Saturday, August 13, 2016

out on the raft

I do summer weekends right, booyah! On Friday I drove to the post office and picked up my mail: Birchbox (which had great hair stuff and face goop and a nice eyeshadow) and Ipsy (eyeliner, face masks, face goop, weird brown/mauve lipquid lipstick) and my new Big Bud Press shirt which was on sale whooo! And I topped off my tank. Back at home I cleaned off the raft and sat out there for many hours soaking up the sun and I finished reading Girl on the Train! Ma and Pa came and went while I was on the raft. Neither of them went for a swim. It was perfect swimming weather too. I came to land a little bit pink but not full on burned, so that was good. Major tan lines though.

The otters were mad I was on their raft. They swam SUPER close. Close enough for me to get a photo of one where you could see all the ottery bits. And one was under the raft for about an hour, huffing and sniffing. I could see the whiskers.

Today I snoozed and then went out to the raft to work on my tan some more. I rubbed some SPF on the bits that already got sun and pointed my back to the sun. The middle bit had a light stripe because my flanks got tan. I wasn't angled right.

A boat came roaring at me from the other side and then apologized for not seeing me on the raft (they put up so much wake). If you can't spy someone on a raft, you have no business going fast on the water. So many loud boats. Argh.

My back is a little more even. But now my front is light. Next time it's hot and I can get out there in the 2-5 window. I've got my kayak + bucket + bag of books system down.

I got a breakfast shift tomorrow so nighty night.

Friday, August 12, 2016

getting it done on the cheaper


Good two days at work. Had a full turn of all rooms and we busted through the bathrooms and floors and ended right on time. Ginger decked out all the rooms with our towels and stuff so when we got to the rooms they were ready to finish. Lots of work. Helped with some breakfast bits of the shifts.

On Thursday, after work I went to Port Angeles to take advantage of my Roos coupon at Payless. I grabbed my phone and wallet instead of my purse, and closed the door and went to hit the lock button on my keys and WHOOPS they were still in the car. I normally hand lock the driver's side on the way out. Anyway yeah. Called AAA and reupped my membership, and then asked for them to send me a locksmith. While I waited I got the mint green KangaROOS of my dreams! And they don't have the tricky to clean suede like my other Roos have had. And I got some socks and yoga pants, which were 50% off and that stacked with the 20% off. Hurray! So that was good. And my car was unlocked and I was off to do my thing again.
 Got a lot done today! Mowed the grass, washed my car, got some of the pitch that has unfortunately gotten on my car off the car, patched the boat, washed sheets and made bed, did other laundry, put things away. Still got a bit more to do but I knocked out a huge chunk of the clutter that has built up. And I took a nap midday and now it's 3am! I haven't been up that late in a while.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Darren, Casey, CJ...AJ?

Monday! Everyone had a case of the Mondays today. Breakfast was hectic with a lot going on, though S&T handled it. Ginger and I got through the turns pretty quick, and the fluffs too. And she was left with an hour and a half on her shift with not much to fill it. I started earlier. I also cleaned the office. It started cold but then it warmed up.

Took a nap when I got home, drew my comic, played some vidya games.

I have a three day weekend coming up and no plans during it, so I'm stoked to work on the list of things that have piled up.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

has it been ten years? really?

Oof I'm tired. Going to tuck into bed, well I'd say early but it's exactly the time I need to be tucking into bed.

Yesterday was a fine work day. Did the breakfast shift and then got onto rooms. Only two turns, with one needing some special care because there were 100% cotton sheets that needed pulling to go back to who borrowed them. And the fluffs took a while to move out of their rooms for us to make them pretty again.

After work I went over to the farmers market and hung out with Jeanette and Randelle and some others. Not a long hang, as I was tired and needed to get home to rest. But it's always lovely to see the crew! Ran was very surprised to learn how much I had aged.

At home I napped and napped hard. Morning shifts are no bueno for me.

Today was my reunion! I was a bit late getting out the door, but it didn't seem so bad that I got there a bit after the start date. Not many people were there (it was a pretty casual hang). Mostly those who had stuck around Kitsap. Talked a lot with Hillary and James and Ross and JC. Not much with the people that were all still friends with each other. I had a hot dog and a couple beers and had a few good conversations. There's some comic gold in there.

 Went home and visited Ma & Pa briefly.

Then went to Target and bought new lightbulbs, that were recommended on a blog as being good bulbs for makeup vanity type lighting. Much more blue and bright. And I swung by Trader Joe's. The comic shows me prepping a whiskey ginger, but I ended up not doing that. I'm just going to go to bed and have that whiskey ginger tomorrow. I bought some kefir and boy that stuff is sour. I'll try to finish the bottle but wow.

The lightbulbs are great! I put the 4th in my desk light and the light quality is much better.

Night night.