Saturday, April 27, 2013

the sun is a comin'

La la la. Friday! Finally! Not that it was a particularly long week, but I want to get some sun and relax a bit outside, ya know?

Anyhoo. We ran the fronts and backs on this job. It looked good. We ran a job on these polyester shirts. The kind for marathons, though not a large run. Still you gotta use a special kind of stretch ink and you have to flash it at a certain temp or it will crinkle. Learning all sorts of things! And we ran some sweaters.

Oh and I learned that Kara's name is spelled Kara! So if I have spelled it Karah or Cara...well that was wrong.

Not a bad day, and I listened to a bunch of my audiobook. It's a good one, though a book about a Thai cop, written by a Westerner, and told from a very "you don't understand because you, the reader, are a Westerner" point of view...is a bit odd. That coupled with the British dude narrating it. Though he is really good at accents. Still.

At home I whipped up some eggs and bacon for dinner and watched the Hannibal show, which was a bit grisly...not the best thing to watch while eating eggs. Don't have any major plans for this weekend. Maybe I'll  try working on a tan or something...tis the season. Of course I'll wear sunscreen! But ya know...get some vitamin D.

Friday, April 26, 2013

back to Thailand

What a day! A very full one. And it was a lovely so. So there is that.

Anyway. We ran a discharge job, and it ran beautifully. I taped up some screens. We ran another job, which resulted on a minor bit of troubleshooting.

I finally finished Plum Island. Just a really longwinded needlessly long by-the-books murder mystery with an ending that was a bit out of place in terms of violence and realism. Anyway. Started listening to The Godfather of Kathmandu. Good ol' Sonchai Jitpleecheep. And wouldn't you know it, but it opened up with a reference to Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. Ha!

Finished the day with coating screens.

At home, the neighbor kids kept loosing their balls over our fence. Cute kids.

Watched Hannibal. Texted and whatnot. Tomorrow is Friday and I am looking forward to that day.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

building my art collection, one screenprint at a time

The skies were gray today, but I persisted and wore cutoffs. Just cutoffs AND a hoodie.

It was a solo clean up/prep day at work. 17 screens were cleaned and reclaimed by the end of the day. 9 Screens were burned. One screen was prepped for discharge ink. Almost done with Plum Island. This damn novel is so needlessly long. Like...whole chunks of the story could probably have been massively abbreviated with no real loss to the plot. It's not like it is fancily written! Not sure what I'll listen to next. Insurgent? Hannibal Rising? Strong Poison? The audiobook world is my oytster!

At home I watched telly and drank some tea that Alana prepped. Alana and I chatted about school and Rubik's cubes and the societal pressures to fit in and how being raised with different eating habits can affect your relationship to food as an adult. You know, girl talk.

Any recommendations for good books for me to listen to? Always in the mood to try something new.

Oh, and some Sera Stanton prints I bought on Etsy arrived. I need to get some frames for them. And to find a nice place to hang them. Hmmm! I bought this print for Janet as a birthday gift. I don't think Janet reads my blog...but yeah. I need to get a frame for that too. At least my Stanton prints and that print are standard sizes. Nice and easy! Etsy is such a trap for me. So much art! And really well priced. Though those prints are all that I've bought from Etsy in the past couple months. And the second Stanton print was a special deal sooo.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

another day, another dollar

I caught another job that Jeff ran, and all was good. I also trimmed a banner. With that done, I also emptied the trash and cleaned floodbars and whatnot. Listened to more Plum Island, which is starting to feel like the longest audiobook EVER and I really wish whatshisname would solve it already.

Bosses chickens are laying tons of eggs, so I turned in a carton, so tomorrow I should be getting another dozen. Hurray!

Janet made a quiche with some of the previous eggs that my boss has given me. It was a very yummy quiche. Mmm.

I hung out in a livestream all night. A livestream is when someone put a live video feed of the art they are currently working on. It's pretty cool. And there is a chat. So I talked with the other people watching the stream. It's fun stuff.

More Quick Sketches

all sketches roughly 3" x 2" 
micron and ink wash


Spent the day catching jobs, as well as helping set up jobs. We ran the fronts and backs on one that needed many color changes. We meaning Jeff and I. Did I mention that Jeff is a new sort of ongoing temp that will run jobs? Anyway, he is pretty nice and has decades of experience. I dig meeting people who have been at this a while and seem to know so many other people. It's a small world, ya know?

Anyway, ran that job and another job and that lasted all day. It was warm and sunny. All in all, very swell.

At home I boiled eggs and put some on my salad. And I watched the new Mad Men and watched some Broadchurch and did some quick little sketches. Having a scanner is really incentivizing myself to draw! I'm very happy with my purchase. Now I need to pitch some ideas and make some money.

But it's only Monday.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Quick Sketches

all sketches are 3" x 2"
brush pen and marker or ink wash

Sunday, April 21, 2013

the air is filled with the sounds of birds and kids screaming (in delight I hope)

Had a nice relaxing Sunday. I slept in. Then had some tea and ate my leftovers. I hardboiled a bunch of eggs. I sketched a bit. It was a really nice warm day too. I hope Spring is here, and Summer to follow. Might even go to the beach next weekend. Get some vitamin D. Remember Mom, how you used to make me go outside? Now I do it willingly, AND I eat salad for dinner.

I'm all grown up! Yay!

Junk Drawer

6" x 9"
brush pen and ink wash

beaches, brunches, and bunches of company


Boss brought in Jeff to run the press. Jeff was super nice. A dude with many years experience. He finished the backs and did all the fronts and meanwhile I did the other stuff. I coated screens. I mixed a new batch of emulsion. I cleaned screens. I reclaimed screens. I cleaned squeegees and floodbars. I broke down the press. Cleaned more floodbars. Coated more screens. A nice full day. This John Corey novel is SUPER long, like holy crap I could have listened to at least a Discworld novel in this time. But it is charming, so I'm sticking with it.

We got our new stove and it is clean looking and white and all that.

Steve came down later in the evening and we went to Hong Kong Charlie and got take out. We consumed the take out with a bottle of Riesling and it was all quite tasty. It was a very good night.


Steve and I were too lazy to make a breakfast, so we went out. Santa Cruz Diner had a line, so I drove back home and we walked to Zachary's, which I heard good things about. The wait was very short. I had tea with eggs benedict and oh wow was it good! I love me some eggs benedict. I ate it with my hands and I got quite messy, but I'd like to think that is part of my charm. That I'm a tactile eater. Either way, Steve didn't seem embarrassed by my sloppy company, so all was well.

Afterwards, we walked down to the boardwalk and beach. We walked through the surf. I bought some Dippin' Dots. We sat on the beach. We absorbed the rays. It was such a warm lovely day. It's so nice to be withing walking distance of brunch and beach. Steve's neck got a bit red, but I was pretty fine.

Back at home we watched the first episode of Broadchurch and the new Doctor Who episode. Then we took a nap. Then we said our goodbyes.

In the evening, Janet, Alana and I drank wine and ate nachos and girl talked. Janet worked on the junk drawer and Alana put things away. I sketched and tried to be helpful. It was nice to get to know the housemates a little better. It's a really nice living arrangement.

Things are just really good, ya know?