Saturday, April 9, 2016

triple threat

 Yesterday was nice. Did a major vacuum and mop at work. Really got the dirt off the ground. Went deep into the corners. Moved the tables and chairs out of the way. Moved rugs. Was very thorough! Did the sinks. Mopped the laundry rooms. Dusted the ceiling nooks with the long duster. Chatted with coworker.

After work I swung by the library and picked up a fat stack of books. Then I made a grocery run. Went home. Napped. Drew. Slept.

Brynne's visit itinerary changed so I had Friday open for myself to chill.
 I cranked open the windows, whipped out the hummus and Juanitas and Ninkasi. Played video games on the porch and absorbed the sun and warmth. The windows are still open in many places. How nice! Can't beat a light Pacific Northwest breeze. In the evening I went over to Celia's to watch Pacific Rim, but the dvd didn't work on her computer so she crutched over and I grabbed the popcorn and we watched Pacific Rim (which I picked up as a $5 dvd) at my place. It was hella fun! Love that movie so much. Love it so much I drew an EXTRA COMIC! Which I am debuting here first:
Nighty night.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

vexillogically vexed

Really happy with today's comic.

Work today went pretty fast, though one of my coworkers has left so now we're down another person and are even more short staffed. But there's some interviews coming up. Hopefully we get some good new people in, it's just unfortunate to have to spend so much time training! There's a lot of skills to be learned here. It's a good job but I guess a flexible part time job isn't for everyone. It's perfect for me though. So I'll be getting more hours which I'm not arguing against.

Today I finished cleaning the kitchen shelves and also did the counter tops. There were uber window washers in and they did a swell job. Raechel and I chatted a bunch. Tomorrow is a top to bottom mop and vacuum. All floors will be cleaned! Which is good because I've scattered a lot of crumbs. And I doubt it'll take the full shift to do, especially with two people.

Just looked at my calendar and saw I have another five days in a row! Wow! Actually the commute isn't so bad. It helps that I at most work six hours, so unless I do something that takes up time in Port Townsend after work, I get home at a good time. Like today I got gas and got a car wash (because I'm lazy)(and the car wash gobbled up my antenna topper oops) and was home at 3:30ish. Really good! Some of my sleep in days, I don't even get around to thinking about doing something till 3. I drew my comic earlier in the day and took a nap and used Barman's Friend or Barman's Buddy or Barkeeper's BFF or whatever that stuff is on some of the shower fixtures and they look so much shinier. I had some popcorn for dinner. Did dishes. Have a cuppa sleepytime.

OH! my JetPens order arrived and I am stoked. JetPens is the go to supply website for artists that like cool pens but don't have access to cool pens. But it also has a variety of other cool supplies. It's Japanese office supply focused. Lots of great Japanese brands, and free shipping on orders over $25! I picked up an orange pen case that has a deep pocket on one side, and a fold oven pen caddy on the other. Hard to describe I guess, but basically it has one half that is easy access for pens because they are secured with an elastic. No more digging through five Microns in the bottom of a bag to find that one size 03 I need for the panel borders. The other side is good for Tombows and erasers and miscellaneous stuff that I can rifle through. There were a few other pen cases that I had my eye on, but I'm really happy with this one. I don't like flap based pockets that bulge out. I like that all the pen storage in this is recessed so it stays the same size unless really overpacked. But I don't think I'll overpack it. It holds everything. I also got two Tombow brush pens, good for small brush stroke esque lines. And a Kuretake brush pen, which I used for all the non text and border lines in today's comic. Aren't they nice lines? Do you understand this comic a bit more:

It's not a real pen, it's just referencing the cool pens you have to special order.

Heheheh. But yeah, these pens are rad. And to get to the twenty five mark, I got two small rulers. Perfect for my drawing kit, because I've been using a used up gift card to draw small straight lines and it ain't great. One ruler has some non skid texture on the bottom, so it couples perfect with my Ames Lettering Guide. Now that I'm drawing again, I feel good treating myself to some trick art supplies. Though none of them were really that expensive. Some tubes of paint cost as much as all of this. Anyhoo. Now all I need is a perfect little sketchbook that is the perfect size and paperweight for doing comics that I can fit in my new pencil case, then I have my comic making supplies good to fully go! JetPens sells everything. It's a really cool website. I'm already making a wishlist for my next order. Which won't be for a while, I'm just now eyeballing their pencil sharpeners.

I still haven't set up my new laptop! Sorry Natey!!!! What I think I'll do is get my own monitor and keep my set up as is, but also transfer and backup the important stuff to the new laptop. So I'll have a portable computer and this will just be my desktop. So now to start budgeting for a monitor. I've kept this one long enough. And then if the hp goes kapoot, I can put the old one into it's place. It still works at its core. I've just been a bit overwhelmed and haven't sat down to really sort it all out.

Tomorrow is last day of work, then I want to push to get the rest of the house tidy and I gotta make the bed in the loft. Then two days off!

