Saturday, February 20, 2016

Celia versus Audrey II

Had a little breakfast and I dyed my hair (picked it up yesterday). It looks like the last time I dyed my hair was back in December. Same dark brown color. I'm feeling prepared and ready to go for my interview! Gotta look like a composed person! Hire me!

After washing out the dye, I went over to Celia's and hung out. Snacked, I drew, we watched Hot Fuzz and Roman Mars' video about vexillology. I posted the Alaska mug on the vexillology forum I'm a part of, and it was very popular!

Celia like Hot Fuzz. Just the right amount of tolerable violence. And I noticed something I didn't notice before! I always do when watching Hot Fuzz.

Now I'm chilling. Going to set an alarm. Gotta get up early to prepare, and also pop over to Celia's and see if she needs anything because I'll be gone all day tomorrow.

Friday, February 19, 2016

boxes and broken things

Had a nice little day. Got up, had coffee and oatmeal, had a massive allergy attack and was all kinds of awful congested.

Went to Seabeck, took a gamble and popped a Benny. Those tend to make me tired but I'm fine right now. I agreed to drive and pick Mom & Dad up from the airport. It's actually not the worst drive in the world, and it saves them from having to drive back exhausted.

I picked up my mail (card from Robin, check for my work, and a card from Karen). I hung out. Briefed Ma & Pa on the eBay stuff. Talked art. Drew a comic. Had pizza. Ate chocolate. Talked more future stuff. I think I was going to help them out with something but I ended up just chilling. Ha. Well, I like their company. And I picked up a few things, and took some stuff off their hands.

Alas, poor Celia broke her ankle!! But this time she has sick leave and health insurance and went to the hospital right away. Good on her! But also major bummer, because now she's got a broken ankle. I asked if she needed anything from Trader Joe's and she asked for some "red" juice, so I got her that. I helped set her up with pillows and Netflix, and put in my schedule when she might need a lift. I'm glad that I'm here so I can help in a pinch. She requested tomorrow's comic be about her ankle so I can put some humor in the situation. I'm already thinking about what I'd draw.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

be chill

 My bangs were getting long, so I trimmed them. But I kinda messed up the shape so now they need to grow out for a few more months before I can take another whack at getting them right. I like the swoopier bangs over the blunt one, these days. Did research for Ma & Pa.

Slept pretty well. Since I switched beds, my trigger finger has gone away.

Drew my comic. Printed out a "don't break the chain" chart, where it has all the days of the year in a block and you cross off the day when you do the thing you are trying to do that day. I'm aiming for drawing everyday, hopefully 99% comics. It's nice to have a 40+ chain right now.

I worked on tidying up. Hauling down trash, hauling out bins, putting away clothes, doing laundry. Though now I gotta get the stuff off my bed so I can sleep in it. Gotta go get food tomorrow. Might call ma and pa and see if they need help with something.

The insurance guy came around. I mentioned that the steps would be put in soon. He said he'd just take pics of the house and two of the roof. No questions.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

triple threat

Sorry about that! Last night my computer hibernated and then didn't register the monitor so I was stuck with a dark laptop for no reason and I was just like "ehhh whatever" and I went to bed.

My sleep schedule is so whack and I did nothing today to make it better. BUT yesterday! Hmmm. I had some noodles and took a nice long bath and read The Girl on the Train. I focus best reading in the tub, I wonder why that is? And I ate chocolate and drew a comic and watched Bron/Broen. It was one of those days where I feel really tired. I get them sometimes. So I rested a lot. I dunno, a dip in iron or something?

And today I got up and did a comic and planned to meet Marcus for dinner (his treat, in exchange for a digital print of one of the comics of mine that he likes). So did the comic and had a coffee and Celia stopped by and was like "having a coffee at 3, eh?" and she was right I shouldn't have had one because it's 2:40 am and I don't feel tired, but maybe if I get into bed and start reading I'll doze?

So here's the comic, but first a MILD NUDITY WARNING:

Okay? You've been warned.

 I shaved my legs for the first time in a good while and it felt good to rub them together. The word for bugs rubbing their legs to make noise is stridulation. Not that doing it as a human made noise, but it's still a funny thing for me to think about.

So after the comic I went to Tizley's Europub in Poulsbo and met Marcus for dinner. We each had a pint and he ate previously so I just ordered the schnitzle. Very delicious! I liked the spaetzle more though. Like some sort of bits of noodle? I dunno. It was good and we had a long chat and catch up. He worked as crew for the upcoming extreme challenge reality show American Grit, which is hosted by John Cena the wrestler who has the record for the most about of "Make A Wish" wishes granted. That's a good record to have. The show itself is filmed in UW's experimentation forest.
And when I got home I did a SECOND comic! Because I felt like drawing this bit from our conversation. And I like including my friends in my comics. People like being drawn.

Argh so late and I'm still not tired.

I have a job interview on Saturday!! That's progress!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Galentine's Day 2016

Whoo had a pretty good fun little day. Did my makeup, coordinated my outfit (red floral shirt with red beret with bug brooch on the beret), and headed out! Swung through Silverdale and dropped off a letter to get it in the post before USPS stops for the holiday. Picked up mail in Seabeck and had lunch with Ma & Pa. Rainbow sent me an amazing print and other little printed goodies. And Chris my friend up yonder in Canada sent me some rad very cool handmade fingerless gloves!! They are warm and awesome and I love them! Thank you so much Chris if you're reading this!

I went to meet Karen at the theater and oh no it sold out and she couldn't make a later showing, but I decided to see a later showing. Got ticket and assigned spot, which is very convenient. In the time between, we walked around Goodwill and talked about bad mattresses, the cost of furniture, house repairs, baby clothes, and other things. I got out without buying anything (but if this Popsicle looking dress fit, I might have got it but it was two sizes too big).

Said our - OH! Karen gave me this great lapel pin! A silkscreen & squeegee design! SO COOL! And so great! You can take the girl out of the print lab...

Anyway, said goodbye and I saw the movie. It was not as lewd as I was expecting and some of the jokes I was all too familiar with because of the trailers. Fun, very in keeping with the character. It seems like the kind of movie that'll be good to have on in the background. Great casting, nice effects and stunts. Yeah.

Back home, Celia had a lavender sachet and chocolates and fancy soaps for me! So spoiled! Earlier in the day I left a card for her, so she did get that.

Drew a comic. Watched telly. No word just yet about the application, but I did put a "able to start the 14th" on the application, so maybe they are going to take it as a sign to call me then? If not, I'll call Monday. Or Tuesday if it's not open.