Thursday, February 20, 2014

step step taking steps

Today was a big day. I won't put it out there just yet, because there is one more party concerned that I need to talk to about things. But today was BIG. It's a step in a new direction for me! AHhhh!!

My middle 20's are winding down, so gotta go big for the latter chunk of it. Kinda rather exciting, all in all.

Today ended up being rather solo. I did a bunch of reclaiming and coating. Got a few big shirt orders coming in. ... Oh and I did catch some shirts early on! But it was mostly screen cleaning and squeegee cleaning. Talked to boss.

Got home and relaxed and watched Luther. Jeff and Jan had a little bluegrass shindig, so that was nice to listen to, though I didn't sit in the living room and join in/draw. I'm finding it hard to be social, just kinda want to be in my Hobbit Hole of a room.

Anyhoo. Now it's late. And it's Thursday! Already! Daaaang!

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