Friday, April 3, 2015

Thinking About Makeup Combinations

Micron & tombow.

yup, not going back to Verizon


On site! I photographed and we discussed return policies and tactics and things to do in the upcoming days. Oh! Need to email boss about my time off.

I left early to run a Verizon errand for the boss (which was covered by my wage, not just a freebie favor), which should have been a simple return, but due to the nature of the return it took about an hour and fifteen minutes of me sitting, and talking to various people and them talking to other people. I oogled the cute Verizon guys and fiddled with my phone (gladder than ever I'm no longer on that network and dealing with their service). Afterwards I got a passion fruit boba tea and went to Seabeck. I tried on the Tom's I ordered, and they are perfect! Now to return the second pair that accidentally got ordered (I thought I cancelled the first order, but it didn't go through in time so they both were charged and sent). I had dinner then swung by Trader Joe's then home!


Did one test run of makeup for the wedding, a basic red lip & light eyeshadow and eyeliner & brow look. Not bad, though I think the red lip will be hard to maintain through the day. But maybe if I get a better lasting lipstick. If I decide to go that route. I had smokey eyes to try as well.

I have laundry drying right now, and a teeth strip on, and I had potstickers earlier. A mellow day. Didn't work from home. I'll do that Sunday. I kinda spread out my Friday/Monday work through the weekend.

Hanging with Aaron tomorrow, excited for that.

OH!! Reminder to self: see It Follows at Lynwood Theater some time.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

not a raspberry beret


Packed up Bodi. He sat relatively pleasantly on the way back to B.I., and when he saw the Boss he got so excited and happy! And she said that he seemed very well adjusted for having been away. No neurosis like a kennel would make. He was a pleasant pup.

So work. I worked! I tried to figure out some computer stuff, and got a little done. It's a new month so more is going up on our eBay! Whoooo! There are limits to being a new seller as it turns out.

And I photographed cloth items. Just quick photos, no tricky set ups.

Then I headed out to Port Orchard to see Kumiko The Treasure Hunter. I picked up my VIP card and got popcorn and milk duds and put the milk duds in the popcorn. Yum! The movie was great. Rinko Kikuchi is such a wonderful actress, and the music was great. Unfortunately the projection was messed up and they had the white balance so blown out, so so many shots were a total wash. A pity as the movie obviously was destined to be pretty. Oh well.

And Marcus & Brook(e?) were there, but I didn't curb their style by sitting with them and chaperoning. Haha. I snapped this picture:

Then I went to Target and got bulk toilet paper, and other supplies. It was a nice drive back. Stayed up & slept in.


Did my computer work. Ate a late breakfast lunch. Chilled. Tidied. Swept the floor. Did and put away the dishes. Spread out the bulk toilet paper.

A lowkey day. Tried to make sure not to believe anything on the Internet.

I treated myself to the Anastasia Brow Pomade and I am loving it! It applies so much easier and with more precision that the wax & powder brow stuff I was using before. Did I mention I got that stuff? Anyway, I'm actually using it now and I love it! Powerful bold brows foreveerrr!!

Now to put on a teeth strip.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bodi's day out


Can't sleep in when you gotta walk a doggy woggy. Walked the pup up to the top of the road and back. It was an absolutely perfect day. I sat out and read. Lit a fire and read more. Had a proper meet and greet with Bodi and Corbie, and now they are buddies. Celia made dinner and it was scrumptious.


Celia made buckeyes after Amber McA's recipe, and it was so tasty. We walked the boys, and they were good and on their leash when Ma and Pa rolled up in their truck. M&P unloaded, and we hung out and tried some more sweets, and then did the loop walk down by the river with the doggies. They both did the whole thing twice what with all the running back and forth and up and down. Very spirited. Dinner was salad and grilled fish and burgers and spinach. Bodi sat in my lap for a bit! Then in Mom's chair when she got up for a second.

After dinner, we lit a fire inside and watched Big Trouble in Little China. Fun movie. Then it was night night for the lot of us.


Bodi barked at Ma and Pa when they broke into the house in the morning! I had a scramble for breakfast, then helped spread out crushed oyster shells in the garden paths. Dad grilled up some hot dogs and I had a double, then I set about scanning. Lots of nice photos. Plenty of pages. And after that did some other work. La la.

Now I've got fifteen minutes left on my teeth strip then it's off to bed to read for a bit and get in one last sleep with Bodi doggy.