Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Yesterday I drove in to turn in an application at a resort (front desk) and they apologized for being so busy and asked if I could come in for an interview tomorrow (today), to which I was like "yeah!". I opted out of turning in an application for pizza delivery. And the other job, well I'm set to have a sort of trial run tomorrow and see whats what. It's some sort of social media helper type thing. My interview went well enough today. Nothing confirmed, but I think I left with a good feeling? I just need to get my Port Townsend concierge skills up, if I get the job. I can do directions, I just need advice. So with an interview and a trial tucked away, I spent the rest of today (Tuesday) relaxing. I got a fire going, and read and drew a bit in front of it. I ate pasta and ice cream. I internetted. I generally took it easy. Nice to have a currently high application : interview ratio.

Yeah! So that is good. Need to get new front tires. And it would be nice if Dad, the auto guru, could drive my car a bit, because I'm not sure what might be a potential difficulty and what is just "uhg you're making me go up all these hills so early in the morning!"

The resort job comes with opportunities for advancement within the company, as well as the potential to relocate to other resorts, so hey travel! That appeals to me. I like learning and new challenges and stuff.

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