Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I should change my address...

Ohhh a long day at work. Counted in sweatshirts and caught them. Then I relocated to chopping vinyl stickers and weeding even more vinyl. So much vinyl. And it had lots of little tricky bastard bits. UHhhhg. The worst lettering. Just lots of little lines and hard to peel properly. Annoying. But it gave me plenty of time to listen to The Wise Man's Fear, so that was great! Yay audiobooks!

Got home tired. 2/3's of my Breaking Bad gift exchange arrived! Did I mention I did the Breaking Bad gift exchange? I now have a mug and a poster. There is a third thing. Three separate package tracking items. Ohhh can't wait.

And my copy of Tobolowsky's The Dangerous Animals Club arrived. So many books....so much time on the Internet. Almost done with Gulp though. Very interesting book about digestion. I'm to the chapters about pooping, and thankfully my coworker is willing to talk about...the book with me. Couldn't deal with working with a normal person.

I moved some empty boxes into my trunk. Now my room seems pretty well set up. I'll work on it some more this weekend.

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