Saturday, December 20, 2014

prezzies for y'all

My internet is coming and going. Has a long way to go over the canal.

Yesterday! I ran errands like a boss! I went to two different stores and got things for people, and a few things for myself. And I got my oil changed. They said it's all looking good, so that's good. It was rainy and dreary. Perfect for errand running. And I saw Force Majeure, which I was expecting to be a horror movie but was instead a relationship drama. It was refreshingly realistic though, with some nice shot composition and you know I dig Kristofer Hivju. It was long though, or rather it felt every second of it's two hours, which isn't a good thing.

Then I made a Trader Joe's run and then went home. The bridge was up, but only for a bit.

Today (Friday) I chilled out. Made a fire. Watched the Black Mirror Christmas special. Took a nap. Tomorrow it'll probably hit me how behind I am on holiday prezzie making.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

happy birthday Celia!

Ahk! I'm three days behind again. Sorry.

Monday: I worked on site. Helped pack up things at work, and edit things, and get stuff online. Then I went to the stores and sorted and tidied it up. Then I went back up to Suquamish to see Aaron. We ordered a pizza and drank a couple beers and watched Galaxy Quest. How perfect is that? Pretty darn good in my book. I got home late and slept in later than anticipated.

I worked from home on Tuesday. Edited things on the site mostly.

Wednesday I worked on site. I made a few signs, edited things, The weather has been staying nice and mild. Not much rain, no freezes. I wore my Italian leather heel boots, black pants, gray long sleeve tee, black hoodie, and blood orange pleather jacket, with shell bracelet. I looked so badass.

After tidying up the stores, I returned to the Island and met Aaron at the Winslow Ale House. I was there are 6 and people were not due to arrive till 7, and he works down the street, so time for a quick pint. Hee hee hee. Anyway, he didn't meet any of the family. Celia arrived for her birthday hugs and I gave her these earrings I got at work that were perfect for her. There was live music, and at around 7:30, Brynne and Averie and Sally and err.... I forget the fourth person's name... arrived. Everyone is looking so good and fly this season! I had a salad and bread dinner, and this ice cream dish.

A nice night indeed. Can't believe Celia is the age that she is, as she looks great! A lady never narcs on someone elses age. I'm not working on site again till Tuesday, but I got hella errands to run.

And by hella errands I mean watching Force Majure.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

time is running out

uHG gawd I just became massively congested. Don't know why. Maybe the ice cream? Though that doesn't make me congested. I've gone through several hankies now. Gross.

Worked from home today. Researched jewelry to the best of my ability based on the photos at hand. Celia gave me one of her treasured time honored seasonal wreaths. It's hanging in the dining room. I'll snap a good picture of it come morning.

Yesterday I went in to Poulsbo and worked on a gift. And I made a little something for me. Don't want to be to vocal about the activity on account of it being a gift, but I had a good time just listening to podcasts and doing my own thing. Swung by Seabeck and saw Ma and Pa (who went to a Star Trek convention today and didn't even ask me if I wanted to join them! How rude). I put a few ornaments on the tree and had salad and microwave chicken pot pie and chocolate. I gave mom my MP3 player, the new one because I was able to revive my old one.

Got home lateish, slept in. Got a late start on work. Now to tuck into bed and try to get some rest because my sleep schedule is all whack. Another exciting week! Christmas is almost here and I'm behind on EVERYTHING!