Friday, January 25, 2013

up north a bit

Nathan doesn't have anything in his fridge. He has nothing at all! It isn't even turned on! Doesn't even have ketchup. What's up with that? Had some tea though. He has tea and dry stuffs. Right now I'm waiting on Ben to arrive, then tomorrow we three are going to Kirkwood Mountain! They will snowboard and I'll snowshoe, and it shall be fun fun fun!

Work was relatively short. (Nathan says "HEEEYYYY!!!" I don't think he likes me blogging about him). Anyway. I ran the job, and ran the sleeves on the job as well. Broke down the press, cleaned things. It was a sunny day. A little bit rainy, but overall really nice. Looks like winter is over in Santa Cruz!

I did some laundry and washed the dishes, and then I headed up to Redwood City. I have a key to Nate's, so I let myself in and relaxed and dug through the cubbards looking for food, and came up wanting.

Anyway. Tomorrow should be fun. Pedersen cousins assemble!

always the best advice

My coworker is out sick, so I'm head job running honcho! I showed up at work, fired up the compressor, got the dryer going, got the screen on head six aligned, ran a tester, got the thumbs up from the boss, and programmed the Roto mode. Go self capable awesome me! Ran that job, and ran the backs on another job that I'll run the fronts and sleeves on tomorrow. Getting all kinds of skills! Or rather improving them. Making myself valuable and part of the team and what not.

Checked my car oil in the morning. I'll probably get to my next oil change before the oil runs down (it's at about 1/5). Could put more in, I suppose. Pa, what kind of oil does the car take?

I got a late birthday present from my friend Dee.

She hand embroidered it! In the other corner is my initials, "hoopy frood" and a pan galactic gargle blaster (specifically an image of a lemon slice intersecting a gold brick). How cool and awesome is my new hankie!

In the evening, I hung out with Ryan at the CTV station. He is the production manager there, so he can use the projector and stuff after hours, which is a totally rad way to watch movies. We had an 80's double feature of Legend (young Tom Cruise! his gams!) and Heathers (what a dark, black comedy and Winona Ryder was so adorable).

Oh my. Now it is well past my bed time, and tomorrow is a day that I should probably get around to washing my hair on. I do so only a couple times a week, to reduce damage and because natural oils in your hair are actually good for it. Plus hair washing takes time and I am lazy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Out, damned ink! Out!

Ran the shirts today! Wheee! Getting better. Washed my hands a bajillion times because white ink just...sticks to skin and I was pulling black shirts, which will show smudges. Anyway. Feels good to run a job. I also taped screens, and weeded vinyl. I like to listen to Lord Peter Wimsey novels while weeding, so I paused Forever Odd and started Unnatural Death. Mum, I highly recommend Wimsey novels. They re full of delightful Holmes references. The narrator is really good too.

I'm feeling tired, so I might go to bed soon.

It was quite a long day at work. Also did the squeegees. Nice to get hours.

My poor hands are all kinds of slathered with lotion. Washing them a bunch isn't good for them, but it does kill germs. Alas, poor cuticles, I knew them Horatio.

Had burrito, and it split into both my lunch and dinner. Meat and beans are reasonably priced, so I think this shall be making its way into my diet as a regular easy lunch staple. I keep trying to remember what I ate for lunch during my college days. I guess I walked to Safeway more than I thought?

After work, I sat in the bath and read from The Big Over Easy. Jasper Fforde has such a universe to his books, I'm glad I'm acquainted with the various references.

little toot

The great thing about having Monday off, is suddenly the week is halfway over and it is almost the weekend! Yay! Not that I dislike working, not at all. But some fun things are in store for this weekend so I'm excited to get to doing them.

Anyhoo. I ran the fronts of the sweaters on today's job. And while it was slow to warm up, I did get to the point where I was pulling and putting them on the pallets faster than the machine, which is a good place to be.

