Saturday, October 12, 2013

taxi driver

Got the backs printed! And oh it was tricky. The back design was about half an inch smaller in length than the surface area we were printing on. It was a squeeze but we did it! And by we I mean Jeff. I just clapped for Jeff.

I like the days where I'm really busy. Do this, then this! I don't like hovering around half way doing tasks, but when I might be needed, I can't go and do a lengthy task. Ended the day with coating screens and then, weekend! Yay!

At home I had some pasta, then I went over to movie night at CTV. We watched Dr. Horrible and Nightmare Before Christmas on the projector, then we watched funny Youtube videos. Some of the people in attendance attended UCSC and made me feel a bit old, but they were cool. They accidentally missed their bus, so I gave them a ride home. Not that much of a biggie, as the campus isn't that far out. And it's the nice thing to do. And heading back I was able to get right on 1, so it probably took the same amount of time to get back as it would have had I just come from downtown.

It's the weekend! Yay! Sleep in? Why yes I shall!

Friday, October 11, 2013

brrr are you serious, santa cruz?

October 10th: the first day I wear pants to work. Because it is cold.

And it stayed cold! I don't like the days where I wear a sweater all day, because the sleeves might get in the way/get messy.

Reclaimed screens at the end. Caught a job. There was a lot of job setting up, but there were tweaks and color changes that needed doing.

We got a goody box from a client because they are so pleased with our work! I snagged the women specific pills. 1 a day kind. For my health!

It's soooo cold!

I worked on freelance stuff at home and watched the last two episodes of The Bridge.

Pacific Northwest has nothing for the heat, and Santa Cruz has nothing for the cold.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

middle of the week & road


What can I say? Work. We had a 500 shirt order and we printed the backs. I caught them. It has gotten suddenly very cold in Santa Cruz. Like it just skipped being mild and went straight to cold. Not fun.

Talked to Carmen about Odd Owl stuff. Talked to Mom about mother/daughter stuff.

Cooked up some more rice to go with the remainder of my curry.


There is something in the works but I can't talk about it yet!

We did the backs on the big shirt order and the front and backs on another one. I also burned and double coated some screens for tomorrow. Then I spent the last chunk of my shift cleaning screens, but not reclaiming just yet.

I finished Oryx and Crake. I'm halfway through Year of the Flood, and I have the start of MaddAddam on my player. Amazing how fast I can get through audiobooks that are not 42 hours long!

At home I relaxed and watched telly. Talked to Jan. Had some tea.

Tomorrow is Thursday. A designated GET STUFF DONE day.

Monday, October 7, 2013

the chill is coming

I killed that spider that has been lurking! Hurray!

Work was mostly catching. Caught the backs on one job. Fronts and backs on another. Broke the press down. Things were done at 5ish. Not a bad start to the week. It was very warm though, but I suspect it'll get cold soon...so I should get some new work pants. I've gained a biiiiit of weight and last seasons work pants don't fit. For now, I should buy some in the next size up and then think about exercise and that stuff.

At home I threw on some PJ's and initiated relaxation mode. Talked with Tara and Justen for a while about this and that.

I ended things with Steve. The distance was getting to be too much to navigate in the long term and whatnot. As it goes.


Went to bed with the mind to make some curry in my crock pot.

Had a light breakfast, then I walked to Trader Joe's where they had all the fixings I needed! Hurray! I went home and mixed the spices and chicken and coconut milk and yam and onions and set it on high. Couldn't wait for some tasty tasty. Then I went to Janet's garage sale and picked up some of her neater pieces of clothing. She was technically giving stuff away at that point, but I still gave her some money. Picked up a cool green windbreaker with Massachusetts parks patches on it. It'll be great for my Eternal Scout patch, when that arrives. I spent a good chunk of the day securing one of the patches on the new jacket (it was mostly off) and securing the patches on my patch vest.

I watched the Simon Pegg movie A Fantastic Fear of Everything. It was pretty neat. Very colorful and Pegg is awesome. It sort of turns in the last third, plot wise, but all in all I enjoyed it.

The curry turned out AWESOME! I ate two bowls. I offered it up to the housemates but I don't know if they had any. I should make crock pot cooking a more regular thing.

A pretty good Sunday, all things considered.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

futon be gone


Whoo! Day off! Slept in to the best of my ability, then had my oatmeal and tea and considered what I had to do for the day. I started by going to the DMV to see about changing my address...but the line was atrocious so I skipped that and went to the Post Office and changed my address there, so at least anything that comes to my old house will come here. I also changed my magazines over, so that is good. Then I went to Super Cuts and got a hair cut! They took off a bit more than I was expecting (though I did ask for several inches and forgot how much shorter my hair goes when it is dry, so that is all my fault). But I like it! It's a lot lighter, which is nice. Then I got a burrito from Chipotle and headed home. I took my laundry out of the dryer (oh, I did my laundry!) and folded it and ate my burrito. Not at the same time.

Then I figured out my evening plans and after a bit of relaxing, I headed up to San Francisco to see Steve. We went to see Gravity. He lives within walking distance of a big theater. I live within walking distance of a small theater. Gravity was super intense! It used all of its 90 minutes to the fullest. So awesome.

It was nice to get out of the city.


Steve and Kyle were going to this music festival, but I wasn't feeling up to it so I headed back to Santa Cruz. I posted the futon on Craigslist for free, and the first guy to arrange a meeting time had trouble with my "second story of Target parking garage" meet up instructions. I ended up waiting for 45 MINUTES! Then another person was all "I can be there in 5 minutes" and since I live 2 minutes from Target...I met her and gave her the futon and all was well! No more futon taking up space!

Took a nap. Ate more chili. Drew a bit.