Saturday, August 10, 2013

and thus my quest advances


Oops. Went to bed totally neglecting to blog. But it was a fairly standard day. Jeff returned and I coated screens while he set up. I counted in shirts for plenty o' jobs. We ran a couple jobs. Not a bad day.

Back at home I relaxed for a bit, then went to the 10pm showing of Elysium. It was good. Not great phenomenal OH MY GOD. You know how I get about movies when they really excite me. It had some really cool special effects and scenes, but it needed more character development all around. Just a few minutes more for each character, and for the inhabitants of Elysium. Not MUST SEE in theaters cool, but still cool.

Monuments Men looks awesome.


Annnd another week is done! We ran a job in the morn then did shop stuff while waiting for stuff to come in. We reorganized the tester shirt bin. Vacuumed. Listened to Fellowship of the Ring. It's a long ass book though. I seem to remember it being shorter. An hour of listening and Frodo is STILL in the Shire!

I looked at a room after work. It was in a house with two other ladies around my own age. The room was smaller, the house in general was smaller, but it was a quiet neighborhood...but I'd also have to sign a lease...but the move in time works for me and there is parking and I can paint the walls and the closet space is HUGE... ahhhg. I just really like MY house. And MY place. I like where I am NOW. Boo.

I went to a movie night down at the station. Ryan, Marina, James. The usual suspects, as well as Alex, Jill, and....I forget her name but we met before and she is really nice. Snacks, beer, food, and Mystery Men and Severance double feature, aw yeah.

A nice night. Don't know what I'll do tomorrow exactly, but first I shall sleep in!

Well, I'll probably apply to more houses and places. Just gotta keep applying.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Hound

The Hound
3" x 4"
pencil and ink

"wonderfully" is one word for it

Jeff wasn't at work due to not feeling all that well. Boo!

But it gave me the day to get the stuff done that needed doing. Like coating the 15 screens from yesterday and reclaiming 24 screens to coat tomorrow. And counting in shirts. And burning a buncha screens, and taping those screens. That took the day. That and listening to The Name of the Wind, which is a nifty book. Took a while to get used to the narrator, but he is really good at different accents.

Now we are ready to take on the world! The world of printing.

At home I sat on the back porch and kept Janet company while she sorted through stuff. This old 1967 sex ed book was uncovered. Illustrated and designed for 4-6 graders. Oh it is hilarious and REALLY inaccurate and just....wrong. A lot of "this is as God wants it" and "sometimes Mom and Dad hug and kiss....then BABIES" type stuff. I'm going to scan some of the illustrations, because they are retro and lovely.

* * * * *

For the Game of Thrones gift exchange, I volunteered to be a "regifter" which means that for people who get nothing because their original gifter was a poop, they get a chance for someone to gift them something, if someone is willing to do that...that someone being a "regifter". So I did a little portrait of The Hound and I'll mail that off to them tomorrow before work. Yay gifts!

A pretty good day. And now it is Thursday!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

goose island ipa fan club

Met up with Ryan and Marina at 99 Bottles, and it was raffle night! But even with 9 tickets between us, none of us came up winners. Still, it was fun. I had the beer sausage with sauerkraut and waffle fries. And I got them to sign off the beer (which wasn't a numbered beer) as #16, so now I don't have to order Bud Light to complete my card! HA! Beating the system!

Long after the last beer was drunk (well about an hour and a half), I drove Ryan home because the last bus was at 10 and sometimes it is easier to wait around and give a friend a ride then to loose a friend earlyish in the night, ya know? I only got a LITTLE bit side tracked on the way back. Though getting lost in Santa Cruz is like, a five minute detour. It's not a big place.

I heard back from an apartment inquiry! Hurray! My first one! I'm checking them out on Friday. So that is heartening.

We ran a quick job. Just some sweaters. Then I reclaimed and cleaned and cleaned some more and coated what I reclaimed yesterday. Now I have a good stack to coat tomorrow, and a good stack to reclaim. I'm getting that catch up like I asked for! Hurray!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm awesome, let me live with you

Up to five emails about housing now, no responses yet. There are all these "shared rooms". I can't live in a grown up dorm! I'm an adult! And too much of a homebody.

Lets see. Work. We printed bags and these shirts. I burned some screens. I reclaimed what was reclaimable and got to cleaning what really needs to be cleaned. I need a day where I'm not catching so that I can catch up on the screens in the back! But we'll have 10 to coat tomorrow, around around 15 to reclaim. It's a process.

My fingernails are long again. They grow so fast!

Didn't go food shopping. It's only Monday.

Monday, August 5, 2013

ice cream, steak, sucky tidings


Showed up early again to work, though just so we can get an early start on two big job setups that needed to be done by the end of the day. I cleaned squeegees. The job got set up. We ran the back. Jeff set up the new coffee maker. Boss put some excess gold foil on a tooth to make it look capped like the goober that he is. I cleaned the squeegees again and we did the back. Did we do more after that? Err. I don't think so. I removed the tape from all the screens, so there will be a lot of cleaning of screens to be done next week as we've come up short on them again. So much turn over!

After work I took it easy and cleaned my room. I swung by Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing and filled up the growler with their seasonal "Casinos" IPA. The people in the pub looked at my possession of the growler with much admiration and respect. I was there on serious business and they knew it! Steve came down and we picked up steaks and had those with the beer and we watched Happy Gilmore on Netflix.


After breakfast, Steve and I walked downtown and we wandered into Bookshop Santa Cruz where I picked up a "get well" card for a friend. Then we went to the Penny Ice Creamery and got fancy ice cream cones and ate them while wandering around a little street fair of sorts. He took off to meet Adam, Kyle, & co. for dinner and I opted to stay down in Santa Cruz to work on things.

Janet came back from her vacation and there was a letter that was confirmed to be our 60 day notice. So tht was a bummer of big magnitude. Time to find a place to live. Been here just a year. Uhg.

Watched Prisoner of Azkaban.


Had a good solid sleep in. I posted my first advert on Craigslist about looking for a place to live, and called one person and emailed two others. Haven't heard back, but it is still early. Just gotta keep extending myself and hopefully someone will want me to move in.

I sat out on the porch and read and soaked up a bit of sun. That was nice. Had some of my Canada noodles for dinner. They were very interesting. Worked on correspondence. Oh, I should do a "I've moved!" card for when I move. Something to send to everyone.

All in all, a fairly relaxing day. Didn't do my grocery shopping but I suppose I can do that tomorrow.