Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I'm heading out to Maine tomorrow! Going to go over New Hampshire. I'll get to there and Vermont on the way back and up to Montreal. It helps to actually look at maps.

I drove down to Providence, Rhode Island. I'm officially up to 30 states! I don't like calling states I cruise just over. So Maine will be 31, then New Hampshire 32, and Vermont 33. So close to 40! I still have a ways of travel left, but I'm almost heading west. Returning to the Pacific. I have a lot of ground to cover, but it's ground going to where I am from. I'll back to distances and camping. And there are a few more people to visit with. BT, Tibby, Megan, Caroline.

So! Providence! I found parking on the hill in the midst of Brown University. It said two hours, so I set my phone alarm. Brown has a lot of nice buildings, all up and down hills with winding climbing stairs. I like houses stuck higgelty on a hill like that. Not all gridded out on a plane. RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) was also there, but I didn't feel like paying to see their museum for a short bit. I did feel like taking a picture of their personal emergency vehicles with RISD vinyl wraps. Vehicle wraps are costly! It looked so silly, and then RISD alumni retweeted my photo! Did they know I was making fun of them? What kind of school has that?

I checked out the little anthropology display, and this historical house. But I wasn't really feeling Providence, so I continued on south and east. I cruised out to Sakonnet Vineyard to buy a bottle of wine for Darrah as a thank you & birthday gift. Getting to the vineyard took me back and forth between Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Kinda funny that Rhode Island even bothers being a state.

After the wine was procured, I returned to Gloucester. My GPS took me through Boston and I was reminded that I was only there for one day and I didn't see so much of the city, but I did have fun. Boston will still be here. It's a big city. I'm not too fussed that I didn't spend more time there. I'm excited for nature and being on the road and knocking off states and seeing a bit of Canada.

Darrah made a tofu and veggie dinner. Now it's time to sleep. Tomorrow I head off. Gas & food and northward ho!

the road most traveled for years

These past two weeks I've driven the least of the different 2 week chunks. When I have a chance to rest and stay over, I certainly like to take it. Averie is going to be in Boston soon, not for long, but I am dragging my heels. Right now it is six more days, but that is so long in road trip time! But I suppose I could go up North, camp, and come back, instead of home basing it, which is what I have been doing. Darrah is very kind to have me. And Jill, who is also staying here. Both very kind, lovely ladies!

Now I'm finding things to do in Rhode Island. Yeah, I think I will go camp up north for a few days. I miss camping. Except there are tick warnings and I don't have anyone in my life that could check me for ticks. Decisions.

Well, whatever happens will happen. I don't want Lyme disease though. That isn't something that needs to happen.

So on Tuesday I drove down into Connecticut, nice and proper this time so now I can count it in my state count: 29! Rhode Island will bring me nice and neat to 30. Then it is 18 to go, and that is hardly any number! I want to get to Butte before BT leaves.

I got a medium morning start on driving, but it was still a bunch of driving. Several hours. But it went well. Lots of zigzagging to avoid tolls. I wish telling how much tolls will be was a readily available part of Google Maps, because it just warns of tolls but doesn't say how much. Will it be 6 bucks? 17? 2? If it is 2, I'll pay 2, because I burn more gas driving around, but it if it's a lot then well, screw that.

So I drove to New Haven, where Michael recommended going for art museums, and Yale's art museum was FREE! So that is a done deal. There was street parking readily available, and it was only a buck fifty an hour! But limited to two hours, but that only shaved half an hour off my time at the museum, because parking was covered till 4:30 and the museum closed at 5. They even had free lockers! So I could stroll with just my notebook. And it turns out ~2 hours was perfect for the collection. They had a nice Stubbs, I really dug this Winterhalter. They had a few Eakins as well. I guess Eakins is very East Coast. There was a west coast exhibit with some Thiebauds. Love his work. There was a collection of miniatures and they even provided a magnifying glass to really peer at them. So cool! I love miniature portraits so much.

I drove a couple blocks and parked again and went to the uber Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library. A pleeb like me couldn't touch the books, but I could walk around their glass enclosure and look at a Gutenberg Bible and Audubon Folio (also behind glass). It was a very cool building. The exterior was made with some sort of marble that didn't let light in, but sort of glowed in the sun. Very...epic.

