Saturday, November 17, 2012

November Portraits #16 & #17 - Krysten Ritter and Dreama Walker

Dreama Walker

Krysten Ritter

I like the sound of rain on the roof.

Had a relatively short day at work. Just ran a bit of a job, which required a lot of set up. I coated some screens as well. Now we have oodles of screens just waiting to be burned! Finished Killing Floor. Moved on to 14, pretty nifty book thus far.

Talked to Ma & Pa. Figuring out Thanksgiving. Need to figure out what I am going to MAKE for Thanksgiving!

I was lazy and bought Jack in the Box for a late lunch. Watched some movies. Did some portraits. Weekend! Time to do things!

It has been raining all day. It's nice to listen to.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

November Portrait #15 - Amanda Russel

chevron over herringbone

Winding down by watching Cosmopolis. Well. Not sure if winding down is the right way to put it. It is very strange. Sure it is David Cronenberg....but yeah.

Finished Killing Floor. Exciting little book. Moved onto 14. Not sure if I want to listen to a bunch of Jack Reacher novels...

At work I tidied up the waterbased inks, and burn and taped a bunch of screens, and weeded some vinyl, and...errr. Did some other things too, I'm sure. Getting ready for some jobs.

I ordered a new wallet offa Etsy. A little thing, hand made in Ontario, chevron patterned with a pocket. Looks nice, I'm excited for it to arrive.

Tomorrow is Friday? Already? Blimey!


Another largely solitary day. Killing Floor is a pretty exciting little mystery, it keeps my brain going "oh whodunnit, was it this person? ooooh." Sometimes I just want to wait for the book to reveal itself, so I like it when a book gets me thinking along with the narrative.

I applied glue to the palettes, burned a screen, cleaned the press, and then was given the task of putting banner scraps on the new ink shelves (to make an easier to clean surface) and then cleaning and reorganizing said ink shelves. Now the station looks much better, and the colors are easier to get to. The tans and beiges are together, the purple and pinks are together, and both the aforementioned are not shoved behind reds and yellows and oranges. Nothing is more than two deep, so all the numbers on the things of ink are easily readable. Looks so nice. And plenty of room for new inks!

Yup. Got home pretty tired from being slightly hunched all day.

Watched my telly, ate my dinner.

Need to buy a new wallet, as I spilled gunk on my current one, which was already shabby and in need of a replacement. I've gone through two wallets since 2005! That is OUTRAGEOUS!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November Portrait #14 - Annie Heisey

Annie Heisey

tuesday night thoughts

Back to work! And it was largely clean up and stuff. It felt like I did the tasks very slow, or maybe I'm just not aware of the time things take? Broke down the press. The studio was cold, which was a bummer. It was warm outside. And I mentioned breaking down means taking down all the screens and squeegees and things right? Taking them down and out from the press. Cleaned the screens, cleaned the squeegess, weeded some vinyl, helped Andrew remove from brackets from the van, cleaned the pallets.

It sucks to get out of work at 5pm and it is already dark. Booo! 

Pasta for dinner. And I drew some portraits! Two of them! One came easily, one did not. You'll see them soon.

November Portrait #13 - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Grandma Eleanor passed away in her sleep last night. She will be missed dearly.

I spent most of the day at home. Didn't feel like going out and drawing landscapes. I stayed in and worked on a portrait which proved very difficult. Started listened to Killing Floor, the first Jack Reacher novel. Felt in a mood for something a little less whimsical after Lost In a Good Story.

Game night was fun. Met Mary and Paula was there. We played Thurn and Taxis and Transamerica and this German bike game and Evo. Pretty full line up. Thurn and Taxis was neat. A sort of...mail route system game. Apparently tabletop games are HUGE in Germany.

It's cold again. Time to crawl into bed.

November Portrait #12 - Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

Monday, November 12, 2012

November Portrait #11 - Sarah Portland

Sarah Portland

California chills

It's been really cold in my house. I checked the windows and found the one in the spare bedroom was open. Probably to keep the room from getting musty or whatever. But I closed it anyway. Because it is cold. And I don't have long johns.

I am drinking hot tea out of a mason jar. Specifically the kind from Cherish & Isaiah's wedding. Half way through it now. It's good. Warms my soul.

Slept way way in. It was nice to do so. My body rhythms are still set firmly to waking up at 8am. Pretty satisfied that I can get up so regularly and get to work on time. I can sleep in when I don't work, and get up when I don't. I'm an adult! WHooo!!

Drew a portrait. Watched telly. Ate food. Went and got more food so that I can eat it. Still no candy cane joe joes at Trader Joe's. Probably waiting to sell off the crummy Halloween cookies first.

Ray came over and we finished off the chili and watching The Walking Dead and Misfits.

Amanda, my housemate, is back from helping the Obama Campaign in Colorado. Well she came back a couple days ago, but this was the first night that I have actually seen her.

Now I think I shall sit in bed and read. Oh wait. I have Homeland to watch. Hmmmn.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Robin & Finn

What a lovely wonderful day! Things are really coming up quite splendidly in my life these days.

Met Steve in San Jose for a little afternoon hike. We went to the, err, Sierra Azul? open area in Los Gatos, and walked up the path a bit. There were some mountain bikers, but we were never in danger of being squashed by some maniacs. It was a bit chillier of a day, but when one hikes, one warms up. After proving how bad I actually am at going up hills, we shared a sandwich in downtown San Jose, and parted ways. I headed North some more to Oakland.

Though it was closer in to Berkley than Oakland. I found easy on the street parking and waited outside Zachary's pizza for Robin and Finn. Finn was the first to arrive. I don't think I've seen him since I was unemployed. Oh how fast things change! Robin arrived next and we decided on sushi instead of pizza. I had udon and a philly role. Robin stuck to rolls, Finn had ramen and rolls. We shared sake, and a good chat was had by all. From there we went to Tara's Ice Cream. I had the salted caramel with brownie bites. It was so damn tasty. They had tons of different flavors, and a few I had never heard of before. Good stuff. I need to find all the hip little places in Santa Cruz, so that when people visit me, I can take them to groovy places.

We went back to Finn's place, and watched Anchorman. Which was odder than I remember it being. I dunno. I think I don't like the character of Ron Burgundy that much.

It was nice to keep the company of good old friends. A bit of a drive, but ever so worth it.