Saturday, September 27, 2014


Friday: slept in. My toe is less red and swollen but still hurts. Kept it bandaged. In the afternoon, Celia and I went for a little mushroom hunt. Got a few, but not many. The slugs got to others. Later I took another walk in the woods in the rain. It was very, very rainy. I watched Dear Zachary and it absolutely slayed me. What a depressing, tragic movie! Holy crap!

Saturday: Didn't sleep in so much, as I had to be out the door at 1pm to meet Ma and Pa for The Boxtrolls. I tidied up, had breakfast, and was out the door! I overshot Poulsbo because I didn't know there wasn't a Finn Hill Road exit heading to Silverdale, but I got there on time. Loved The Boxtrolls! So imaginative and fun and creative and just comical too. I loved the character designs. I recommend it! We got thai food for lunch and then back to Pulali! Showed Ma and Pa the dramatic changes I've made and then we settled in to watch Bubble Boy. One of mom's favorites. Tomorrow the raft is coming out of the water.

Here are some dog breeds that I think are cute:
  • Kooikerhondje
  • Norwegian lundehund
  • Leonberger
  • Schipperke
  • Swedish vallhund

Friday, September 26, 2014

the waiting game

So apparently it is Berenstain Bears and it's always been Berenstain even though I and everyone I know remembers it as Berenstein. Our universe collapsed and this is the nearest safe one, I guess. It's so weird to be in an alternate universe. They are real!

Anyway. My toe is still a bit weird (did I mention I possible broke my pinky toe?), but I've taped it to the next toe and it isn't bugging me. Keeping it out of shoes helps. I was able to vacuum and tidy and take out the compost and all that. I'm not totally bed ridden, but I don't want to push it.

It's been raining, so that's good for the plants.

I'm halfway through The Magicians and I continue to be frustrated by it.

Oh! Job interview! I think it went well. As well as I could hope. Interviewed with both Kristen and Rob and I think I left a good impression. Fingers crossed because I'm right now being very lazy in applying to other jobs....

I'm ready to work though. Ready to build up a new routine and life and things.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

lunch and second lunch

Just dropped "The American Art Book" on that maybe brown recluse. I think it had made a home in the curtain, because when I unfurled the curtain, it suddenly showed up. The carpet has a lot of give, so I don't know how dead it actually is. I'll maybe pile some more books on it before I go to bed and leave it as is.

When I was descending the stairs last night, my foot slipped to the side and my pinky toe caught the edge of the stair and twisted up. It still hurts, and it is very red, though just on the red side of purple, so it's not really so bruised but maybe by tomorrow? I don't know if it broken. I can touch and move my toe a little bit with just minor tenderness, but yanking on it really hurts. I'm icing and not icing and keeping it elevated. I can still sort of walk on it. Shoes will be an interesting thing tomorrow.

Monday in Seattle was super fun! We left the house at around 10:30ish. I rested my eyes a little bit. Dad stopped at one marine store, and then we went to this other where he met a dude who bought the old stove from the new boat. Then we went to another marine store in Ballard and bought a better stove and some tubing and other boat stuff. Boats need a lot of specific stuff! We swung by the Fremont Troll, which had some ugly defacement on it. And we got lunch at Ivar's and Dad fed a fry to a starling. Mom & I split a five piece order of fish and chips. Dad got some clams. I love me some Ivar's fish and chips. I could eat so many more of them. Then it was Ikea time!! Ikea for Billys for Ma & Pa. Ikea for frames for me. And a rug and some other odds and ends because wheee Ikea!! We stuffed everything into the van, and then got meatballs and cake and salad and panini for a later lunch. Need our energy for the two hours back to Seabeck! I chilled at home for a bit. Got some tea. packed up my car. Ma and Pa are working on the house, so things are being rearranged and moved about. New flooring! So long green and blue, it's been a few decades.

I swung by Target and grabbed a couple 18x24 frames (marked down) and 8x10 (also marked down) and headed back to Pulali. Injured my foot, but thankfully it was right before bed so I was able to keep it elevated right after initial injury. I slept in, had some cocoa and read for a few hours, had some pasta, put the new black ink cartridge into the printer. Fiddled with my resume and tidied it up and printed it out and it looks so pretty. I scanned some interview tips.

In a way having the injury is good because it was able to distract me from being nervous. Who can be nervous when maybe your foot is broken?

So yeah, pile books on the spider and go to bed and go to interview at noon!

Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


I'm spending the night in Seabeck. Going to Seattle & IKEA tomorrow with the parents! Going to get oodles of frames to put art in, woohoo! Frames and magnets.

Saturday at Pulali I counted how many frames I need for the postcards I've accumulated at various National Parks. And I dug out the list that has the sizes of currently unframed art on it. I don't want to put things on the walls that are not framed. I'm a grown woman! Who sleeps with an alpaca stuffed animal. But that is besides the point. I hauled my red chair up stairs, so now my computer desk has a better chair to computer on. I finished the cake. I read The Magicians. It was a very windy day. No seals on the beach. Slept in on Sunday. Hung out a bit with Celia and Corrine. Sorted through old photos. Then drove over to Seabeck in the evening. Next week will feature a job interview, an aunt moving in, a trip to Ikea, and more organization.

Hopefully it will include a job offer.