Thursday, February 20, 2014

up and awaaaay

Did another major step today! I'll make the big announcement soon, but yaaay I'm feeling good about things! I'm not feeling good about the popcorn I over salted though. Boo. At least popcorn is cheap.

Work was okay. I made a mistake though, which wasn't good. I don't like making mistakes.

We printed posters, which was fun! Only single color. They covered all the flat surfaces in the studio. Lots of me running about finding places to set things and checking to see if I could double stack (they dried fast, so it's all good). Did some stickers. Burned some screens. Taped some screens.

At home, I had a nice talk with Jeff about art and thesis and art making and the way that art changes from mental image to completion. It was a really nice chat.

Things are looking up!

step step taking steps

Today was a big day. I won't put it out there just yet, because there is one more party concerned that I need to talk to about things. But today was BIG. It's a step in a new direction for me! AHhhh!!

My middle 20's are winding down, so gotta go big for the latter chunk of it. Kinda rather exciting, all in all.

Today ended up being rather solo. I did a bunch of reclaiming and coating. Got a few big shirt orders coming in. ... Oh and I did catch some shirts early on! But it was mostly screen cleaning and squeegee cleaning. Talked to boss.

Got home and relaxed and watched Luther. Jeff and Jan had a little bluegrass shindig, so that was nice to listen to, though I didn't sit in the living room and join in/draw. I'm finding it hard to be social, just kinda want to be in my Hobbit Hole of a room.

Anyhoo. Now it's late. And it's Thursday! Already! Daaaang!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

pink and lemon and gray

My hoodie and track jacket arrived! I ordered them through wholesale, so they were a third the price. Booyah! My hoodie is brighter than the picture indicates. It makes me so cheery.

We ran the lower print, back prints, and front prints on a job today. Still have 8 windbreakers, but that'll be done tomorrow. It was warm and calm and all went well.

Washed my work shirts. Finished the second series of Call the Midwife and I'm almost done with Luther. But now I wanna go to bed and read! I'm reading Gone Girl and it's grabbed me and now I must read more of it!

Also Guardians of the Galaxy looks boss.

if only it were like a real Tardis and just continually poured tea

Another three day weekend! I think I'd rather work four 10 hour days than five 8 hour ones, honestly. I like this rotation.

I did my nails. My right nails are yellow, my left are orange.

At lunch, took it easy. I made myself a Tardis bottle full of iced tea, grabbed some cookies to nibble on, and walked down to the park on Brommer Street, and sat against a tree for a few hours and read from my Kindle. I feel like I'm reading more with the Kindle. It's just so light and easy. And I can bounce through a few samples if I want a change of literary pace.

I ended up taking a nap when I got home. Just felt really tired and needed a lay down.

I'm almost done with the second season of Call the Midwife! I love to marathon shows. Ma, keep an ear out for a familiar voice when watching Miranda. Let me know if you like it!

Now I shall retire to bed. Starting early tomorrow!

Also I think some guy hollared at me from his car, but I had my headphones in so I had no idea if he did or didn't. Pfft. Guys with their hollaring.

Monday, February 17, 2014

girl (not) about town

Oh dang. Today was a total wash. A full do nothing day. I did go to Trader Joe's and get some food stuffs and do a crock pot chicken recipe. So that is something? I just sorta shuffled around the house and let the hours pass.

Did my makeup for funzies.

Didn't draw or read or do anything.

Where did my creative energy go?


The chicken was very good.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

dawn of pink

I uncovered a Macy's gift card and it had actual dollars on it, so I went to Mac and used it towards my first Mac lipstick:

The color is "Girl About Town". I'm partial to fuchsias (see: my beloved Covergirl lipstick in Spellbound). I went to the store and did testers on my arm (which is what you are supposed to do, do NOT put testers on your face because of GERMS) and then asked the lady at Mac to clean the lipstick so I could try it properly on. Gotta be sanitary. It applied so well and was so bright. But you know I already bought it. The Mac ladies were really nice. And the lipstick lasted until I ate dinner! Which is always a good sign for lipsticks. I hate it when they wear away in the middle and then you have a lipstick ring.

Stocked up on Yakult at Target. Bought some more compost bags. Had some pasta later on. Took a hot bath-OH I forgot to get more bath salts at Target. Darn. Oh well. As I was saying, I took a bath and read in the bath. That was nice.

Tomorrow I might try a fancy makeup look ala Audrey Horne. Maybe I'll do something in the crock pot? Hmmm.