Thursday, September 26, 2013


Wheeewww. Another long day. On my feet. Catching and counting and boxing. Then burning. Then coating. Backs and fronts. It was a lot of stuff and it was warm and my mind was feeling a bit fuzzy and discombobulated from it all. It took a lot out of me and I had to have a nap when I got home. Then I hung out with Justen and Tara and chatted about this and that. Nice to bond with housemates.

So I guess that was it for today? Exhausting work. Nap. Chatting. But there should be some fun tomorrow night and then it is the weekend! Though Saturday I'll work on getting all my everything out of my old house, and cleaning up and giving Janet and Joey a hug.

art! love art.

I bought an etching from Dominic and it arrived! I love my Spaceman print. I had a frame and matting that fit perfectly too, which is awesome. Hung it up next to another print I've bought, which fit nicely into this very suiting frame I got on sale from Target. Yay, art! Working on my collection.

Work was pretty good. Cleaned stuff. I burnts some screens, and managed to reclaim a small stack at the end of the day. Gotta have the time to get screens back in the exposure room! We can't just print and print and print. The design we are running right now is pretty neat.

I came home to another gift exchange box! The last one! It contained Breaking Bad candy and stickers. I love stickers!

I hung up some art and tried to get the TV to work, but the cables were a mess. Couldn't get the audio to come through. Tried lotsa different red and white connections but not a one of them worked.

Oh well.

Mom. I do have a window that looks outside, just outside into the back yard and there is a big tree that sort of blocks the light. In that previous photo, it is reflecting my closet doors.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I should change my address...

Ohhh a long day at work. Counted in sweatshirts and caught them. Then I relocated to chopping vinyl stickers and weeding even more vinyl. So much vinyl. And it had lots of little tricky bastard bits. UHhhhg. The worst lettering. Just lots of little lines and hard to peel properly. Annoying. But it gave me plenty of time to listen to The Wise Man's Fear, so that was great! Yay audiobooks!

Got home tired. 2/3's of my Breaking Bad gift exchange arrived! Did I mention I did the Breaking Bad gift exchange? I now have a mug and a poster. There is a third thing. Three separate package tracking items. Ohhh can't wait.

And my copy of Tobolowsky's The Dangerous Animals Club arrived. So many books....so much time on the Internet. Almost done with Gulp though. Very interesting book about digestion. I'm to the chapters about pooping, and thankfully my coworker is willing to talk about...the book with me. Couldn't deal with working with a normal person.

I moved some empty boxes into my trunk. Now my room seems pretty well set up. I'll work on it some more this weekend.

Monday, September 23, 2013

it's oh so quiet in Live Oak

First day commuting from the new house. It wasn't that bad! It was maybe a couple minutes longer with a few more turns, but less traffic and the roads are in better condition. I take a different route coming back because it is easier to get on the freeway back than it is going. Both ways were good, and it is a different scenery to get used to. But the end is the same. Winding road and work.

I arrived and the job was set up and ready to go so...Jeff and I spent the whole day running the job. 800+ shirts, but due to the flash time it went rather slow. Still. The shirts look great and it was all lovely and at the end the boss was complimentary towards my good work. Yay boss!

Started The Wise Man's Fear, which is 42 hours long! Any given Discworld audiobook is 6-8. It's a good story though, so I'm looking forward to it. Well the first book was very good (The Name of the Wind) so this should be also good. Mmm hmm.

I live within 10 minutes walking distance of Trader Joe's! Driving is a bit longer because walking I can take a shortcut. Yay! I did a TJ's trip. Jeff made some artichokes, which I had some of. I unpacked a bit further. I'm getting close! Some things are just going to end up stored in the trunk of my car. That damn futon.

doughnuts, mattresses, many trips, and a new home

Welp. I am writing to you from my new desk set up in my new room in my new house, which I share with Jeff (a different Jeff from my coworker), Tara, and Justen. Adjust your sets accordingly.

Set my alarm and got up early. Had some toast and Emergen-C and then packed up my car. Took the first load over. Did a Target run and got some cash back to pay Jeff for his impending help (covered gas and a tip). I just brought in the boxes. I didn't bother with unpacking, as I had those shelving units to bring in, and things would unpack into there. I want to get stuff unpacked, and then I can reorganize.

Called Jeff to tell him he could come on over and help me move the mattress. I stopped by Farrel's and bought a dozen doughnuts (only $8!). Odd to see Jeff not wearing work clothes. Granted he had on just slightly nicer short pants and sunglasses. But you get so used to seeing people a certain way. I guess I must have looked odd in my full jeans and not white tee? Anyway. Hauled in the mattress, put down a sheet, put my bike on top of that. The sheet got dirty but only with dirt, not grease. It was a quick trip. Just got the mattress and bike in and that was that. I could handle the rest on my own, so off he went.

It took two more trips after that. One for shelving and misc stuff. Another for my table and chair. It was dark when I got the last haul in. All my stuff has felt under it to protect the hard wood floors. I had a set of "sliders" and opted to put them on the stacked shelves, which was good because those were the heaviest and got scooted around a bit.

Jeff. Housemate Jeff. Made dinner and shared with me and Jan (Jan is Jeff's friend, not short for Janet, who I'll miss). Then I watched Breaking Bad.

I unpacked a bit more, but I don't feel like doing it all tonight. Plus it is Sunday and I don't want to thump too much. Have to get used to the new noise levels of this place. It seems pretty quiet, but I am sharing a wall now so it might also carry.

Here, have some photos:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

back and forth & to and fro


"Coat or clean?" "Coat." So I did that. And I cleaned. Caught. Did bunches of stuff. Didn't burn any screens, but now we have plenty of screens to burn. Just, like, no 123s. Jeff is going to help me move my mattress on Sunday, so now I have to hit the moving game pretty hard. Well. Hardish.

I took a load over in the evening. My plastic drawers. My grey metal shelf which was a bitch to navigate in and out of my car. All the dust I'm kicking up is really making me sneeze. I should really dust.


Slept in. Slept way way in. It was raining and I didn't want to get out of my warm, warm bed. But I did. Eventually I got around to taking over some more things. Stacking little plastic tubs is really coming in handy. Oh! I also swung by Target and even though I tried my darndest, I could not locate a damn stepping stool! I want one due to how short I am, but I couldn't locate one. I asked but the dude wasn't that helpful.

I saw the movie Prisoners, which was REALLY good. A bit slow to start but the last 45 minutes were just tense and woah.

Back at Bixby, I packed up more stuff. Now it's almost everything. I think I'll try to get my room cleared out, then I'll call Jeff and we'll move my mattress and bike. Then I'll pack up my bathroom stuff and food. It'll be a busy day. Then a new section of my Santa Cruz life starts.