Friday, May 31, 2013

oh thank Douglas it is the weekend

Finally, the week is done! What a hectic long week it was too, but it ended on a nice note. I did a bunch of cleaning, some burning and taping, and catching and boxing. Plus I loaded the squeegees and floodbars. Jeff is really good at registration. Everything in the studio is moving much faster these days.

Still listening to Lirael. It's good stuff.

It was sooo hot at work. I was so glad to be come home and get into a loose dress and just air out. I get so sweaty. Bleh.

Washed my towels and work sweaters/pants. Tomorrow will probably be more laundry, but also some sun bathing. Gotta be freckly! I didn't get enough last summer season.

Norwegians (and a Swede) vs Sharks

Woke up a bit early and conversed with Carmen about future projects.

Road construction held me up on my way to work, so when I arrived I got right to it. Catching. Folding. Laying out. Sorting. More catching. Taping. Andrew cleaned and coated and tidied. The studio is looking really nice! I also cut stickers. No cleaning or reclaiming, I stuck pretty close to the press as there was no Stu to catch. He comes in every now and again.

After work I did a bit of cool stuff shopping. Not for me. For other people. People who might be reading this so I won't say what it is, though I think they are smart enough to put 2 and 2 together.

Then I saw Kon-Tiki which was AMAZING! Holy crap, did I ever enjoy that film. It's got everything a me could enjoy: period costumes, awesome beards, water, action, hunky Nordic men, a great story, lovely visuals. I hope plenty of people go to see it, because it was just so damn good! 

Afterwards I went home all excited and proceeded to tell as many people as possible about Kon-Tiki so that they too can enjoy it.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

home & work

post work

work clothes for every season

another buttkicker of a day

Finished Vulture Peak. It was all right. The Sonchai novels are getting a bit repetitive and self serving. Started Lirael, which is awesome! Mom, have you read these Garth Nix novels? I bet you'd like them.

Anyway. Work was heeeectic! Running about doing this and that. Cleaning. Reclaiming. More cleaning. Burning. Taping. Catching. Boxing. Cleaning. Burning. So much stuff! Real testament to how I work under pressure that I can just do this and that and hop around, though by the end of the day I was burnt out.

This whole week is burning me out. Thank Douglas it is Thursday! Have plenty more to do though.

Spent the night chilling, but also looking at things, but mostly chilling. Bought some fast food because I went full on lazy mode. Not healthy but....yeahwhatever.

My body just needs to learn that this is the new normal for the time being.

Time to sleep.

Odd Owl's Kickstarter is at $6688!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

bummer day

My shoes were downstairs when I got up this morning. UPS came early! And then I tried them on and the pretty Palladiums were a size too big and the Vans while the correct size, dug into the back of my tendon. So both will have to be returned. At least Zappos has free return shipping. I'll just have to suck it up and go shoe shopping in a store. I hate shoe shopping. I like to wear shoes till they fall apart. I don't like wearing IN shoes.

So I went to work in a mood and that mood was exaccerbated by a hectic day. Nothing went wrong, just a lot of things happened all at once. There was a bit of confusion with the screens and emulsion. We really need to go back to the SP-7500. HVP is just...no good. It doesn't hold detail like it ought. Jeff clued us in to a new screen cleaning technique with using the recirculating screen cleaner stuff instead of the fast open, and it did go a lot faster! Though the end results would still need some touch ups in the case of reuse of screens for jobs. But still, cleaning screens is time consuming and this just halved the job which is awesome. I was able to reclaim 12 screens at the end of the day (if there were more time, I could have cleaned more, and there were 20 screens which usually takes me a really long time). Also Andrew and I dumped out the collected ink sediment in the cleaning booth. It was totally...full. Like...very much so. It was rather impressive actually. And Andrew put in new cleaning solvent, so now the tank should be good to go! It's been running very slow lately. So that was quite the messy task. I was glad to be wearing awful shoes in that instance.

So at the end of the day I was quite stinky with dehazer and had enough smears and splatters of ink all over me to warrant a really nice hot bath. So I took one and working on a crossword puzzle while soaking away my worries.

I tried to give the Vans a second change but nope. Not going to hold on to them and see if maybe they'll fit better if I wear them a bunch. Just going to send them back, even though they were really cute. I can find other cute red and blue shoes. I went to Kinkos and printed out the new shipping label and taped it on the box. I'll swing by UPS on my way to work in the morning. Hopefully I'll get the refund soon, then I'll give buying shoes another true.


Don't want to do anything for the rest of the night.

Kon-Tiki looks good. I think I'll see it on Thursday and see if I can bully Ryan into seeing it with me.


