Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yay for Jenn & Steve!

Jenn & Steve. October 13th, 2012. Yaaay!

Did not enjoy getting up early, but did it I did! And I found my camera, hurray! Put on my fancy dress, did my makeup and my hair, though my hair didn't quite work out in the long run. Ah, oh well. I still looked nice. Though it isn't about me, it is about Jenn and Steve! But here is a picture of me anyway:

Lookit those roots! My natural hair color sure is coming in quite obvious. Got some wine for the shindig and then up I drove to Woodland. I took no wrong exits, paid one toll, and got caught in no traffic. So despite leaving a bit later than I'd have liked to, I still arrived with plenty of time to spare. The wedding was at this little house, and the shindig itself was all outside. Lawn set up, lawn ceremony. It was a potluck food thing, and it all came together quite nicely. I made acquaintances with Benjamin & Amy and Gillian (who made Jenn's dress) & Henry. We played bocce and bean bag toss and croquet. That was fun (they had it set up). Ate lots of food. Had a couple glasses of wine. Celebrated my friends and their love. All that good stuff.

My leg hurts from all the driving, but I got back all right. Ah what a day! It was beautiful too. Warm and sunny. Not a Washington October, that is for sure!

And my calendar is now pretty open in terms of engagements and things to do. Hmmm. Oh, have a bunch of drawing to do. Yeah. Personal projects.

good and dark and acted oh so well, just how I like it

Noooo! I can't find my camera! I last had it in Kings Canyon, but I never used it. Did I leave it on the desk top? No, I'm pretty sure I double checked for everything. I barely used it, and I think it remained in my bag. I must have just set it somewhere I can't recall. I'll look for it come morning. My dress is laid out, got my tights. The weather is supposed to be warm, so maybe I'll bring the tights but not wear them unless it gets cold? It is a just under 3 hour drive to Jenn & Steve's wedding tomorrow. It is at 1, and I'll leave at 9:30. That seems good? I won't be going through San Francisco, just through San Jose. I have Pyramids to listen to (the next Discworld book) so that is something.

Today I set up the job right when I got in, ran it, set up the next one, ran that. Sure the boss looked and okayed my work, but all was well. Ran the shirts on another job as well. Getting a really fast loading time. Booyah! And weeded some tricky vinyl. And did some cleaning. Got out at 5, so a little bit earlier.

Steve and I had the standard dinner and a movie plans. Sort of my go to thing. We met at Santa Cruz diner and each had half of what we ordered and half the other. Bacon, avocado, and Jack omelette (aka the California) and banana walnut waffle. Sounds like a good dinner to me. The movie was Martin McDonagh's Seven Psychopaths and it was different from the trailer, but in a good way. Funny, dark, and the actors were great. Sam Rockwell is very underrated, and was quality in this role.

Got an early start tomorrow. Should be lovely. Hope I can find my camera. If not...oh well! I'm sure I'll show up in other people's photos.

Friday, October 12, 2012


It was rainy again! Santa Cruz has become the Pacific Northwest! Noooo! It was so warm last week. Ah, oh well. Just have to wear a sweater. Though it clicked at work why I get more ink on me. I'm shorter/smaller than my coworker and boss, and so to navigate the equipment I have to get closer to it and reach around and all that fun stuff. I get closer to it all, and thus get more ink on me. I just don't have the reach. Could improve my dexterity though.

Put emulsion on some screens, some of which I patched before. Burned a couple screens. Broke down the press. Stuart taped screens. Ran a couple jobs. Two color, pretty easy. Gave the bossman some apple juice, which he liked. Everyone likes Seabeck Apple Juice. I should design a label for it.

Back at home, I was quite happy to put on some warmer clothes. Then I went to Lillian's to meet Ray, another of those online acquired fellows. Lillian's is an Italian restaurant and it was pretty good. I had the risotto. The chicken was a bit dry. Ray, he is a business major at UCSC, and was pretty nice. After dinner and dessert we walked down and back on Seabright, because it ended up being a clear night.

My fingernails and nailbeds look horrible. Ink encrusted and chemical affected.

Man. Almost 1? How did that happen!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

take that body, you ain't getting sick on my watch!

Feeling better today, though I was still congested and snuffly. Though considerably less so from yesterday. It was actually rainy and gray today! Damp and cold! It was nice to hear the drops on the roof.

At work I burned some screens, but did not tape them. We ran the front and backs of one job, sorted some shirts, I reclaimed the screens that were waiting to be reclaimed. I suspect first thing tomorrow I shall apply emulsion to them. A nice long shift. It was gray but not raining when I was reclaiming (I do this task outside). At least I have the company sweatshirt to wear now. Sort of wish I had work pants, but my legs don't really get that cold.

