Friday, May 31, 2013

Norwegians (and a Swede) vs Sharks

Woke up a bit early and conversed with Carmen about future projects.

Road construction held me up on my way to work, so when I arrived I got right to it. Catching. Folding. Laying out. Sorting. More catching. Taping. Andrew cleaned and coated and tidied. The studio is looking really nice! I also cut stickers. No cleaning or reclaiming, I stuck pretty close to the press as there was no Stu to catch. He comes in every now and again.

After work I did a bit of cool stuff shopping. Not for me. For other people. People who might be reading this so I won't say what it is, though I think they are smart enough to put 2 and 2 together.

Then I saw Kon-Tiki which was AMAZING! Holy crap, did I ever enjoy that film. It's got everything a me could enjoy: period costumes, awesome beards, water, action, hunky Nordic men, a great story, lovely visuals. I hope plenty of people go to see it, because it was just so damn good! 

Afterwards I went home all excited and proceeded to tell as many people as possible about Kon-Tiki so that they too can enjoy it.

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