Tuesday, February 17, 2015

moss, maurice

Worked from home doing the online errands, whee! Google this, order that, realize I was putting this info where that info should have gone. Called for this and that. I'm never sure if I've done enough or not, but I can always do more later to compensate.

I also helped Celia scrape the moss off her roof. Just a little bit of push broom action getting the growth off the gentle slope. Need to find a stiffer metal thing on a long stick so that we can scrape the steeper roofs from the ground. I'm not getting tied onto a rope and dangled for moss!

I hardboiled some eggs and didn't forget them this time (did I mention I forgot some hard boiled eggs and only remembered once I heard them popping in the dry pan??).

Got a big day tomorrow, full of driving! Time to tuck in to bed.

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