Saturday, June 15, 2013


Uhg. Adobe started having problem after problem and I've spent the last 2 hours just about trying to resolve them. I was being super productive on my animation animatic too! I got all the objects placed in the different scenes, I just had to connect the dots a bit.

Now I am just waiting to see if Adobe connects...come on. COME ON.


Okay so at work I burnt and taped and cleaned a bit. I also unboxed and reboxed bags for heat presses. It got really hot, so by the end I was sweating.

I tried repotting my Jade, but I don't think the soil is good enough. I'll have to find a small bag of good rich soil for my baby.

Argh. So frustrated right now. I NEED THESE PROGRAMS TO WORK!

Talkin' to Nate about it.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Today at work felt really productive. The seps that were burned in the morning were taped and lined up and printed by the end of the day. That is a really good turn around! And it was a badass design too, and well designed to go on shirts.

I weeded vinyl and Andrew showed me a really awesome way to paper it. Couldn't thank him enough as it worked really well. Papering vinyl is low on my "things I like to do at work" list.

Did some cleaning as well, but yeah. Pretty awesome full day of stuff.

At home I made the walk loops a little neater, but there were some glitches in the program that took most of the night to resolve. Hate loosing time. Ah oh well.

Joey is chillin' on my bed like a cute doggie.

Oh I also ordered some tea from Adagio. They allow you to make custom blends and put them up for anyone to sample, you don't get paid for it you just get credit to put towards more tea. It's a nice system. I didn't make any blends, I just have been wanting to try it for a little while. There are lots of nerdy blends, made in mind of nerdy things. Did I order a Q from Skyfall blend? Maaaaaybe.

Also a year ago was my first day of work! June 13th. Time flies!

just do what you are supposed to do AE!

Going to be working late trying to figure out these walk cycles. Hopefully not LATE late.

Had a nice day at work. Coated screens, cleaned stuff, caught a little bit, did some banners. Finished Abhorsen, started The Shadow of the Torturer, but something about the narrative style didn't quite catch me, so I started Insurgent. I don't really like the writing style in it either (it needs some editing, it's really all over the place though it has some good qualities). It's hard to find really good stories sometimes.

Got out of work a bit early, so it gave me time to redraw some assets and work on the animation. It's slow going. I was feeling really confident last night, but tonight not so much. I really wish I remembered more about After Effects...

Ah oh well, I have the weekend to work. All..damn...weekend. Maybe I'll buy myself a pizza.

Also a firework went off and set several car alarms going. Nuisance.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

walking loops and the jitters within

Whoo, got a little animation loop done, but I figured it out and that makes me happy. Drew a bunch of assets too, for the video, and worked on the animatics. Next couple days will be all animatics, so I have a sense of the timing of things. Not a bad night, in terms of work.

Looking at my bank account post-raise is weird. It's like. "I have that much money? Really? And this is AFTER my rent check?". So I put more money in my savings. Like I said before, I want to get a good chunk in there in case of...well any old emergency that comes up! Work on savings before I start buying things. Though I did buy a couple used books...but those are books. Books don't count.

It was a cleaning day. 20 screens cleaned and reclaimed. The exposure room is really filling up! It was quite empty a few weeks ago, so that is good. Being on top of having screens on hand to print is a good thing. Now I just have to clean the squeegees and floodbars for future jobs. Did a bit of catching but not much. This week is far less brutal than that week...though I may have just jinxed myself with that.

But I've said plenty of jinxy things.

Almost done with Abhorsen. Ma, you must read this series, it's really nifty. "Sabriel" by Garth Nix is the first one.

Monday, June 10, 2013

mmm mochi

Printing on wetsuits is a pain! Thankfully I didn't have to do the pulling, but yeah... they really smell when they come through the dryer after being heat set. And since they are used all sorts of things are getting flash heated up to 340 degrees. Bleehhg. So we printed the wet suits, then Jeff and I set about heat pressing things. I did the front and back and inside and outside on these jerseys, and he did these bags. I finished first and helped him finish the bags. We got one load into the van, though there are still more boxes.

All in all, a nice start to the week. I did some grocery shopping. My Palladiums arrived from Zappos and THEY FIT! Huzzah! Can't wait to break them in a little bit.

Then I got to working on the video. Drew a bunch of assets and scanned them in and pieced them out. Hard to say how minimal I should do the drawings, but once I get them in, it should be easier.

My neck feels really tweaked. I'm going to rest early, last night was a late night.

davos 4 ever

It feels so nice sometimes, to be back in that bed that I slept in for a month and a half while I looked for work. It's been a year!

Carmen made tasty scones, which I noshed on through the day while I worked on the video. I had some problems with After Effects, which took a good chunk of time to figure out, but I did get it sorted eventually and by the end of the day we worked out a calendar for the process, and I got the backgrounds into the video where the storyboard originally went, so now it looks more complete. Had exactly enough storyboards! Hurray! It was a lot of putting heads together. The next two weeks will be just...work work work. Well less that, because I want to get the finished animations to them on Friday. I'm not editing the whole video, Carmen is doing the final bits, I'm just producing the animated half. Thank Douglas it is not a FULL video, that would have been insaaaane.

Carmen and I took a little walk in the middle, to chat and clear heads. That was nice. Walked down to this store and she bought some ribbon to put the buttons on. She is really focusing on making all the Kickstarter rewards look reaaaally nice.

Had a nice drive back, not a lot of traffic. Chilled a bit, and worked on the video some more. Watched Game of Thrones. Ate dinner.

Crazy week 1 begins!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

let the animation games commence

Had a pretty productive day all around.

Got up at 10ish, did my morning thing. Got to drawing and nailed out a few awesome backgrounds in less time than I was expecting! Booyah. I scanned them, backed and overnight bag, grabbed a snack, checked my tire pressure (my front tires look low but they both say 36, which the front is supposed to be at, right?). Then up I went to San Francisco. There was a lot of traffic...in the other direction. I've had some good luck on 17 lately, it always seems to be dense in the other direction.

Josh showed me some After Effects trickery as a refresher. I'll probably still need to look up some tutorials, but I think I have enough to go on. Carmen worked on editing the video, as it is a combination of live action and animation, and it does seem like less animation that I was originally expecting to do, which is nice. It's still a lot of tight animation with lots of little things, but I can do it! Just a lot of evenings. Hopefully work won't deck me out too much. I'll try to get a lot of drawing done tomorrow, so I can just focus on the program stuff during the week. Drawing and color. Whooee it's a lot, but it'll be cool.

I got to play around on Josh's Wacom Cintiq. The draw on the screen thing that is really cool.

We had take out India food for dinner. Mmm tasty. Josh and I played some Forza 4. A nice evening. Lots of work ahead, but it'll be cool!

Feeling good about things.