Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Sunday! Sunday I just worked on writing cards all day, pretty much. I did a bit of cleaning, but yeah...mostly cards. I have 85 in the mail right now! I dropped off what I had in the evening, so they'll go out in the Monday morning post from Brinnon.

My legs hurt. I spend too much time sitting.

Monday I did clean house a bit. I tidied the dresser drawer top and put things away. Did some laundry. Put other things away. There's still more to be put away, but I made a dent.

I started work on Nathan and Helen's present. It's looking pretty good thus far. Just need to actually figure out how to do an element of it.

Might see Star Wars again tomorrow. Got stuff to work on! And a few more cards to drop off. I'm almost out of them.

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