Back at home I bundled up, ate some pasta (I eat almost the same thing day in day out, it's easy to not get bored of ones food if you don't pay attention to eating it), watched Sons of Anarchy, which was hilarious, and Sakamichi no Apollon, which was okay. Not as good as Cowboy Bebop.

Got some busyness happening these next couple days. I'll keep you posted. Because, well, what else am I gunna do?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

illness? oh no you won't get me!

My nose was runny all damn day. Didn't really feel ill, so there is that. But something could be just around the corner...going to go to bed early. Give my body plenty of time to rest up and recover from whatever it is that it thinks it has. I haven't been properly sick in five years, and I'm not going to let my body break that record!

I got a work branded hoodie. Boss said I was welcome to more apparel if I wanted it. Booyah! Though I'm fine with a few shirts and a hoodie...for now.

Spent a good chunk of the work shift mixing ink by eye. That was....difficult and frustrating. But we got it in the end! And printed some sleeves. And cleaned some surfaces.

Got home late. Had some pasta. Bundled up and got all warm.

not A not B then C or I don't understand this game at all

Uhg, I'm really congested and I don't know why. Blergh.

Worked a pretty easy shift, and started near Noon. Not a bad way to have a Monday. Burned some screens, taped those screens, and cleaned some squeegees and screens. Listened to Spoon and Wyrd Sisters.

Back at home, I put on not work clothes and went to game night at Woodstock's. Yay for pizza and beer! A winning combination. Played Saboteur and then Pandemic (which was great) and Ergo (which was impossible to understand). Three and a half hours of game play just about! Afterwards I did a grocery run and returned home and put my feet up.

Don't have any obligations till the 13th. Pretty good.

Still don't understand the congestion.

Monday, October 8, 2012

telly and tumblr

Ahhh a day spent doing nothing of consequence. How lovely. Got up around 10. Had breakfast. Got caught up on the Internet. Well, spent all day doing that. And caught up on television. Had the house to myself so it was all quite quiet. Neglected to go grocery shopping. I'll do that tomorrow.

Elementary, CBS's modern take on the Sherlock Holmes stories with Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as Joan Watson, is quite cute. Lots of chemistry between the two of them. I dig it. Watched Downton Abbey. I'd rather watch it with Mom, but that will have to wait a month and a half. I suspect time will pass all too quickly.

October is already a week over and it feels like it just started. Blimey.

Work tomorrow! Yay! I start somewhere between 11 and noon, so that is nice.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

bears? pfft give me something new!

I just caught a case of the woozies. Too much travel, too much irregular sleep. I am back in Santa Cruz and ready for a nice lay down I reckon. Today was very much the full one.

I got up after Ma and Pa but before Nate and Helen. I had breakfast with Ma, though she had already had hers. Then we three returned to the restaurant with N & H for their breakfast. I drew some portraits in my sketchbook while they ate their breakfast. Helen is quite nice. I like her.

Ma checked out of the cabins and we went to the visitors center and watched the video again. I got the Sequoia National Park WPA inspired postcard. I collect them from the parks I visit. I should get some Ikea frames to put them in. I think some of the standard size Ikea frames fit the postcard sizes...?

Anyway. The day started with the Grant Tree. Got a refresher in how massive these trees are. They are indeed massive. And then we climbed Moro Rock again. Which was tough on my gams, but it was again a spectacular view and well worth the climb. A bit more crowded this time, what with it being Saturday and not Thursday (or whatever day we first went up the rock). Still, no where near Yosemite crowded. We had a snack afterwards. Then we went wandering along the paths around Crescent Meadows. There were many unmarked Y's and several viewpoints that went without a plaque, so we took no notice of them. We saw many burned trees to Ma's chagrin. Nate took many excellent photos. He is better with the camera than I am. I can admit that. When we made it back to the car after our meandering U journey, we drove on to Sherman. The biggest tree in the world! It was much the same as the first time we saw it. Got some better photos though. Then we headed out to Lodgepole. I got another stamp for my notebook and we had our daily ice cream break. And some bears wandered by. More bears! Wow!

We finished the day with a partial trek up to Buena Vista Point. It was another beautiful view of both sides of the ridge, and a great photo opportunity. Tomorrow I'll upload some photos for y'all to enjoy. Right now I'm tired.

Nate and Helen brought me back to Santa Cruz. We stopped and got In N Out in Fresno. Mmm burgers. Love burgers. We listened to music and a bit of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme. Got back at 11, which isn't that bad of a time. Everything seems all right in the house. Now time to tuck into bed. I have a lot of relaxing and catching up to do tomorrow.

What a wonderful vacation.