Friday, October 17, 2014

pricing ties and plates

Another day working in the antiques business! I went to Christa's office, aka her house, on Bainbridge Island, and working looking up things on eBay for the prices the item has previously sold at. Checking dates and conditions and similar items. And entering the info into a spreadsheet. I priced quite a few really nice ties. Made me wish I wore ties. I ate apple pie for lunch. Apples are healthy!

It was nice to work with Seattle in my view, all engulfed in rain and gray.

The drive in was uncomplicated. I hit a bit of traffic getting to Poulsbo but it was fine for the rest of the drive. I have some at home design work to do this weekend. Only 5-6 budgeted hours. I like this job thus far. It's fun, it's varied, I'm learning new things, and seeing so many cute antiques!

And it feels good to come home and to relax from a day of work because there isn't the anxiety and guilt of unemployed relaxing. I'm only half employed, but once I find out about the hotel job, then things will go one way or another.

And Ma and Pa are visiting tomorrow! Though I have seen them many times in the past week so I don't know what we'll talk about. A tree came down and I don't know if I can deal with that on my own.

There is a moth at my window

Worked a from home 6 hour shift researching consignment companies. Lots of Googling. I worked the hours not till completion, because dang there was more I could have done! Some stores have really awful names, Google wise, for searching. Too generic.

Scramble for breakfast, coffee, then a pot of tea throughout the work day, and then a sandwich and a bath at the end. Working on site tomorrow!

Working and doing new stuff is so exciting and fun! I'm keeping my eye out for a butter holder because I know Mel wants one. And an apothecary cabinet, because I want one and Dad won't build one for me. Sob sob.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Whooo! It all came through!

Welp! I got a job! A tidbit part time gig, but it's flexible and nice and supplementary, and it gets the lead out while I look for something more long term and sustaining. It may not continue past Christmas, but for now I am stoked!

Met Christa at Ciups in Poulsbo for a chat and then she showed me the two antiques areas she rents, and set me to pricing and organizing. I'll be helping price and research and maybe do some design work as well. I've got six hours of computer work tomorrow, and I did four today. I'll fill out some W2's as well. So awesome. After work (I'm working!) I went to Seabeck and checked out the home renovations and Ma treated me to pizza. She took Salvador to the vet because Dad had conveniently made an appointment at the same time. Dad just can't be the bad guy in Sal's eyes!

Nice to see the changes. My childhood home is getting a much needed makeover.

Back home I relaxed, because all I can do now is enjoy the evening, get some rest, get up and put in six hours tomorrow, and wait to see about the hotel job,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Yesterday I drove in to turn in an application at a resort (front desk) and they apologized for being so busy and asked if I could come in for an interview tomorrow (today), to which I was like "yeah!". I opted out of turning in an application for pizza delivery. And the other job, well I'm set to have a sort of trial run tomorrow and see whats what. It's some sort of social media helper type thing. My interview went well enough today. Nothing confirmed, but I think I left with a good feeling? I just need to get my Port Townsend concierge skills up, if I get the job. I can do directions, I just need advice. So with an interview and a trial tucked away, I spent the rest of today (Tuesday) relaxing. I got a fire going, and read and drew a bit in front of it. I ate pasta and ice cream. I internetted. I generally took it easy. Nice to have a currently high application : interview ratio.

Yeah! So that is good. Need to get new front tires. And it would be nice if Dad, the auto guru, could drive my car a bit, because I'm not sure what might be a potential difficulty and what is just "uhg you're making me go up all these hills so early in the morning!"

The resort job comes with opportunities for advancement within the company, as well as the potential to relocate to other resorts, so hey travel! That appeals to me. I like learning and new challenges and stuff.

Monday, October 13, 2014

get a jeorb

Trying to use the internet. It's really bad and sluggish. Blugh. Applied to a sort of social mediay job. Pulled up a few "apply in persons" which I'll see about doing tomorrow. Pizza delivery? Could be fun. Get around the area. Though it is up in Sequim...but if it is only a few days a week? I can't be picky, I gotta get a job. Then I can work towards getting a better, closer job. And other stuff. I'm a good employee. I train well.

Anyway, worked on weeding through job postings. And turned the skull pendant I got in South Dakota into a cool big necklace. And chatted with Celia. And brought down some glasses. No fire stoking today.

I really liked today's Inktober drawing. See if you can find it because my internet is loading too slow for me to be bothered to find and download and copy it into here. I need to spend more time sitting and drawing landscapes and making art. Not having great internet is getting me away from the computer, so that helps.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

first friend visit!

Slacking on the blog again! Sorry! I'm not up to much these days, so there isn't much enthusiasm in the reporting. Today I slept in and fought the urge to nap all day long. I tidied up, stoked a fire, read in front of the fire, hung out with Celia and watched some Call the Midwife. It was a rainy windy day, but it also cleared up here and there.

My friend Marcus came over, but didn't stay as he had to work early the next day. Nice of him to come out all this way though! We played Monopoly, caught up on the news, watched Spice World, and said our goodbyes.

I've just been loafing about. Gotta buckle down and get a job! WORK TRILLIAN! WORK!

Yeah. Just holding down the fort.