Saturday, March 5, 2016

Helped Celia get her propane filled. Learned a thing! Pretty easy to get it filled and switch it over. Nice to learn life skills like that. Got up bright and early because she wanted to get it done early...but she was slow to get up. Still, nice to get going early. I'm tired now and have work tomorrow.

I did take a nap later in the day.

Averie and Muchim came over for dinner. Over to Celia's. There was a nice rice pork thing for dinner and a roast that was cooking. And had some bread with Brie. Nice little family hang out. We are making plans to see The Little Mermaid at the Mountaineers Theater when it rolls around.

Honey was super affectionate towards me. Corbie was in the way.

Nighty night.

power back, out of the house, in bed

 Wednesday I slept in. Helped Celia a bit and then headed out. Did a lot of driving! I went to Bremerton and hung out with Karen (STILL NO BABY) and Rob for a bit. Picked up my Girl Scout Cookies. Nice little visit. Went to Seabeck, turned on the heat and opened the gate. Then I headed out to SeaTac to get Mom and Dad from the airport. I accidentally arrived first at departures (once I got the call that they'd arrived from where I was waiting in the cell phone waiting lot) then I arrived at arrivals. Got Ma and Pa back, and we went to bed. Nice and late return.
 Mom and Dad brought me back a sloth towel (that the design looked like the money from Costa Rica that had the sloth on it) a sloth mug, a sloth sticker, a sloth coin purse, some money...anything else? Anyway, it was a good haul! An appreciated one! Ma and Pa are so good at bringing back good goodies. They showed me pictures and told me stories of their travels. I grabbed a few teacups and Dad checked out my brakes. Lots of hanging out. There was a poached egg with hollandaise sauce breakfast, and a hot dog for lunch. I went to Trader Joe's on the way back. Brought some stuff for Celia. Long day.
Slept in. Got an earlierish day tomorrow so hopefully that will get me on a good start for Sunday! Did my comic. Had some food. Didn't get the cleaning done that I wanted to do. Did look into my taxes though, and took a few steps on those. Got some stuff scanned for Celia. Hung out with Celia in the evening. Dinner was a beefy pasta. Dessert was bread with triple creme brie (that I got at TJ's). Yum! Brie is such good cheese. And the good first or last name of some talented actresses. We watched Pee Wee's Big Adventure, which Celia hadn't seen. Such a fun, charming film.

And now I sleep! Enjoy the comics.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


The wind howled ferocious and the power went out at around 3:20. I left early so that I could hang with Karen before Bee Class, but a tree on the road at the junction of Pulali and Osprey blocked the road. And it was far too big for me to even think about moving. Even if it hadn't taken down the power lines with live wires on the road, I couldn't have tried to saw it apart. It was big and blocking entirely and like I said, the lines were down. I could not leave. I could not see Karen. I could not go to Bee Class. I sent an email so Bee Class new I wouldn't be there. At 8ish I checked on the tree and it was still there (I called and reported the downed tree to PUD). No way I could have gotten out. There was a tree down at Geoduck, and I can only assume more as the PUD lady said "I'll put you on the list". So I lit a fire and by its glow I played Pokemon on the DS. Hung with Celia a little bit. Power came on right as I was tucking into bed.

Power went out right as I went to load my comic into Google Drive to put it on Instagram. Celia let me use her phone to take a picture. I don't like loading my comics too late in the day.

So now I'm catching up on the internet now that power is back.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

another nudity in comics warning

 Slept in. Had breakfast. Kept it real. Drew two comics. Washed my hair and used a nice conditioner sample that smells really good. Went over to Celia's and made up some popcorn for dinner. We watched Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day and Finding Vivian Maier. Fun cute movie, and great awesome documentary. FVM is on Netflix Instant, go watch it!

Night night.

Monday, February 29, 2016

first day at work!

First day of work! Boy howdy! I am tired! Looking forward to crawling into bed and dozing. Glad I have a slow start that ramps up. There's a lot to learn. Today I learned how to fluff a room, basically tidying up a room people are staying multiple days in, and to do a full turn with new sheets and towels and cleaning the bathroom. And vacuuming the hallways and stairs and mopping the hardwood. Lots of cleaning. There's laundry washing to learn and some other things. But there's also check lists! I should get a fit bit to track all my movement, because it's going to be a lot!

I cleaned up my purple Roos. They weren't that dirty to start with, a bit dusty. But not thrashed like my black Roos. So I cleaned the bottoms and designated them indoors shoes. Don't want to track in dirty that I'll just have to clean! Working just under five hours was really tuckering! I think I'll be doing a lot of 5 hour blocks, which is probably as much as the body can take. But that gives me time to do other things in Port Townsend. Getting out at 3-4ish is good.

Got home. Helped Celia a little bit. Then I sat on the couch and watched the Oscars. Hurray for Mad Max Fury Road winning six! Including Margaret Sixel!! And Brie Larson for Room, what a great performance! Pretty good awards given out, despite controversy.

Now to sleep. Got a busy week coming up, work aside!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

she did not name her baby that

Friday was gal time with the due any minute Karen! Met up in Silverdale to see a matinee of Deadpool at the Fancy AMC 8. Karen had never been and she oggled at the excellent seats that tilt up and back. Perfect seating for a pregnant lady! We had a pretty good lil time. I need to back a bag or make a list of things to have so I can hustle over when I hear she's going into labor. She's fine with me being in the waiting room, so if I can be there, I shall! Might stay over in Seabeck on Tuesday after Bee Class. Anyway. Went to Trader Joe's and picked up food for me and some supplies for Celia (reimbursed, natch). Went home. Hung out with Celia and got things squared away for her. Returned home and drew my comic.

Saturday! Slept in. Had bacon and eggy breakfast and tea. Though really by that point it was lunch. Did a quick Celia check in and then I was off to Dungeons and Dragons! A nice little session. Got some more battle experience in and saved a character from death and also did lots of healing. Getting the hang of it. Even with a few people (Anthony, Emerald, Martin) down, it was still a hearty lengthy number of people and it's tricky to get through stuff at a good pace. Checked in with Celia. Now I'm mellowing out. Gotta go to bed soon because I start work tomorrow, wheeeee!!!