never been to Port Townsend before, so wanted to show him the major hits first. Food, check, boats, check, bunkers, check, Elevated Ice Cream? Oh you betcha check! I got the dutch malt, which was like a whopper in ice cream form, and he had the mexican chocolate.

AND! I saw Jaden! Who I haven't seen in years. She didn't remember me, but of course I knew her as a baby and a toddler, and she is a tween now. I sorta get that whole thing where older family people remember you, but you don't remember them. I said a quick hello and returned to ordering ice cream.

We walked up and down the main street in old town, and went into bookstores (I got a Bill Bryson book FINALLY and rebought Stiff, Aaron bought a different Bryson book) and toy stores (I bought a couple Playmobil blind bags). All in all, a wonderful day. And the weather maintained throughout.

As he had left Banjo at home, Aaron departed shortly after getting back to the house.

I watched my stories and went to bed.


Slept in! That was awesome. Then I washed my car, because it needed it, and found out I do get a few channels on the TV, and tuned it to ABC for the Oscars. Man, so much Oscars! Hours of red carpet, hours of the show, and Neil Patrick Harris was a bit of an ass. I'm happy for the winners, surprised at the best actor and actress wins, but generally it was a good year...though really not diverse at all.

Anna Kendrick should host next year.

Celia came over for the Oscars too, and brought Mac n Cheese and popcorn. Nice to chastise with someone else.

I really want to see Mr. Turner now.

Here are some photos: