Sunday, September 21, 2014


I'm spending the night in Seabeck. Going to Seattle & IKEA tomorrow with the parents! Going to get oodles of frames to put art in, woohoo! Frames and magnets.

Saturday at Pulali I counted how many frames I need for the postcards I've accumulated at various National Parks. And I dug out the list that has the sizes of currently unframed art on it. I don't want to put things on the walls that are not framed. I'm a grown woman! Who sleeps with an alpaca stuffed animal. But that is besides the point. I hauled my red chair up stairs, so now my computer desk has a better chair to computer on. I finished the cake. I read The Magicians. It was a very windy day. No seals on the beach. Slept in on Sunday. Hung out a bit with Celia and Corrine. Sorted through old photos. Then drove over to Seabeck in the evening. Next week will feature a job interview, an aunt moving in, a trip to Ikea, and more organization.

Hopefully it will include a job offer.

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