Saturday, December 26, 2015

xmas 2k16

Merry Christmas! We've had a nice lowkey one this year, which I ain't complaining about! No rushing about, hauling gifts, buying a bajillion things, or real struggles to do a lot of stuff. Just presents between three people, food, fun, and episode of Chopped, and merriment.

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, I got up earlier than usual and tidied house and packed up and wrapped Nathan & Helen's present and got the rest of my letters addressed and ready to go. I got out of the house at around 3:50 to get to the Post Office in time. I got there at 4:20 and it closes at 4:30. Got N&H's prezzie in the mail with a tracking number and off it went!

And so I left for Seabeck.

At one point in the drive, a mouse crawled out of my car hood and onto my window, but as I was driving sorta fast, it was unable to hold on and it slid off into the night. Hopefully there are not more mice. Guess I'll set a trap overnight in my car?

I arrived in Seabeck at not a bad hour. Paid rent by flinging twenties in the air. Dad made me a hot buttered rum and we played Tetris Block, this letter game, and this other game. I didn't win anything.

I wrapped presents hastily and went to bed at a good hour.

Come morning I blasted the John Finnemore Christmas classic "Get Dressed You Merry Gentleman" as I descended the stairs.

I dumped out my stocking and assembled my Everglades Park Ranger & Swamp Ruffian Lego set.

Dad made coffee and waffles. Tasty tasty. Presents were opened. I got Sugar Skull and The Girl on the Train and a water rescue Playmobil and a fancy popcorn set and some new slippers and pajamas and something I won't spoil for Nathan that is REALLY COOL!

Nice little haul indeed. I got Dad two cozy knit hats (both had good reviews and I didn't know which to get so I got both) and a book about a North Pole explorer and a South Pole explorer. Mom got a nice apron and two bags with birds on them, and she has a fourth present still in the mail.

We took a little hike to the creek and ate a Christmas dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, broccoli and OHMYGOD I just remembered I'll be getting PEOTWHS in the morning. Yuusss.

After dinner we played Beyond Balderdash and I lost by a considerable amount. Then we watched Shaolin Soccer (which was weirder than I remember it being) and an episode of Chopped.

Now it's night time. Goodnight!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

hi I'm tired (hello tired, I'm a dad joke!)

AUUHHGGG I'm tired! I just finished Nathan & Helen's present. I wanted to get it in the mail tomorrow. So now it's done. WHOO!! And that is what I've been doing today. Talked to Celia a bit. Didn't clean or tidy. Just finished that up. Won't talk about what it is, and if you want to see it: check out my Instagram. If you DON'T WANT TO SEE IT, AVOID MY INSTAGRAM!!!

Yesterday I met Ma and Pa for the 3:20 showing of Star Wars in Poulsbo. On my way there I dropped off a few more cards, so now there are 93 cards in circulation. Star Wars was hella fun the second time around. Yay the Force!

Afterwards we went to dinner at that thai place on the corner in Poulsbo. I went for the wide flat noodles, as something new. They were really damn tasty!

After a nice dinner with nice family and discussions of beekeeping classes, I made a vitamins run and envelopes run up on the stores on the hill. So I got that done and headed back home.

At least I slept in this morning, but I shouldn't do that tomorrow. Got stuff to do tomorrow, but at least with a Post Office deadline, I can get my boot scootin'.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Sunday! Sunday I just worked on writing cards all day, pretty much. I did a bit of cleaning, but yeah...mostly cards. I have 85 in the mail right now! I dropped off what I had in the evening, so they'll go out in the Monday morning post from Brinnon.

My legs hurt. I spend too much time sitting.

Monday I did clean house a bit. I tidied the dresser drawer top and put things away. Did some laundry. Put other things away. There's still more to be put away, but I made a dent.

I started work on Nathan and Helen's present. It's looking pretty good thus far. Just need to actually figure out how to do an element of it.

Might see Star Wars again tomorrow. Got stuff to work on! And a few more cards to drop off. I'm almost out of them.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

family times

Auhhg sleepy. I got up early today to haul butt to the Post Office in the early morning window to make sure the first wave of holiday cards, 33 in total, got into circulation. I've dropped off another 13 tonight in Port Townsend. I want to get a whole 'nother chunk off by Monday. Ideally most of the ones I really want to get circulating. I don't want people getting theirs super late and feeling bad.

Thursday! I worked on site, but not too much. I mean, there was a break in the middle of the day where Boss made us a little Christmas lunch of veggie stuffed noodles and chocolate cake. Yum! Such good eating. I mainly worked the spreadsheet while she pulled items for consignment. Then I left to go see STAR WARS!!! Well first I filled up my tank and put in fuel injector cleaner and a quart of oil. Due for another oil change, I'm at 261k. THEN I went to Poulsbo to see Star Wars! I had snacks and a seat that was closer than I like but still not bad. The mixed nerd audience was so great. Everyone reacted the same and was super into it, and applauded! Multiple times! So great.

It was amazing and I can't wait to see it again. No spoilers!

Friday I worked on cards. I got a heap of stamps and worked on cards. Got them editioned and stamped and got 33 written up by the end of the day. I'd write more tonight but my hand is sore.

Today, Saturday, after dropping off the letters I worked on more letters. At 6:30, Celia and I went up to Port Townsend to meet assorted family members for food at Sweet Lorraine's. It was Brynne and Dan and Muchim and Averie specifically, and Jeanette and Clay arrived for dessert. Presents were exchanged our way, wine was consumed, I had the gnocchi (with mussles and fries starters which were shared). It was a great little round table of people. Lots of conversation and catching up and laughter and development in life. I should hang with Jeanette more often, because she's over in Port Townsend frequently. She's good people.

Celia drove home (see: me having had a couple glasses of wine) and now it's all rainy and I'm going to sleep in tomorrow!

I really need to clean house. It's gotten pretty ... piles of sweaters and stuff. Just a bit of tidying, probably won't take more than an hour to do it. I just need to do it. And I'll write up more cards.