Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I wore a tee shirt for most of my shift. Is spring coming early to Santa Cruz?

Today ran pretty smoothly. I counted in shirts, unfolded the jerseys as they were printed (or rather turned them inside out so they were ready for the other side to be printed). I cleaned the screens so that they would be ready to switch to the other ink colors. I ate copious amounts of caramel corn that Stu brought in. I also reclaimed a full rack worth of screens while listening to The Unbelievable Truth, and now my internal monologue is that of David Mitchell. GAH!!

Then I pulled the film out of the exposure room and sorted it a bit. It'll need a major overhall soon. The studio is getting so clean, it's awesome! And more organized. There'll be systems and checks and just. Stuff! Yay!

After work I had some tea and ... kinda did nothing I suppose. I organized the files on my SD card for my mp3 player. I listened to some podcasts. Jeff is back from his trip, and we chatted a bit.

I've got Phenomena by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs stuck in my head, alongside David Mitchell.

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