Friday, July 8, 2016

butter cookies with lime glaze

In the past few days I've:

  • had a bunch of cookies
  • made cookies at work and they were delicious
  • instructed Dustin in how to draw faces
  • worked hard
  • did eight full turns with the super efficient team of awesome people
  • generally was super efficient at work and things are good there
  • worked more hard
  • Friday is my last day
  • got paid
  • paid PUD bill wheee it's down forty seven cents from what it was last year!!
  • uhhh
  • work work work
  • sleep sleep
  • had a hurt back
  • scheduled a hair appointment
  • played compuper games

Monday, July 4, 2016

double comics, because I'm a generous God

Work was tough. It wasn't an unusual shift. Three turns, four fluffs, refills, napkin ironing. I just felt rough. Very tired and light headed. I had a scone leftover from breakfast and after my PB&J I started feeling a bit right in the head. Still, it was tough. I did food shopping and got gas and at home I took a nap. Festivities were happening at Celia's but I needed a little buffer between work and people. So I drew the comic and took a nap. Then I was good to go and I had a blast! Linda, Brian, Amy, errr I forget Amy's husband's name, Taylor, Reed, Dustin were there! And Kathy and two of Celia's friends whose names I now forget. Nice group. Good meat was on the grill, and corn and veggies and other food. We sat outside. We talked. Safe fireworks were let off and Taylor got the Pagoda. We had marshmallows and a good time was had. I missed Averie, Muchim, Brynne, and Dan due to napping.

comics about feet

Whoopsy three days no blog. Well it was my weekend and I didn't go anywhere and didn't get up to much. And my computer was over heating. I played vidya games and drew and cleaned. Got rid of the spiders. Got rid of the same spider twice. Tried to make okonomiyaki with Celia. Next time I'll shred the cabbage more. But it was a damn tasty dinner and it had flank steak on the top. Nums.

Uhmmm. I did my nails in red and blue for the holiday, even though I'm working.

Celia's house looks really nice! She elbow greased the heck out of it.

I need to buy food. I'm going to have one sad PB&J tomorrow for lunch.

Been having some weird dreams.