Monday, January 6, 2014

I know ash

Carmen and Josh have such a nice soft bed. Always get a good night sleep in it. Got up and had left overs for breakfast. Made some tea and then it was art time!

Burned the remaining screen, got the table all set up. And it all went really well! The prints look totally badass, and I'm going to get the artists proof, so THAT is cool. I'm just going to wait till it is signed by the whole band. Yaay! I hung around for a bit. Helped clean up. I'll probably be up again in a few weeks for more printing.

We walked down to Irving and got sushi (well Josh got a slice of pizza) and I got some Sheng Kee pastries for the road, but the sushi filled me up, so the pastries I just consumed over the course of time for the rest of the day.

It is so nice to be out of the house and making neat art. I really must make more art.

Had a nice effortless drive down. And then I made some chamomile tea and watched Sherlock and the episode was amaaazing. Ridiculous, fun, awesome, and I teared up a bit. AH such a great episode.

Welp. Sleep then work beckons!

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