Saturday, December 7, 2013

so very dry

Blaaah. Felt sort of foggy all day. Not getting to bed at proper hours. No good.

I ran the shirts on one job. I caught a bit. I broke down the press. I burned some screens. We have implemented a white board at work! The abbreviations are D, F, S, G. Also known as: docket (the sheet that breaks down the shirt order and has an image of the shirt), film (for burning), screens (screens burned and taped and otherwise prepped), garments (clothes ordered and counted). The white board has two weeks worth of days in which to post jobs. So that is neat. Hurray! Organization!

My lips are so very dry. Just horribly try. Blistex did nothing. The sample of balm from Lush did nothing. I bought Aquafor's lip repair. WOW! AMAZING! Aquaphor is the best.

I have a nerd errand to run in the morning/early afternoon. Weather permitting. Then other errands.

Friday, December 6, 2013

carded part two

My lips are so dry! Waaah! Trying to keep them moisturized.

Work was sooo cold. We didn't need the heater on. I grabbed a beanie from the stack, and a shirt to add to my current layer. That is how cold it was! I think I'll wear some tights under my jeans tomorrow. I coated some screens. I ran some stickers than needed this ink that needed hella chemicals to remove. Yes I used gloves. Several layers of them. I cut some banners. Taped screens. Burned screens.

Oh so cold. We did run a job, and it was a bit warmer then. Still. Bleh.

I was grateful to go home, turn on the heat, and eat some warm carbs. I dropped off 15 cards this morning, and I have 18 to post tomorrow. So that is neat!

I ran out of stamps. So now I have to buy stamps. Only need 20 more to cover the rest of the cards with some left overs.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Printed 50 cards after word, addressed 31 envelopes, added several addresses to my address book, and wrote up 15 cards to post! Three are going abroad, so that is cool. I'm calling it a night. I'll get the rest written up tomorrow night and in the mail on Friday. I'm pretty happy with these cards. Only three were really goofs, but none so much that they were really goofed up. Printing at work was much easier. I could use the pallet and the squeegees and all the equipment was there to be used if I needed it. I still did it manually, but OH so much easier. Boss dug the design. I didn't get out till almost 9pm, and I had to scrape the frost off my car. It's going below freezing now. Boo. Cold bad!

Got some good pod cast listening in today.

I caught AND ran shirts. And taped and burned screens. And delegated Ryan to reclaiming.

I finally listened to the Nikola Tesla history podcasts, but they were rather general and mostly stuff I knew. The Queen Nzinga podcast was awesome! I listened to the Radiolab episodes: Blood, and Bliss. Both very interesting, though I wish they spent more time with the special effects guy and all the types of fake blood he uses.

My lips are so dryyy!

So I got home all tired and stiff and set to writing up my cards. I have some in tan, some in yellow, and some in pink. Which will you get???

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

To get a long little doggy!

Attention Ma & Pa, I am ordering some Christmas presents online, but I'm having them shipped to the Seabeck address. So anything that arrives for me, just put it on my bed. DON'T UNWRAP IT!!! Okay? The estimated delivery date is the 10th-26th, so hopefully they arrive!

Anyhoo. Okay.

I loaded shirts on the press! But it went slow because they were polos and the front had to have the buttons pressed down into the well of the zipper pallets, so that the button wouldn't rupture the screen. I did all right!

Coated screens. Burned my own screens at the end of the day. Taped screens. Caught shirts. Weeded. The day really scooted along.

Learned about Freya of Arabia. And did you know that Pablo Fanque, as mentioned in the Beatles song Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite, was a real person?

I have gnocchi and Gorgonzola for dinner. It was good.

Why did the cowboy buy a dachshund?

Back at it! Ryan cleaned and reclaimed. So odd to have that done by someone who isn't me. I did museum banners. I hope I didn't mess one up. I'll see if it gets rejected. Properly doing those banners for poles, you know the ones that hang flat off the side of poles up in the air? is really hard. Very specific measurements need to happen.

I also burned a bunch of stuff. Double coated. Weeded. Heat pressed. Nice start to the week.

Unless I messed up that banner. Errr.

Had some tea once I got home. Started to listen to the podcast about Fridtjof Jansen. A Norwegian explorer with a great mustache. It's a two part episode, so I'm excited to learn more. Apparently he didn't die young on the arctic, so yay!

I'm all caught up on Thrilling Adventure Hour. I guess I'll balance Stuff You Missed in History with more Radiolab and Dinner Party Download.

Monday, December 2, 2013

my four days are up

Got up bright and early (10am) and got the crock pot cooking for some tasty chicken tikka masala. Got it in the pot. Chopped up all the ingredients. Got it going! Then I spent 8 hours enjoying the smell of the kitchen. Mmm. Smelled so good.

I got out of the house for some tertiary grocery shopping. Had some pasta for lunch. Watched some tv and took a bath and read. A nice relaxing day.

I think I could have cut the chicken a bit thicker, but overall it was very tasty. Mmmm.

Hung out with Dylan and Justen a bit. Overall a relaxing day. To the grind I go, once again!

Well I say grind. I do like my job.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

the quest for red chiles

I had NO IDEA it would take so much effort to find red chiles for the chicken tikka masala recipe! At least Santa Cruz isn't big and there are several grocery stores all on the same loop. First was Safeway (after trying Trader Joe's on other days). Did not have it, but they did have doughnuts and these exfoliating skin pads I've been trying to find but were not at Wallgreens or CVS. Funny what you can find at the dingey Safeway. Whole Foods had a whole bunch of fancy expensive food, but no red chiles! They did have compostable compost bags, so now the compost bin will lack the sticky bottom. Which was ew. Tara put her yogurt in the bin this morning, because she didn't want to clog the sink..but I ended up pouring it in the sink anyway because ... gross. And what, I was jut going to put yogurt in the can outside? That stuff goes rancid. There is a difference between yogurt and apple cores. Anyway. Yeah. With bin liners there should be a better compost situation.

Shoppers Corner had the red chiles and I told the check out lady that she was my savior. I couldn't believe that it took multiple stores to find! I could swear they were everywhere, but maybe I'm thinking of red bell peppers. Hmm.

Anyway. Returned home. Installed the new compost liners. I worked on my holiday card. Ate left overs. Struggled with my makeup. Somedays it is easy, somedays it just doesn't work. Normally when I mess up my eye liner. I can blend in shades pretty well, but getting gel liner right and even is tough.

I caught the late showing of Catching Fire. The guy working the ticket counter had an awesome beard and I told him so. I walked to the theater on 41st, which was surprisingly walkable. I enjoyed the movie. Though it sort of sped along getting from the starting content to the arena. Sort of "oh right there is a whole 'nother chunk to this story!" Good actors, and the effects were awesome. I enjoyed it. No shakey cam!

Back home I got my chicken marinating. Yogurt, cumin, coriander, a bit of salt. Sliced the chicken up, but oh wow it seems EVERY knife in this house is dull. I need to find a way to sharpen them. It's absolutely awful.

So yaaay, tomorrow I get up and get my chicken cooking! 8 hours worth of slow cooking, but it'll get started around 11ish if I manage to roll out of bed. Hurray!