Thursday, February 19, 2015

ciao parents, have fun


On site was just me and photographing things and documenting and all that jazz. Lots of podcasts were listened to, and I generally just worked and stuff. Wrote down a little report of the stuff I've researched.

At 6 I left for Seabeck. Dinner was salmon burger patties with beans. Dad and Mom went to sleep early, and I stayed up and watched Bring It On and looked at family photos, then I tucked in for a couple hours of sleep. At 2:15am, we left Seabeck for SeaTac, with Dad driving. I played the Nome Serum Run episode of Stuff You Missed in History. The parents are off to Mexico for two weeks! I got to drive the 2011 Prius, and so many buttons! I remember learning to drive on the 2001, and that seemed so high tech. Now it's fuddy duddy and worn in, haha. Got home at 5am ish and crawled in to bed and slept in.


Slept in and didn't roll out of bed till almost 1. I had some breakfast and grabbed the mail and returned to Pulali. I watched Parks and Recreation. Had some food and tea. Worked on editing photos and other at home work stuff.

Now to go to bed and get up and go to Mary's Memorial tomorrow. Then it's my weekend! Though I'll probably focus on working from home some more. Get stuff online for the store and all that.

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