Saturday, February 2, 2013

fun friday in the little beach city

Blimey, I'm tired!

Work was, well, work. Caught several jobs. Cleaned squeegees. Got more magnet scraps. It was pretty warm, though it cools down fast.

After work I swung by Walgreen's and picked up some lavender epsom salts, and other things, and when I got home I had a nice hot bath and drank a nice cold beer and read a nice awesome book.

Later on in the evening I went out for First Friday. Janet had invited me to this show that friends of hers had work it. It was at the Felix Kulpa gallery, and the gallery show theme was work inspired by Tom Waits. It was really cool. Some of the reductive woodblock prints by Bridget Henry (who Janet knows) took my breath away. Just big, complicated, beautiful prints. Lots of layers.

From the gallery I went to a movie night at the CTV station (where Ryan works and has the space to set up the projector in). Met Jesse, Veitta, James, and Daniel. We watched Slither, which was my choice and was backed up by Jesse. The majority hadn't seen it and we were feeling in a horror mood. It is so ridiculous and gross, but Nathan Fillion is amazing. We had a comedy cool down with an episode of Mr. Bean. The group hadn't seen the infamous putting on swim trunks OVER trousers scene, and they loved it. Then Ryan and I watched an episode of Peep Show and I said my good nights.

Tomorrow I maaaaay catch a matinee of The Hobbit. It is at 12:40, so I'll see how I feel in the morning. From then on, I think I'll read through my California Drivers Book and work on other to do things. Be a doer this weekend!

Friday, February 1, 2013

must be a Thursday...

Spent my night drawing on vinyl magnet scraps. That was fun! I have plenty more to draw on too. Just little portraits. I turned this magnets into "to do" list item holders. So each thing I have to do is written down in order and is magneted to my red metal shelf. I like it that way. Yup!

Got my W-2, so now I have to do taxes. Hurray! Should be...easy?

Work was another sticker printing/chopping session, with fun machine oil changing time. I rigged the air release valve so that I wouldn't have to sit and press it for 10 minutes. I rigged it with just a piece of tape to hold the thing down. Hahaha. Easy.

Burned & taped screens. It was a relatively short day. Weeded some stuff. Halfway through Maze Runner.

Future Present Tense is one of my favorite tenses. I like narratives that take place in that way. It's a false sense of assurance.

Went food shopping. Yay food! The cashier was named Steve. I've met a lot of Steves since leaving the Pacific Northwest.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

jam on toast for dessert. mmm.

Hurray for respirators because we were using an enamel type ink and the solvents to break it down were pretty toxic. Amazing how they didn't eat through the emulsion though. That stuff is tough! It is neat all the different ways to go about doing this and that. Stickers have to air dry, and they have to be durable, so you have to use a specific ink different from the plastisol and waterbased kinds. Anyhoo, I think this is the second time I've been around for running these types of stickers. Making a note that chopping them vertical first takes less time than chopping them horizontal. Chopping = taking the sheets of dried stickers and using a paper cutter to chop them into individual stickers.

Today was very much a sticker day. Spent a lot of time cutting stickers down and weeding vinyl. Finished Unnatural Death and started The Maze Runner. Fun to go to the Young Adult genre every now and again. No swear words (ahem Horns). No one gets killed with shards of tile (ahem Die Trying). No one talks about voodoo sacrifices (ahem Forever Odd).

At home, I had some pasta and watched my telly. I'm taking it easy on the "doing things" front till after I've paid my rent and get my next paycheck. Then I'll do those things that really need doing...both fun and obligation wise things.

But I got the car rego and put that on my plate, so that is one thing down. Just a bunch else to do.

I should make post it notes of all the big "to dos" and post them, then as I do them, I can take them off the wall/wherever I stick them.

January just ran right out.

wow it is almost February

No jobs were run on the press today. My arms got a break. I burned some screens and taped them up. I weeded some vinyl. I finished Forever Odd. Almost done with Unnatural Death (I've been flipflopping between those two books). I also cut stickers and cleaned the pallets and removed the tape from the screens that are waiting to be cleaned and reclaimed.

At home I took a bath. I really need to get some epsom salts or something. Make my baths a real experience, though there isn't enough hot water in the tank to make a really big hot bath. Ah, oh well.

Had some pasta. Started watching Blackpool, this BBC series with random dancing interludes. It's also a murder mystery. It is a bit odd, but David Morrissey and David Tennant are in it, so I ain't complaining.

Monday, January 28, 2013

udon arms

My arms feel like noodles. I was pulling sweaters off the press all day (well half the day). Every muscle I have in my arms is quite used. But that is a good thing. More muscles = better worker.

My housemate Janet is back from her trip to Hawaii. Now the house doesn't feel so empty!

Also at work I set up the jobs, and broke down the press. My coworker is also back form being ill. All is well. It was comfortably warm at work.

I need to go food shopping again. I wish food stuck around longer, but I have that tendency to eat it. Boo!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

headed for the hills


I made a road trip snack run Friday night, and when I got back, Ben was there! Hurray! We three got up at 7ish and Helen arrived at 7:30ish and then we hit the long road for Kirkwood. There was a Starbucks stop. We played road trip games. I'm really bad at I Spy. Helen is really good at it. It was a bit crowded in the Prius, but we all fit.

We arrived at Kirkwood Mountain Resort at around 11. I decided not to snowshoe, and instead to just hand out at the base and draw what was around there. Helen rented her snowboard, Ben got his boots and board. We had some food, and then those three went up the lift and I was left to my own devices. I trotted up the mountain in an area away from skiiers, and got fairly far up but I kept going down to my knees in the snow, which wasn't quite fun because my shoes were not right for that type of snow, and I was just in jeans, and my shoes quickly filled with snow which got my socks wet. So the rest of my day was spent in wet socks, which made the going cold. I got some drawing done, regardless of the cold. Drew people, drew the mountain a bit. It was hard to find a good place to park it though, and I didn't have waterproof pants so my bum would have gotten soaked fast. Ah, learned some lessons. Bring waterproof pants (except mine are in Washington and are being worn these days by mom), wear better shoes, bring lots of extra socks...yeah that should do it. Helen finished up a bit early and we hung out by the fireplace in the lodge. Nate and Ben finished at 4 (when the lifts closed) and we all head back down the mountain. We stopped at Hoot N' Annies, but I was tired and took a nap in the car intending to come into the restaurant a bit later...but slept through the whole meal. I plugged in my MP3 player and we listened to jams all the way back to Redwood City. Ben headed out, I put on dry socks, and chilled out a bit, and then I headed back to Santa Cruz. It was a nice drive, though a chunk of 101 has really bad road.


Steve was in town early in the day, so I mixed up a bigger scramble for a late breakfast/early lunch and we went for a walk up Ocean, over on Soquel, down Seabright, and back on Broadway. It was a beautiful day. He headed back relatively early, and I spent the afternoon cleaning house. Swept the hardwood floors and kitchen, scrubbed the kitchen floor, did the dishes, washed my work clothes. Making it all look nice.

I wish this weekend had an extra day...hahaha. When I do something I always want more time in which to do nothing. Funny how that works.

Some photos, courtesy of Nathan: