Friday, April 3, 2015

yup, not going back to Verizon


On site! I photographed and we discussed return policies and tactics and things to do in the upcoming days. Oh! Need to email boss about my time off.

I left early to run a Verizon errand for the boss (which was covered by my wage, not just a freebie favor), which should have been a simple return, but due to the nature of the return it took about an hour and fifteen minutes of me sitting, and talking to various people and them talking to other people. I oogled the cute Verizon guys and fiddled with my phone (gladder than ever I'm no longer on that network and dealing with their service). Afterwards I got a passion fruit boba tea and went to Seabeck. I tried on the Tom's I ordered, and they are perfect! Now to return the second pair that accidentally got ordered (I thought I cancelled the first order, but it didn't go through in time so they both were charged and sent). I had dinner then swung by Trader Joe's then home!


Did one test run of makeup for the wedding, a basic red lip & light eyeshadow and eyeliner & brow look. Not bad, though I think the red lip will be hard to maintain through the day. But maybe if I get a better lasting lipstick. If I decide to go that route. I had smokey eyes to try as well.

I have laundry drying right now, and a teeth strip on, and I had potstickers earlier. A mellow day. Didn't work from home. I'll do that Sunday. I kinda spread out my Friday/Monday work through the weekend.

Hanging with Aaron tomorrow, excited for that.

OH!! Reminder to self: see It Follows at Lynwood Theater some time.

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