Monday, May 11, 2015

expect many "year ago today" posts

I am so tired and sore. Took too many steps yesterday. Got a app to track my steps, so I can keep track of being fit and stuff. Not that I'm on the road to getting fit.


Ma and Pa arrived at 8:45, a bit later than they originally said. Pa got right to setting shrimp traps, Ma got to clearing brush from the seawall. I made some cinnamon toast and helped a bit with hauling brush onto the beach fire. My Megan Nicole Dong comics arrived, and she included stickers in the order! How wonderful to have stickers! I love her art so much.

Dad hauled up another limits worth of shrimp, and we got to cooking them and I got to eating them. And I prepared some alfredo sauce with shrimp and pasta for a little lunch. We sat on the beach too, and at more shrimp. Claire stopped by and she and Celia went for a courageous swim.

Ma and Pa left early, and I made a late in the evening grocery run. Ice cream, marshmallows, green beans, beer. The staples. There was an accident on 101 on the way back. An SUV had hit the side of a truck, and both were pretty banged up. No one seemed smeared on the pavement, but there were many cops. I guess the truck was going too fast into Quilcene and got hit by someone turning left...except the truck was going out of Quilcene. Hmmm. Anyway, that was a thing.

It was nice to get home and rest.


Made rice krispie treats! Yum! And...ate them all. Well I shared some with Celia. And it wasn't....a big amount. But I still....ate them all throughout the day. On top of a sandwich and pasta and lots of carbs. So many carbs.

I worked on a couple long LONG overdue thank you cards. And watched telly. and kept it chill mostly. A casual Sunday. Now it is WAY late, so I'm going to bed.

A year ago today I was camping at Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, not knowing that I'll soon be woken up my snow collapsing my tent.

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