Caught today's job and did a bunch of burning and taping. Screens cycle in and out of the exposure room so fast! I'll need to go on another cleaning spree soon. It ended up being a shorter day, which was fine by me.

At home I sketched some not initially important stuff and watched Arrested Development. I like how the show is building on itself because of all the overlap in the different characters stories and the lack of communication, but as ever I am very nonplussed by the whole thing. I'm not the super fan that so many people are.

Talked to Ma and Pa for half an hour on the phone. It was a nice chat. Remember Ma and Pa: delete stuff from the Dropbox once you've listened to it. Then I'll add more.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

tacos! shower curtains! fun times!


The final work day ended up being light, which was nice after four days of long hours. I coated screens, half for water base half for aquasol. I burned and taped screens. Jeff and Stu ran a job. I cleaned stuff. The recirculating tank needs refreshing. The boss offered me Memorial Day off, but I didn't want it off because I didn't really have any pressing need to do stuff on Monday. 

In the evening I drove up to San Jose to see Steve. We went to the massive mall (one of them) to meet Molly and Kyle to see Hangover III. The 9:15 was near sold out, so we went for the 9:55. That gave me time to buy some froyo and put granola and candy on it. And mochi. Is mochi healthy or not? Either way, I froyo is the bomb. Hangover III was better than I expected it to be and it bookended the trilogy nicely. The thing about those movies is that they are all shot really well. Way better than other lewd comedies are shot. They are really nice looking films that play to, well not the lowest common denominator but certainly not the people that would go to any great effort to see Tarsem's The Fall in theater. 

We bid each other adieu and I spent the night in San Jose, because on Saturday we had tickets to the 2nd Annual San Jose Taco Festival!!


Tacos! We skipped breakfast and headed out at around 11ish. There was traffic due to graduation but it wasn't that bad. We found parking about two blocks from the event and went in. Steve and I were there before Jen, Adam, Kyle, and Molly. First up was The Chairman for steamed pork bao and steamed chicken bao. It was delicious. We met up with A,K, J, and M at the beer ticket line and the shrimp tacos were accompanied with Stella. Steve got a grilled cheese kimchee taco that wasn't totally...up to snuff. Jen and Adam had this chicken and porkbelly taco at Miso Hungry. The whole taco festival was a park chuck o' block with food trucks and everything was priced at around 1 for $3 or 2 for $5. A good way to consume a large variety of tacos from lots of cheesy named vendors. With another round of beers and sangria, we hung out in this wagon that was in the historical park and ate more from The Chairman. Then there was lamb tacos from 333 and white truffle butter fish taco from We (roll symbol) Sushi. Yum yums! The day finished with ice cream from Treatbot and cupcakes from Fairycake. Then there was some frisbee. The weather was warm but not cruel. I wore my "42" tee, and someone wished me a happy Towel Day. All in all, very grand and fun. Can't beat tacos and good company.

Afterwards we took a hearty nap and then I went to Target and got some windshield wiper fluid and fuel injector cleaner. There was just one really near to Steve's place so figured I would take advantage and save me a trip...though I still went to Target in Capitola on Sunday anyway. I can always think of something to get, though it is nice to spruce up the house with things. Make it a little more my place to live and a little less a place I happen to be staying at, ya know? Anyhoo. Got back at 9ish and took it easy and went to bed at a nearly respectable hour. Didn't feel like blogging the whole todo.


Slept in till 3 minutes to noon. This weekend has been great. Had a lot of fun. Had a lot of rest. Had enough social time as well as me time. I had a cheerios & orange juice breakfast and spent half an hour baking in the sun on my back porch. Now is the time to regain some freckles. I like having them. After that I went to Target to get a new shower curtain, because our current one was getting a bit mildewy, and the inside curtain was way mildewy. One can only tolerate so much mildew. I went with a way cute bird floral pattern that I am pretty enthusiastic about (and I consulted Alana about it, so it wasn't just my choice). From there I went to Trader Joe's and did my shopping for the week. It's going to be another burrito week. Tired of the sandwiches. I took down the old curtains, put up the new plastic one and put the new cloth one in the wash because it had that "new product" smell. It's washable, which is a good thing.

May has been a really good month for me. I'm feeling really good about where I am and everything. It's all coming into place.

I added windshield fluid and checked the air in the tires (all good). I put some of that fuel injector cleaner in as well, because I haven't done that in a year. Is there anything else I should check Dad? All the fluid levels are where they ought to be.

Dinner was burritos, so now I'm set for the weeks worth of lunch. No Game of Thrones tonight.

Got tons of shirts to print, got screens to clean, got audiobooks to listen to.