Tuesday, March 24, 2015

ghosts of 2011


Slept in till the ungodly hour of 10am! Had some english muffin and coffee, and read a bit of comic, and then put on my work clothes and come the proper time of day, we set off to Point Whitney for some clamming! My job was to measure clams to make sure they were of the proper large enough size. The first scrape up yielded many small clams. Then Ma, Pa, and Celia started getting some proper large clams. Corbie was nice and mellow. I watched him too.

We had some lunch upon our return, then Ma and Pa headed back to Seabeck and I got ready to head out to meet Sam in Bremerton. Sam has some mention in my blog about 3-4 years ago. He's a UW grad still living in Seattle and we have mutual Portland friends. Anyhoo, he's still in the area and I need to pursue hanging out with people.

I picked up my comics at Comics Keep, then parked near the ferry to meet him. While waiting, I got a picture of Dad's front page photo of the Kitsap Sun Sunday Edition. Disappointed that they apparently make no mention of Mom. I also ran into Rob, who is Karen's fella. We chatted National Parks while waiting for our people to disembark the ferry. Sam met Karen, Karen met Sam, Karen knows I met Rob. How fun!

Sam and I grabbed a pint and onion rings at Horse and Cow, and walked around town a bit catching up. He went to UCSC so I got to gab a bit about how the town has changed (i.e. the basketball stadium). He caught the 9:05 back, and I got home in not bad time at all.


Worked from home! Corresponded with some eBay buyers. It's great that we've had pretty awesome selling success, but a shame we can't upload a ton of quality stuff to sell off. Did some flow chart composing, then spent hours uploading photos.

I put a few books on hold at KRL. Need to find a quarter so that I can pay off my library fine from 2011.

Now I must go to bed early because I have to leave early to get to work a little bit early.

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