Friday, January 18, 2013

books and the last days of 24

Yaaay! Birthday party weekend shall commence!

At work, I ran the sweater portion of the job. It took the press longer to squeegee the ink that it did for me to load and unload sweaters. Booyah. 200 sweaters backs done! I came in a bit later, at the Boss' request, I wasn't late. Ran the job and all was well. A shorter day.

Took a bath when I got home. Did laundry. Lounged about. Worked on getting plans together. Tomorrow will be San Francisco and a show in the evening. Wheee! Then Sunday will be Oakland and hiking and fun fun fun with Finn & Robin. I can't wait! It might be a three day weekend. I need to contact my boss about that.

Anyway. Hurray!

I finished Some Hope, so now I am starting Mother's Milk, the fourth of the Patrick Melrose quintet.

we named the dog Indiana (actually that is Last Crusade, not Ark, but whatever)

Hey Mum, I got your email. I'll respond to it all proper like tomorrow.

Dusted and cleaned the press. There is always cleaning to be done in the studio. Such as chipping off the ice buildup in the fridge. Also caught some shirts and sweatshirts, counted them, boxed them when they were printed. Weeded some stickers. It was pretty warm in the studio. Warm enough to remove my sweatshirt. Maybe winter is over in Santa Cruz?

After work, I met up with Ryan for dinner at this cajun place. Pretty good hush puppies and chicken pot pie. After that we caught the Thursday movie at the Regal 9, which was Raiders of the Lost Ark (only $5). The good thing about seeing movies on the big screen is that you can see details like a fly going into an actors mouth midtake, and the actor not breaking character. Hahah! A pretty good night, though according to Ryan this is unusually cold for Santa Cruz. Dang, I brought the cold with me!

Tomorrow is Friday, and then whoo birthday party weekend! I'll hold off on opening presents. I can do it.

Oh also went food shopping and tried to buy things beyond the same stuff I always get. The problem with buying a variety of things is you end up buying more things and thus more moolah, but hey, some variety in diet is good! And I have enough to last me a while. Plus bacon and eggs. Yum yum.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I only had three cups of tea today...

Had a self moderated day at work, so I slept in and arrived at noon. I should have kept to my usual schedule because I still ended up working seven hours, and after seven is a bit late to get back. Especially when one needs to go grocery shopping and when one gets lazy...ahhh oh well. I can do that...tomorrow.

The squeegees were sharpened, though the rubber on one ended up being melted by the friction of the rotating sander thingy. It was one that I've never seen used. Still...gah!

I weeded and cut stickers as well. The stickers that needed weeding had lots of little bits. I also vacuumed around the studio. Almost done with Die Trying! Not sure which audiobook I'll listen to next, but I have plenty to choose from. Discworld? Maybe a bit o' sci fi?

I want to open my preeeeseeeeents. But I'll wait. Only a few more days! Ma & Pa, expect a call from me Monday morning. I'm not waiting till I'm done with work to open them. Bah.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

two tone 'do

I actually only got one full haircut in 2012, and that was by Carmen. And that was in June! Oh how times fly. And my roots are so very grown out. I like being more auburn in my hair color, but that takes so much effort and redying, so I'm just going to let my hair go natural. After work I went to SuperCuts and got my hair cut (as you can see above). It's so flippy with tons of layers and it is so much lighter and it is just GREAT ahhhh. Can't wait to show it off during my birthday party weekend. Wheee!

The necklace I'm wearing is the one I made. The hand was made by Morgaine. It's so neat.

Work was short. I sharpened squeegees for the first part, and caught some shirts for the second part. I'm almost done with Die Trying. Sharpening squeegees is time consuming. Tomorrow I'll be working solo, so I get to sleep in! Perks of my job.

This Tuesday keeps wanting to feel like a Wednesday. Almost done with "Some Hope". Just breezing through the most awesome Patrick Melrose quintet. So many books to read, just a great bed to read them in!

Ahhh I love my new 'do.

Monday, January 14, 2013

hair beware

Started my shift with coating screens. Trying a different emulsion for the lower mesh count screens, so we shall see how that goes. Then after I cleaned and sharpened the scissors and tidied up around the studio, I got to sharpening squeegees! Which is pretty much just grinding off the bottom of squeegees and making the edge nice and square. It's a lot of handiwork and moving the same thing against the grinder for 20 minutes, but it's good work to do while listening to audiobooks (Die Trying, the second Jack Reacher novel, specifically) so I can't complain. Though it was a bit cold in the studio, though a bit cold by my standards means "fucking freezing" by my coworkers. Hahah. Precious. Anyway. Got all the manual squeegees sharpened. Tomorrow will be the automatic press squeegees.

Got done a bit early, not that it did my any good. Conserving my moolah for the birthday weekend. Haven't been to board game night in almost two months! Soon, I'll go soon.

Did the dishes and contemplated getting a haircut, except the salons in town are expensive! But the beauty school isn't...do I risk it?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

just call me "rarely travels half mile radius from home on the weekends" trill


I wasn't out that late, or anything. I just figured that since I didn't do much on Saturday, might as well just wait till Sunday to double blog. Anyhoo. Slept in till 1. My body was extra tired from that first week back at work. Did the dishes. Tied up. Relaxed. Later on I went over to the CTV station thingy where Ryan works, unfortunately the comedy show that was going to go on that night (local access) was cancelled, so we just hooked up Netflix to the projector in the station and hung out. Watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol,  which was fun, and Miller's Crossing, which was confusing.


Set my alarm, because Saturday is for sleeping in and Sunday is for not making it really difficult to get up on Monday. Janet was gone for the weekend, as was Amanda, so I had the house to myself. You bet I wore pajamas all day and had a blanket wrapped around my waist. I roll in style here.

Next Sunday, I'm hanging with Finn & Robin in Oakland for Birthday shenanigans, so that will be fun! Might go up Saturday and hang out in San Francisco and spend the night, so I don't do a whole bunch of driving in the same day. Birthday stuff coming together, yay!

So last weekend, a guy came to my door offering up DVDs. Really obvious bootlegs. I said no thanks and he went away. Today a guy showed up and said, "I don't have any movies." He looked a bit....off kilter. I said I couldn't help him and he said thanks and left. Is this some sort of spy code? What is going to happen NEXT week? Well, I won't be around for that.

I watched the Golden Globes (how can Benedict Cumberbatch continue to not win for Sherlock? He is so very good). Generally I took it easy. Stayed in. All that good stuff.