Saturday, December 27, 2014

back home la la la

Back at Pulali! The house took some heating and fireplacing to thaw out.

Breakfast in Seabeck was hashbrowns and bacon. Packed up my goodies and clothes. Thankfully if I have forgotten anything, it's a short ways away.

Hans came over to Pulali for the night, and Averie too. The seawall got some repairs. It's washed out underneath, now that the main stretch of the seawall is gone.

Dinner was this rice thingy and rugelach and soup. Averie and I sat by the fire. I burned my finger on the fire. First fireplace burn!

I used some of the lavender scenty stuff that Helen & Nate gave me fore Christmas and it was so good smelling. Looking forward to using it more in the shower.

Now it's 8 but it feels later. Blogging earlier rather than later!

jolly but no holly

Christmas came and Christmas went! Oh how the people who attend and the places we go change over time. It was very much a lovely one here in Seabeck.

A good assortment of gifts were exchanged. Some from lists and some surprises. I got a Kate Beaton assortment of goodies! Actually I think I got all I requested, so totally spoiled: the Boat! shirt, the 2015 calender poster, the Roosevelt & Baker & Henry VIII mug. Awesome! I also got Wrenchies and Bobcat and Carsick. And toesoes. And chocolate. And little legos. And a scarf. And a globe puzzle that is really cool.

I worked on the puzzle on and off. And got more people to play Pandemic. And Danny came up and visited for a bit. And played Pandemic.

Dinner was salmon and rice and broccoli. Ma and Pa watched St. Trinians. I computered it up.

Did I blog last year about the changes? This year there is no Holly or Salvador. The house is different. Very changed. The whole vibe of life is changing. Traditions are different. Hmm.

I slept in, and Dad made PEOTwMC and coffee in the siphon coffee maker. It was old and broke during cleaning. A shame because it made a damn good cup of coffee and the same type of maker is expensive!

Nate and Helen stayed till 3 and then left for the airport. Then Ma went to her movie about Paramahansa Yogananda. I sorted out their NatureBox gift card and Dad made dinner. We played, and lost, two rounds of Pandemic. Love that game. I'm glad it is two player!

Tomorrow I return home and Ma and Pa are coming to visit and to help out with the ramp.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

phone drama at present

Ahhh! Damn! So something happened to my phone. It just went dark when I left for work on Tuesday and it never turned back on.I didn't drop it or anything. It just...stopped turning on. Damn! But I paid the replacement charge so I should get a reimbursement. Still, how sucky! Today (Wednesday) on the way home I swung by the WalMart in Poulsbo. They said they can't reimburse and I must call and send my phone in, so I bought a phone for the same price as the reimbursement will be. It's slightly better in terms of features, but it's different and it'll take some getting used to. And while I have my SD card from my old phone, not all of my data backed up so I have to redo my contacts. I don't seem to have saved THAT to the cloud. Uhg. But hopefully I can salvage stuff from the sim card. Gotta be some service that'll do that for me.

Anyway, that was the downer part of these two days. I'm onto a Motorola from a ZTE, so a less burner brand of a phone.

Work was moving boxes and packing things and clearing up space. Lots of heavy lifting, but got that sorted away.

After work I went to see Aaron. Had a few beers, talked about pig butchering and phones and who the hell thought tipping arm rests was a good idea?

I slept in when I got home because I lacked the ability to set an alarm on my phone. I currently miss my old phone. I wonder when the loss of it's information will stop effecting me? Tech changes so fast and we adjust and new things occupy and are improvements. I got it in April, so it lasted oh...8 months? That's not exactly great, but hey warranty! And cheap tech is as cheap tech does.

Nate and Helen got me Pandemic for Christmas! I opened it early (oh and Celia liked the mug I painted for her at the paint your own pottery place, where I painted a John Finnemore and Edgar Wright mug for myself, I don't know if I mentioned I did that because I was keeping the present mum, I picked up the mugs on the day we saw The Hobbit) so we played it tonight! I reckon we'll play it a couple more times tomorrow. It's a two player. I wonder if Aaron liked board games? It's 2-4. And the good thing is, is all the players are playing against the board and not one another.

My presents are shabbily wrapped and under the tree. Nate and Helen are probably asleep. I'll tuck into bed soon. I'm the only one with a stocking this year. Mom declared the stockings stop at age 30. Damn that's harsh. Only four years left for me.

Monday, December 22, 2014

tuna good for you


Overslept my alarm clock. Well, I turned my alarm clock off and then it was noon. I got up and had some food and then darted off at 6ish to run a quick downtown Poulsbo errand and meet Ma and Pa and Celia to see the new Hobbit movie. I cried. I cried off all my mascara. I was a crying mess. It was a bit light, but really they had stretched out the book as far as it could go. It was a nice topper. But uhg gawd Fili, Kili, Thorin. WAAH!!


Worked on Christmas presents for most of the day. I think I have enough presents. Some hand made, som bought. People already have all that they need, and I'm not buying for as many people. And I didn't make a print for this year. I wonder where my life would be right now had I not left Santa Cruz. A different print, a different person. Hmmn.


Worked from home. Updated my movie watching calendar. I'm sorry I've gotten so bad about blogging! I used to be so good but now I'm just not into it. But I'll keep going, because at the end of the day I do like having some sort of record of events.

I made the pasta tuna thingy for dinner. Half was eaten for dinner, the other half was set aside for lunch tomorrow. Thanks for the box o' pasta tuna, Ma & Pa!