I got an iced green tea from Blue State Coffee and sat and read for a bit, then I drove to Mystic, and walked around the seaport a bit. Unfortunately I couldn't get near the wooden boats without breaking and entering. But it was a nice place to watch the sunset. It was an easy drive back. I'm getting an earlier start today.

On Sunday I caught a matinee of Snowpiercer, which was all dystopian and neat and claustrophobic, though it had some shakey cam. Good casting with Alison Pill, Tilda Swinton, Chris Evans, Ewen Bremmer, Jamie Bell, Luke Pasqualino, and others. There were pancakes and chicken too. And we went out for fish and chips on Monday. It was a big platter type meal, instead of individual plates. The sunset in my eyes, but it was still pretty. It's nice out here in Gloucester. Quiet, yet established. It doesn't feel empty like so many towns I have driven through. These East Coast towns are too close to establishment and money and work. Schools.

So. 10am. Rhode Island. But first I must shower.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Boston! Boston was super fun. I popped around and had lots of ice cream and took the subway and saw fishes and... I guess you'll want more description than that.

Darrah loaned me her commuter pass, which was all trains and what not included! So I could do the bus or the train or whatever with no worry of cost. How great! And it covered the train ride in from Rockport, which was an hour and some change to North Station, Boston. I read and wrote in my journal and watched the scenery go by. Very nice and effortless.

I opted to wear pants, which was a gambit because it was due to be warm but not 90 degrees. I could have probably been fine in shorts, but I wanted to wear pants. And I was fine! Got a bit hot here and there, but nothing too bad. With the pass and the public transit option in Google Maps, it was easy to get around town. I hopped on the subway to the aquarium, and thanks to a free pass Darrah gave me (Darrah is all kinds of great) I went through the shorter pass line and was in lickety split! The New England Aquarium was crowded, but - oh! I forgot a bit.

The subway let me off near this square where there were food markets, just a row of indoor stalls a block long, so I went up and down it and went with chicken teriyaki and ate that on the steps. THEN I went to the aquarium. Which was crowded. But of course it was. It was Saturday on a holiday weekend. Lots of families. Lots of accents. I don't think I've seen a bigger density of tourists than in this part of Boston. Even New York I think they were stretched out. Or maybe less obvious.

Anyhoo! The penguins sure were cute. Lots of different kinds all sitting about. And they had good fishes in the tanks. I really liked the big central aquarium and I spent a lot of time watching the fish go by. There were some big ones. And one fish pooped and another fish at the poop. And a scuba diver in the tank accidentally thwapped the turtle in the head with his fin, but the turtle didn't seem fussed. After an hour of navigating crowds, I left to get ice cream!

A guide pamphlet listed two places: Picco for well known flavors done right and Toscanini's for funky interesting flavors. Picco was a bit closer, so I hopped on the subway once again, transferred, and bam! Picco! I got the caramel swirl and it was indeed tasty. I ate it while walking about, and sat in the park and read for a bit while watching people in swanboats go about. There were a couple violinists dispersing music through the air. It was a very nice day. Perfect warm weather.

I got back on the subway and headed up into Cambridge for Toscanini's. I overshot the place and ended up at MIT. There was a bit fancy building with columns. I debated hanging around to procure a husband, but I think I was wearing too intimidating of a shade of lipstick, so I continued back and got to Toscanini's and their array of flavors did not disappoint. I went with the Gianduja, which is chocolate and ground hazelnut and it was some of the best ice cream I have ever had. And I've had a lot of ice cream! It was perfectly smooth and edible and good and mmm. Good choice!

Sated, I set about returning to North Station. In the subway this musician, Sergei, was playing some low tempo synthy stuff that gave the wait this amazing soundtrack. I gave him a dollar. Life and travel can have some interesting soundtracks.

I only had to wait 20 minutes to board the train back. A good thing because they left just bout every hour and if I had missed it, I would have been sore. I read mostly on the way back. I had parked at the station, where there was free parking, and my car was unmolested. Though the only stuff that is visible are camping supplies. No bags or wallets. A bonfire was burning to the right as I drove back into Gloucester. What a lovely day! I've never spent much time on subways. Getting the hang of it. It's easy when you pay a flat fee/have a pass to get into the system. I don't know how I'd deal if I had to pay for tickets that depended on the number of stops I had to take (i.e. Japan if I recall correctly).

This morning there were pancakes and I sat out back and read. I don't think I'll go back into Boston. I'll just relax up here.