Ramble ramble. Let me know if you get anything from JetPens.

a sense of home and space and where we live

Back to work! I finished up with one room and wiped down the counters. Then started cleaning the kitchen shelves. Lots of taking out of dishes, cleaning the blue tacky no skid stuff, wiping out the shelves themselves, putting everything back. I'm only half done. I'll do the other half tomorrow. I have two more solo cleaning shifts. Then we're doing a top down floor cleaning.

After I got out, I left my car at work and walked the couple blocks downtown (only two blocks from the stairs that cut into downtown). I walked down the drag. Looked in at the bookstore. Got some fish tacos and a pint at Sirens. Then saw Hello, My Name is Doris at the Starlight Room. Very delightful movie! Sally Field is so good in it. And also a bit sad. It's a very compassionate movie. I recommend it.

Got out and it was still daylight! Got home and it was still daylight. Amazing.

Drew a comic, did laundry. My dark blue and white track jacket has a few stains (old stains) that i'm trying to get rid of. One of the stain removers lightened the white bit of the jacket so now there's a slightly uneven whiteness. Ha. I need to get some sort of... cleaner for tending to my lights. Things have gotten a bit ruddy.

Thinking about my recent drive to clean and organize, I feel it comes from a partial need to have this space be recognizable as mine. If only a little bit. Someone lives here now, it isn't just a vacation home. I shant go into detail and I am not calling Ma & Pa out! They're awesome and it's so great they trust me with this space. I want to do right by it and everything I want to do is in the hopes of making it better.

I also reorganized the laundry room a little bit to make some things more accessible.

Hello, My Name is Doris stirred it up in me a bit.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

need a second weekend for my way too long weekend

So behind! I had two very busy days and at the end of either of them I didn't want to sum up I just wanted to go to sleep so here we go!


  • Got up early and packed up things for parents, things for the final bee class, things for Dungeons and Dragons. Lots of things.
  • Hustled over to Seabeck
  • Stopped by bank on the way and took out money
  • Gave money to Mom & Dad paying off a couple loans, whoo go me!
  • I also gave them chocolate and lapsang souchoung, which they liked
  • Got my bee hat and hustled back to Silverdale!
  • Final bee class was a bit cold so the bees were not able to be opened till the very end, still we saw a dead hive and the frames of foundation and it was pretty cool. One hive was able to be opened and with my veil I was able to get really close to the hive and bees. I saw a little baby one wriggle free from its comb! So cute!
  • Ran a Target errand and then just went back to Seabeck
  • Had noodles in the sun and talked with Ma & Pa some more, then took off for Port Townsend
  • My character died but was resurrected. A ton of us died, but many were fine to reroll characters. There were a few people missing and it was more manageable, though it might have been an easier final fight if we had more help. Still, it was epic. I drew and we stayed till it was done so I got home at 2ish.
  • Date day!
  • Got up early but not horribly early and felt pretty fine all day but the cold brew Storyville iced latte I had at 1pm helped a bunch
  • Got to the Bainbridge terminal and parked no problem and got on the ferry with plenty of time to spare
  • Arrived and got coffee and met John (who I met at Hateful Eight, he sat next to me and shared from his flask) up near Pike's Place Market. He bought some tea and we got salmon sandwiches and ate them in the viewing area and we chatted
  • TURNS OUT HE IS AN ACROBAT like wow that's so cool!
  • We went to see this circus and acrobat variety show that he knew (and acrobats with) some of the people in. It was really cool! There was a unicycle act with the gals and at one point one was on one of their shoulders, and that person was on the third's shoulders and they UNICYCLED LIKE THAT!!! And some other stunts that were just, wow.
  • Hula hoopers, this guy doing cool lasso tricks, people that hang from bars and do intense things, contortionists, a dance troop that wasn't so great, kid circus people. Just lots of, oh a wire act where she did splits ON THE WIRE! Yeah, lots of cool stuff. A really great demonstration and variety. John explained the two ways to hang from the top of your feet on a bar. Neither sounded fun.
  • Afterwards we had a nice little drink and got to know each other. We talked Ada Lovelace, clock making, type in comics, silly putty, making things. Just a wide variety of topics. He's a cool dude and he dropped me off at the ferry so I didn't have to track down a bus. Hope I can see him again soon but he has weekends and I anticipate not having weekends SOOO. We shall see. But yeah, a really nice date.
  • Got the ferry back, swung by Central Market, got home right at midnight which isn't bad at all.

  • Woke up then lay in bed for a few hours
  • Scrubbed the upstairs and downstairs showers, toilets, and floors
  • Also did the upstairs sink
  • Scrubbed all the downstairs linoleum
  • Swept out the dog room
  • Accumulated and then took the trash to the dump
  • Recycling too
  • Basically upped the clean level though there's still so much clutter
  • I'm hellbent on getting this house to next level nice
  • I need some boxes to put out of date books in so that I can clear up some more space
  • Food, internet, drew comic, relaxed, listened to a bunch of podcasts
  • Five day weekend is OVER now to work for three days, have two days, work two, three days off, work three...
  • Kinda want to go to Seattle next weekend too hmm

Sunday, April 3, 2016

make it rain

paid off some debts today. did other things. will write about those things later.