Wednesday, September 21, 2016

lunch date

Yikes, five days no posting??

Saturday and Sunday were pretty chill. I just hung out at home and relaxed and caught up on sleep and laundry. Ma and Pa came over and we picked apples and had tea and chats. Monday was a shorter day at work. Got things done, did fruit prep, rotated the mattress on a deep clean. Later in the day, I went to Seabeck for the night. Ma, Pa and I watched Eddie the Eagle and ate pizza. Eddie the Eagle was cute and fun. Very heartwarming.

Tuesday was great fun! Dad made hashbrowns and eggs for breakfast and tasty coffee, and we all piled in to the Prius to head to SeaTac. I had the thought that maybe since SeaTac is near where John works, that we could grab lunch if timing worked out and it did! So after the parentals were sent off, I went to the Panera in Renton and had lunch with my boyfriend. How nice!

Then I drove to Bremerton and hung out with Karen and Lily. We had good long conversations, and I read King Baby by Kate Beaton to Lily. Nice to hang with my pal, even though now she's an old married lady.

From there I went to see Tickled at the Dragonfly Theater. It's a documentary about someone looking into this Extreme Tickling Competition, and it escalates into this really bizarre story of evil people with money and the lives they destroy. It's just...really something else.
Swapped cars in Seabeck, went back to Pulali, worked today.

Little short shift with a few fluffs and a turn. Then Christa and Bodi were in town, so we met up downtown to hang out! I gave Bodi lots of pets and we sat out in the sun and caught up. Then I got a hot dog.

Half napped at home, then drew a comic. Just got my schedule, weekend after this one I have four days off in a row, I should do something fun. Then it's a bunch of rando days on and off.