Friday, February 20, 2015



Great Aunt Mary's memorial was really nice. I got to see Jenny, Janet, Brian, Katy, Lee, Carmen, Josh, Leif and Eric briefly, Hans, Brynne, Dan, Perry, Rosie, Celia...though I see Celia often. There was a generous buffet and memories were shared of a wonderful lady. I've only met Mary a few times, but she has had quite the impact in our family/

I caught the 11:15am Edmonds ferry over, walked to the Edmonds Yach Club. Wore a nice dress, tights, and was probably the best dressed on the ferry.

After the memorial, Carmen, Josh, Brian and I went to the Salish Brewery for a few pints and a game of Cards Against Humanity. I had an IPA and a cider. I didn't win, and Carmen almost won but Brian stacked the game to Josh. Such a sibling move!

I was dropped off at the ferry, didn't have to wait long, and cruised on back  past Quilcene to home. Did some more work and then tucked in to bed late in the night.


Worked on site! Did some computer work, then photographed a bunch of things. Shoes, books...other things? It's totally slipped my mind in the few hours that has passed since I did that. Hahaha. A nice little day. Got some more at home duties to do on Monday. And plenty of stuff to do to get more stuff on the store.

Tomorrow I'm getting brunch in Port Townsend with Aaron, yay!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

ciao parents, have fun


On site was just me and photographing things and documenting and all that jazz. Lots of podcasts were listened to, and I generally just worked and stuff. Wrote down a little report of the stuff I've researched.

At 6 I left for Seabeck. Dinner was salmon burger patties with beans. Dad and Mom went to sleep early, and I stayed up and watched Bring It On and looked at family photos, then I tucked in for a couple hours of sleep. At 2:15am, we left Seabeck for SeaTac, with Dad driving. I played the Nome Serum Run episode of Stuff You Missed in History. The parents are off to Mexico for two weeks! I got to drive the 2011 Prius, and so many buttons! I remember learning to drive on the 2001, and that seemed so high tech. Now it's fuddy duddy and worn in, haha. Got home at 5am ish and crawled in to bed and slept in.


Slept in and didn't roll out of bed till almost 1. I had some breakfast and grabbed the mail and returned to Pulali. I watched Parks and Recreation. Had some food and tea. Worked on editing photos and other at home work stuff.

Now to go to bed and get up and go to Mary's Memorial tomorrow. Then it's my weekend! Though I'll probably focus on working from home some more. Get stuff online for the store and all that.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

moss, maurice

Worked from home doing the online errands, whee! Google this, order that, realize I was putting this info where that info should have gone. Called for this and that. I'm never sure if I've done enough or not, but I can always do more later to compensate.

I also helped Celia scrape the moss off her roof. Just a little bit of push broom action getting the growth off the gentle slope. Need to find a stiffer metal thing on a long stick so that we can scrape the steeper roofs from the ground. I'm not getting tied onto a rope and dangled for moss!

I hardboiled some eggs and didn't forget them this time (did I mention I forgot some hard boiled eggs and only remembered once I heard them popping in the dry pan??).

Got a big day tomorrow, full of driving! Time to tuck in to bed.

Monday, February 16, 2015

gal and val

Ahhh! I meant to blog before I left on Saturday, but I forgot. So here is a three day post!


Did some work, then met Karen in Bremerton to celebrate Galentine's Day. Mom, you didn't tell me that you ran into Karen on the Ferry! Or rather as of this blog entry, you haven't texted to tell me you say Karen.

First I swung by Comics Keep in Bremerton to procure the first issue of Help Us! Great Warrior, by Madeleine Flores and colored by Trillian Gunn. Gotta support cool people making comics! And I also got the first volume of Sex Criminals (not exactly what it sounds like) and some Lumberjanes issues. And I started up my box again (I had a comic subscription box here before I left Washington for Portland, pre-blog era) to make sure I got more HU!GW and Lumberjanes, and whatever else I want on order. Dana, the shop owner, remembered me. How nice!

Then I met Karen for sushi and chat. I adore her, she's so great. Her company is always wonderful, and having a friend who has seen you go through stuff, and you've seen them grow. Such a good thing.

Together we saw Inherent Vice...and I kinda wished we'd seen Jupiter Ascending instead. IV was just... unneeded. The filming was good, the shots were excellent, casting on point and all that but the plot was unintelligible! Like it would just go on and on and on and we were both looking at each other going "this is really weird, what is happening I'm so lost..." yeah. Nice to look at but uhhhg nah.

We parted ways and I went to Trader Joe's and got food and I noticed my tire was looking a little low, so I topped it off before heading back home.


I made an appointment at Walmart to get my tire fixed (it was leaking, but not at an undriveable rate). Did some laundry. Got all gussied up and left with plenty of daylight to see Aaron for Valentine's Day. Daylight so that we could walk Banjo. And it's nice to spend time with a fella that you like. We walked Banjo down to the beach and the tide was low and clams were spurting water.

On the return, we made a calzone for dinner! It was mozzarella and goat cheese and prosciutto. I picked up the supplies at TJ's based on a recipe I found. Can't let Aaron do all the cooking, though he is very good at it. It was a tasty meal, but could have used some more flair. We watched a movie and I stayed over.

Breakfast was a drive up to Kingston, too long a wait at the brunch place, and a short walk to the crepe place and then crepes! We (sans Banjo) walked down to the dock and looked at the boats.

I left relatively early to make my appointment at Walmart. Got my tire fixed no problem. Picked up some discounted candy and went home. OH! I also got some fudge in Kingston.

I managed to catch Darrah during her visit with Celia. She and Jill hosted me over in Massachusetts way back when. After a property walk around, we got into the fudge and chatted. Now Darrah is flying back to Boston and I'm up late after doing some work and I'm tired so time to hit the hay!

One more flat tire, and the hazard insurance has fully paid for itself ($10/tire for four tires and three repairs).