Tuesday, September 6, 2016

yogurt time

And I'm back to work! And it feels weird to be back at it after such a break! Monday was a short shift, with a breakfast focus. Carolyn was there so I just focused on dishes and then clean up. After work, I changed out of my corporate uniform and went downtown. Did some minor shopping and then I went to see Hell or High Water at The Rose. Got popcorn and doused it with Parmesan and yeast. Mmmm! That movie was fantastic! A bank robbery, American landscape, guy movie with some amazing dialogue and brilliant performances. Really engrossing. Did not expect it to be so funny. So good. And it was the matinee so I had plenty of time to go grocery shopping and get home with daylight.

And yes I ate some yogurt. BUT ONLY TILLAMOOK AND ONLY SELECT FLAVORS!!! I'm not a total normo.

Another short shift! 7 fluffs, 1 turn. A lot of waiting for people to vacate their room. Nothing too bad. I did the floors. I brought in my Teavana tea maker, which has the strainer on the top, and had genmaicha tea. It was very good! I like a roasted, earth green tea. Maybe more than black teas.

At home I chilled on the internet, finished Bojack Horseman, drew a comic, and now it's 11 and I'm ahead of what I need to do, so that's good. Hmmm.

Things get busy tomorrow. We got 7 turns and 1 fluff tomorrow! And I need to get all my wedding stuff packed. Thankfully my hair and makeup is taken care of, so I just gotta get my dress and shoes and...well I guess that's it? And a change of clothes too, I suppose.

Monday, September 5, 2016

four day weekend

Four day weekend! My internet is functional again and I don't know what happened.

For Karen's bachelorette party I planned a low key scavenger hunt just me, her, Lily, Thea, and Thea's son Roldan. Didn't want a big huge todo. Also that takes more planning than I can manage.

So I made a scavenger hunt book. It had four different locations, each with a limerick where the last line was shuffled so she'd have to figure out what we were doing! And when she figured it out, she could open the envelope which contained the zine with the hunt lists. The book was a long strip of paper that was accordion folded, with the clues put into library book slip holders, and an envelope on the opposite page. All stuck together with double stick tape. Very happy with it, and it took a lot of work. Watched half a season of Scrubs while working on the drawings. Was up late, and got up early to get on over for the hunt.

I got all the way to Silverdale, where I was going to pick up the van from Ma and Pa, when I realized I had left my purse at home!!!! AHHHH!! But Thea pulled through: she borrowed her sister's van and I went back home, got my purse, and went to Karen's. Though with that extra driving I had to stop for gas on the way there. Uhhhgg. So a 12:30 start was moved to 2, but thankfully plans were flexible.

I presented Karen with the book and she loved it! She said "oh wow" several times. Success! I figured she'd dig the hunt, and a low key day of hanging out.

First was people watching in the park! We saw many babies and Seahawks fans and one not a Seahawks fan. Couldn't find all the people, but we found many! Because of the delay of time, we missed rain. It was sunny and awesome. Lily was cute, Roldan played on the toys, we looked out for the different people to complete the list. Then we went to the corner store and got some treats. They had Faygo there! Like dang! And even a sign saying not to steal Faygo otherwise they'll stop carrying it. Karen worked on the type finding part of her hunt.

Next was the second hand searching. There was not time for the 4th one: vintage shopping, but there was time for Goodwill! Karen found almost all the cookbook clues, but not as many of the corporate ones. Thea spotted a great skirt that was super cute and I bought it and now it's my favorite skirt. Great pattern! And it stays down! I tried on all the silly heels at Goodwill. Makes me really appreciate how well made my bridesmaid heels are.

After Goodwill, we went back to Thea's parent's place and hung out there with Alonso and Mavis and Masa. We had roast beast for dinner and carrots and potatoes and rice and it was awesome. Lily was dropped off at Skate Land with Rob so he got some daddy daughter skate time in. Karen filled us in more on what the wedding scheduling will be like. It's so soon!! ahhhh!!

I drew the comic at Karen's and then went home.
I dozed pretty heavily today. Catching up on much needed rest. Played vidya games. Napped. Ate pasta with shrimp in the alfredo sauce. Yum!

Now I got a short work day tomorrow. Breakfast so nighty night!