After those were boxed up, I broke down the press, removed the tape and excess ink from the screens, taped up some screens, put away the ink, and burned a few screens. There was some loitering, but all in all it was a good full day.

I spent a bit of my Trader Joe's birthday gift card and made burrito fixings (meat and beans). So now I'll have some variety in my work lunch diet! I had a burrito for dinner, so I guess I'm testing to make sure I don't toot the bedcovers off. That would be an embarrassing thing to occur at work.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

25 years young, with hopefully 75 years to go!

Prezzies! Cupcakes! Sleep! Wheee!

Made myself a scramble, because I'm the birthday girl and birthday girls eat scrambles. I stayed in today, except for when I went to The Buttery to get myself birthday treats. The cashier/helper lady asked if my parents read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I wish more people got where my name is from, but they often don't. I got a little cheesecake thingy, which was good though it was a meld with a cupcake so not like a slice o' cheesecake. I also got a brioche and the jam and butter it came with was a perfect taste combination. And finally there was a chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate mousse and a caramel drizzle on top. Now THAT was good. Mmm.

From Ma & Pa, I got two Jasper Fforde novels (yay!) Becky Cloonan's Dracula (oooooo!) The Hive (wheee!) a nice Moleskin in the paperweight that I like (niiice) two water brushes (TWO!) and a Trader Joe's gift card (food!). Celia gave me a felted oven mitt, a scarflet, a shirt, some felted soap, this special secret recipe stain remover, and chocolates! I'm so spoiled.

It was nice to just take it easy. Lounge about. Eat cupcakes and watch telly.

Monday, January 21, 2013

last days as a 24 year old

  • Slept in, of course. 
  •  Got cashback at Trader Joe's and some snacks for the drive up. The couple behind me in line was really nice, and they were from Poulsbo so we bonded over being far away from the gray weather.
  •  The drive up to San Francisco was uneventful.
  •  Carmen and Josh bought some guinea pigs and named them Merlin and Arthur. They are quite cute.
  • Carmen and I took the N Train to tonight's venue. 
  •  The gig was Trails and Ways with My Satellite and Tremor Low.
  • Phil and his brother Stephen were also at the gig. Phil and Carmen both bought me birthday drinks. Nice people. 
  •  It was a good show. Not hop around and dance type music, but I dug it. Tremer Low moreso than Trails and Ways, which was the headliner.
  • We ate sushi down the street and it was good. 
  •  Cabbed it back, though it wasn't that late.
  • It was nice to sleep in that big cozy bed that I slept in all those months ago while looking for, and eventually finding work.

  • Woke up relatively early for me, though Sundays tend to be early days.
  • Had some oatmeal and tea and chatted with Josh and observed the guinea pigs.
  • I was a bit late leaving San Francisco for Oakland.
  • And my GPS refused to locate any satellites.
  • So I got turned around, and turned around again.
  • And arrived on Lakeshore an hour later than planned
  • But I made it!
  • Finn, Robin, and I drove onwards and parked and had brunch at Cock-A-Doodle Cafe.
  • We browsed the used bookstore while waiting for our table.
  • I had the eggs benedict. It had avocado and it was delicious. I ate it with my hands and made quite a mess of it, and I probably embarrassed my companions but they have good poker faces.
  • From there we returned to Robin's, where I parked.
  • We walked down to Lake Merritt and went into another used bookstore (though it also had new books). George Grosz's autobiography caught my eye. I want to read more biographies and non-fiction, so this with my Lucrezia Borgia and Berthe Morisot tomes will make for some good historical reading when I eventually get around to it.
  • Finn treated us to coffee, though I had hot cocoa, and we sat by the lake and Finn read to us from This Is How You Lose Her as the sun set. It was a nice time. Finn biked away.
  • Robin and I drank wine and watched Clueless.
  • Then we drank tea and watched a bit of Basquiat.
  • Then I drove home.

And now it is past midnight, so I guess I am officially 25.