Saturday, May 16, 2015

lady movies


On site! Rolled out of bed, stuffed some coffee down my gob, and off I went! Procured some freebie clothes at work because I got to intercept a pile before it got consigned. Booyah. I also helped photograph some jewelry for a client (on site still) and that was fun! Got a new necklace too. With a little bit of coral dangly on it. Not a bad day. Got some stuff done and documented.

And I got to hang with Aaron after work. He's back from Leavenworth! Hurray! And I got to see a very enthusiastic Banjo, who spun in circles. Aaron and I got pizza at Bella Luna and watched the sun set.

I departed and caught the late showing of Mad Max: Fury Road by myself and it was amazing! Awesome practical effects, so many stunts, oddball character designs, a look like nothing else, and SO many lady characters! I didn't even know what to do with so many ladies in a movie like this. I want to see it again, but bring a notepad and take notes on the way certain characters are filmed, and scenes...but also sit closer to the front and just soak in all the awesome.

Got back late and stayed up too late.


Worked a bit from home, then headed out to Silverdale to meet Mom to see another lady filled movie: Pitch Perfect 2. It was very cute and had some nice tunes. Anna Kendrick was charming as always. Where does she find the time to be in so many things?

I swung by Target and found a new battery for my watch! Except it didn't work so I think my watch might be broken...I wonder how much watch repair costs?

And I made a Trader Joe's run. Hurray for seaweed! And back home with me. So much time spent driving to do errands, but that's the way it is out here.

Tomorrow I'm going to Seattle to see Emily Heller! And I'm going to hang with Chris, so looking forward to that. Going to wear my pineapple dress, yay.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

last days of shrimp

Last day with Ma and Pa visiting. Last day for shrimping too. We got a motherlode, so we should be good on shrimp for the rest of the year.

I had a cuppa coffee and two eggs and english muffins for breakfast. Yum. Ma improved the upstairs of the garage and now there is another bed for company! Now I just need some company. Ma and I gardened a bit. In some of the open beds I planted cucumbers, carrots, and pumpkins. Some of the garden beds need airing because of dirt fungus,

The weather was clear and crisp, but damp from rain and heavy with the hints of more rain to come. A good day to do activity outside. I helped Dad roll up the ropes and haul up the shrimp gear. Ma made sandwiches for lunch and Dad grilled some shrimp.

With all the shrimp got and packed, Ma and Pa departed. Nice to have a few days worth of company.

I did a spot of laundry and a spot of work and had some noodles for dinner. Now it's bed time because, guess what, I'm on site tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

mom likes birds


Worked getting stuff online. More stuff. Always more stuff. Did some rearranging. Ma and Pa came up again for a few days of shrimping and hard core yard work. I had sit on my bum and do computer work, so I did that. But I did help time the shrimp and eat the shrimp that was barbecued for dinner. I'm sure other things went down, but they went to bed early and I went to bed late.


Today I worked on writing up tutorials for listing items on Square and eBay. They are mainly a jumping off point for the boss, and there's always far more info to be included, but for now I feel pretty good about them. Hopefully they are clear.

Ma and Pa cleared so much brush, and Dad did tons of sawing of branches. So much brush clearing! It was nice to have Ma make lunch. Barely an interruption in my flow of tutorial making. Once I got the Square one done, we took a little hike and then dinner, which was Arthur shaped pasta, beans cooked Trill style, and chicken. Oh and a bottle of Merlot that had a bird on the label, because of course it had a bird on it. Post dinner I made cupcakes and we watched A Knight's Tale. Such fun.

Then I did the eBay tutorial, and was on a roll and I finished it. Now it's very late and I'm going to go to sleep. I think I'll do some gardening tomorrow. And it's the last day for shrimping.

Monday, May 11, 2015

expect many "year ago today" posts

I am so tired and sore. Took too many steps yesterday. Got a app to track my steps, so I can keep track of being fit and stuff. Not that I'm on the road to getting fit.


Ma and Pa arrived at 8:45, a bit later than they originally said. Pa got right to setting shrimp traps, Ma got to clearing brush from the seawall. I made some cinnamon toast and helped a bit with hauling brush onto the beach fire. My Megan Nicole Dong comics arrived, and she included stickers in the order! How wonderful to have stickers! I love her art so much.

Dad hauled up another limits worth of shrimp, and we got to cooking them and I got to eating them. And I prepared some alfredo sauce with shrimp and pasta for a little lunch. We sat on the beach too, and at more shrimp. Claire stopped by and she and Celia went for a courageous swim.

Ma and Pa left early, and I made a late in the evening grocery run. Ice cream, marshmallows, green beans, beer. The staples. There was an accident on 101 on the way back. An SUV had hit the side of a truck, and both were pretty banged up. No one seemed smeared on the pavement, but there were many cops. I guess the truck was going too fast into Quilcene and got hit by someone turning left...except the truck was going out of Quilcene. Hmmm. Anyway, that was a thing.

It was nice to get home and rest.


Made rice krispie treats! Yum! And...ate them all. Well I shared some with Celia. And it wasn't....a big amount. But I still....ate them all throughout the day. On top of a sandwich and pasta and lots of carbs. So many carbs.

I worked on a couple long LONG overdue thank you cards. And watched telly. and kept it chill mostly. A casual Sunday. Now it is WAY late, so I'm going to bed.

A year ago today I was camping at Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, not knowing that I'll soon be woken up my snow collapsing my tent.