Saturday, March 21, 2015

week ending, not ready for a new week


Worked on site! Lots of conversation about this and that and procedure. Took photos. Took records. Documented. Moved things about. Ebay is a bit of a scam to start selling. Can't really make money till you are selling for a few months. Rather bummer there. Anyhoo, swung through Silverdale on the way home and stopped by Trader Joe's and BevMo. So that was fun. Downloaded an app so maybe I'll retain some knowledge about the beers I've been drinking.


Slept in. Worked. Tidied. Did laundry. Was frustrated. My dismal mood continues for what must be three weeks now. I feel down and anxious and unsatisfied and directionless. Blehhh.


Ma and Pa came over! We spread out manure and talked fashion and had Celia over for pot roast and veggies and potato salad and then we watched Zoolander and I sat in front of the fire and read comics. Nice weather for some gardening. I raked up the cardboard that was laid down as mulch, because it was more just a slippery mess and not at all mulch proper.

Getting out of the house tomorrow.

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