Saturday, January 11, 2014

january keeps on truckin'

Didn't do anything! Whoo! Well that is a lie. I did do some stuff. I just didn't, like, go up to San Francisco or travel anywhere. Just did tidying up and stuff.

We got a guy Alex coming in tomorrow for a housemate interview.

My box o' birthday presents arrived! Yaaay!

I washed my car. It was getting a bit smudgey.

I tidied my room. It was getting a bit hectic. Still need to recycle some things. But on the whole, it looks better. So that is good.

I haven't done any crock pot cooking in a while! Egads! I should do that tomorrow. Oh wait... I'm going to be leaving the house tomorrow to go do stuff. Ehhhh.

I did a Target errand. Watched some Look Around You. Now I'm going to drink tea and read. That'll be nice.

Friday, January 10, 2014

quick week, little post


I did a banner, weeded some vinyl, caught some jobs. It was a rather short day. And I had another casual evening.


Yay! Friday! This week went by so fast. I caught a job and then boxed it. I cleaned screens and squeegees and floodbars and sorted stickers. A nice relaxing solo day, mostly. Kara made tamales, which became my lunch. Go Kara!

This weekend I need to:

  • wash my car
  • clean my room
  • trim my bangs
  • see the movie "Her"
  • paint my nails something fun
  • read

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Mostly solo day. Did a banner. Sorted the film. Helped boss empty the drawers. Sorted the film into the drawers. Listened to the Wham Bam Pow podcast, which I'm enjoying oodles these past few days. Also did some stickers and magnets. Counted out some shirts.

The studio is really looking nice! More clean. More organized. Boo yah!

Got home in time to catch a bit of the interview with the potential housemate Justin. That's right. Justen moved out, and we have Justin interviewing. As if things were not confusing enough already. Don't know if he'll be THE housemate, but he seems nice. Had a good little chat. He departed and Jeff and I had a nice chat about things while I made some pasta and drank some tea.

Then I did my usual evening routine of nothing much.

I pretty much am always wearing Nate's zombie slippers whilst at my desk. They are PERFECT! I can't believe I didn't think of putting slippers on my christmas/birthday wish list. Sure they are Nate sized, but they still work.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

the week is starting to go by fast

Today I was tasked to sort the film. So I pulled all the stacks and did a rough alphabetization of a-e, f-j, k-o, p-s, t-z. And a stack for over sized, a stack for date specific (i.e. 2008 events we'll never run again) and made notes about what jobs have multiple film folders. I didn't have time to conference with the Boss about where to place them. That'll be tomorrow. I also coated screens and burned screens and taped screens and did general pick up stuff. Also counted in a few shirts. Not a bad day.

Though poor Jeff. Four solid days of printing jerseys.

I did a grocery run. Talked with the cashier about how nice it is for our temperatures to be well above freezing.

We are interviewing a new dude tomorrow, for the house. Guess what his name is?

I wore a tee shirt for most of my shift. Is spring coming early to Santa Cruz?

Today ran pretty smoothly. I counted in shirts, unfolded the jerseys as they were printed (or rather turned them inside out so they were ready for the other side to be printed). I cleaned the screens so that they would be ready to switch to the other ink colors. I ate copious amounts of caramel corn that Stu brought in. I also reclaimed a full rack worth of screens while listening to The Unbelievable Truth, and now my internal monologue is that of David Mitchell. GAH!!

Then I pulled the film out of the exposure room and sorted it a bit. It'll need a major overhall soon. The studio is getting so clean, it's awesome! And more organized. There'll be systems and checks and just. Stuff! Yay!

After work I had some tea and ... kinda did nothing I suppose. I organized the files on my SD card for my mp3 player. I listened to some podcasts. Jeff is back from his trip, and we chatted a bit.

I've got Phenomena by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs stuck in my head, alongside David Mitchell.

Monday, January 6, 2014

I know ash

Carmen and Josh have such a nice soft bed. Always get a good night sleep in it. Got up and had left overs for breakfast. Made some tea and then it was art time!

Burned the remaining screen, got the table all set up. And it all went really well! The prints look totally badass, and I'm going to get the artists proof, so THAT is cool. I'm just going to wait till it is signed by the whole band. Yaay! I hung around for a bit. Helped clean up. I'll probably be up again in a few weeks for more printing.

We walked down to Irving and got sushi (well Josh got a slice of pizza) and I got some Sheng Kee pastries for the road, but the sushi filled me up, so the pastries I just consumed over the course of time for the rest of the day.

It is so nice to be out of the house and making neat art. I really must make more art.

Had a nice effortless drive down. And then I made some chamomile tea and watched Sherlock and the episode was amaaazing. Ridiculous, fun, awesome, and I teared up a bit. AH such a great episode.

Welp. Sleep then work beckons!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

printing in frisco

I want more days like this. Just hanging with neat people and working on great projects.

Got up early, loaded up my car with printing supplies and a change of clothes and off I went to San Francisco! Effortless drive. Arrived at 10ish. Today Carmen and I set about printing a Kickstarter reward. The four color print of the album art (not with the hands, just the full cityscape with some colors) specifically. Only six 20"x20" will be printed. One of the uber rewards.

Film was printed out and assembled. Screens were coated. I took a break to walk down to 19th and procure tacos. Screens were burned and painstakingly washed out. Screens were set to dry. Ink was mixed. Paper was cropped down to the... oh wait the paper was 20" x 20", the print was 16" x 16". Then we ran an errand and got an 18" squeegee from the screen printer supply shop (a legit shop with the actual proper chemicals and screens, not like the crappy section art stores have!). Back to the house. Josh got Thai food. We had dinner. And then we started printing! And it all went pretty smoothly. First went down the blue, then the green, then the gray. When the black lineart went down it was just. Wowza. I drew the original stuff so small, so it is great to see it SO BIG! And I'll get a copy for myself (the funkiest one). I'm so stoked on it. I need to print more. Poster just look so GOOD!

There is still a final layer to do, but we'll do that in the morning. I don't know if I'll be printing more (there is a deluxe Owl Lady poster, but that is only two colors and the owl lady is already burned).

I'll just have to see what tomorrow brings. Besides the new episode of Sherlock.