Monday, February 29, 2016

first day at work!

First day of work! Boy howdy! I am tired! Looking forward to crawling into bed and dozing. Glad I have a slow start that ramps up. There's a lot to learn. Today I learned how to fluff a room, basically tidying up a room people are staying multiple days in, and to do a full turn with new sheets and towels and cleaning the bathroom. And vacuuming the hallways and stairs and mopping the hardwood. Lots of cleaning. There's laundry washing to learn and some other things. But there's also check lists! I should get a fit bit to track all my movement, because it's going to be a lot!

I cleaned up my purple Roos. They weren't that dirty to start with, a bit dusty. But not thrashed like my black Roos. So I cleaned the bottoms and designated them indoors shoes. Don't want to track in dirty that I'll just have to clean! Working just under five hours was really tuckering! I think I'll be doing a lot of 5 hour blocks, which is probably as much as the body can take. But that gives me time to do other things in Port Townsend. Getting out at 3-4ish is good.

Got home. Helped Celia a little bit. Then I sat on the couch and watched the Oscars. Hurray for Mad Max Fury Road winning six! Including Margaret Sixel!! And Brie Larson for Room, what a great performance! Pretty good awards given out, despite controversy.

Now to sleep. Got a busy week coming up, work aside!

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