Saturday, March 21, 2015

week ending, not ready for a new week


Worked on site! Lots of conversation about this and that and procedure. Took photos. Took records. Documented. Moved things about. Ebay is a bit of a scam to start selling. Can't really make money till you are selling for a few months. Rather bummer there. Anyhoo, swung through Silverdale on the way home and stopped by Trader Joe's and BevMo. So that was fun. Downloaded an app so maybe I'll retain some knowledge about the beers I've been drinking.


Slept in. Worked. Tidied. Did laundry. Was frustrated. My dismal mood continues for what must be three weeks now. I feel down and anxious and unsatisfied and directionless. Blehhh.


Ma and Pa came over! We spread out manure and talked fashion and had Celia over for pot roast and veggies and potato salad and then we watched Zoolander and I sat in front of the fire and read comics. Nice weather for some gardening. I raked up the cardboard that was laid down as mulch, because it was more just a slippery mess and not at all mulch proper.

Getting out of the house tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Back to Dark Brown

Dyed my hair! It's been a few months so it was time to make it nice and dark once again. It had grown out nice though. No very clear roots. I picked a good color.

The boat guys were back. It seemed like they hauled up an anchor and then scooted away real quick. I don't know what's up with that. The boat guys I mean the guys who were here for a bit maybe on our wifi and then left. What are they up to? I should yell at them if they turn up again.

Worked from home. Did lots of research into cameras. Got a few more things up on eBay.



Worked from home! Did a bunch of item research, and then started bringing it online. Lots of sitting about and eating carbs and wishing I had a second monitor. Maybe when I get my tax refund...would be nice to get a new laptop too, as mine has keys that are no longer working which makes it not so good as a transportable media device.

Anyhoo. Refunds are nice to dream about.


What a day! Spent most of my shift setting up an eBay store for the job and getting a few items into it and trying to figuring out what the insert fee was actually about, as well as giving feedback for the company modus operandi. I figured out what I was doing wrong and got a few items up, so huzzah for that! And I agreed/volunteered to harbor Bodi for a weekend in exchange for cash. Boss is going on a little vacation. Bodi is a good little doggy. Not an indoor pooper. He's a Cockapoo. Ya know, cocker spaniel poodle. Like the dog Carolyn Knapp-Shappey has in Cabin Pressure.

Oh wow it's Midnight. Think I'll think about tucking into bed now.

Monday, March 16, 2015

weather dregs


Slept in all nice and cozy. Had a scramble, set up my sewing machine and made a few of my tees fit better. In the late afternoon, I headed over to Suquamish for dinner with Aaron. We walked Banjo, then sloppy joes were made. Poor Aaron has been working on site on Vashon. 60 hour weeks, and he has a few more left. Hours every day commuting. So that's why he hasn't been mentioned that often in my blog.

Didn't stay over. Returned home and slept in way too long.


Slept in way too long, and had odd dreams. Then I snacked and had coffee and worked on work from home stuff. It was a damp day. Perfect for working from home. I researched, I uploaded, I researched.

Tomorrow I'm still from home, then I go on site on Tuesday! Leaving the house! Hurray!